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Vertebral osteomyelitis or paraspinal abscess caused by Serratia species is rare and has been reported only in certain groups of people, such as intravenous drug users, immunocompromised hosts, and patients who have undergone invasive procedures. Serratia i†?(genus)i?€ e·?ez?i??i„± iz?e‚?i„?e· i—? i?¬i•?e??eS” e· i??e?? i??e?? e?€e ? e°?i—?i?„ i??e?? i??i??i‚?e‹¤.
PubMed (NLM), KoreaMed, eµ¬e?€ i•™i? e?€i?‰ e“±i—?i„? Serratiai—? i??i•? i?™i¶” e??i??i—?i?€ e??e? e°€ e“?e¬?e? , i§€i—­ i‚¬is?i—?i„? e°?i??i•? i??eS” i°?i?„ i?? i—†e‹¤.
SerratiaeS” i??i?„ i™?e??i—? e„?e¦¬ i??i ?iz?i??e‚? i??e°„i?? e?€e?€i—? i?”iz? iz?eS” i??iz¬e· i?€ i•„e‹?e‹¤. SerratiaeS” Enterobacteri—? iz?eS” e??e?? i? i‚¬i•? i—?i?‰i?? AmpC beta-lactamasee?? i??i•? ampicilline?? 1i„?e?€ i„?i?”e??iS¤i?¬e¦°i—? e‚?i„±i?„ e‚?i?€e‚?e‹¤[10]. Modic changes in the vertebral endplates adjoining a degenerative disc were first described in 1988.16 Two types of changes were reported.
Modic type 2 changes are most common (60% to 90% of cases), followed by type 1 changes (10% to 40%).

Findings: Scattered degenerative changes and a separate ossicle at the posteroinferior corner of L3 body, noted on lateral plain film.
Discussion: Limbus vertebra develops in the immature skeleton due to focal herniation of the disc through the vertebral endplate, isolating fragment of the peripheral secondary ossification center (ring apophysis). However, we report here that Serratia was recovered from a patient with vertebral osteomyelitis and epidural abscess without predisposing factors.
Identification of Gemella species by 16S ribosomal RNA gene sequencing from two patients with infective endocarditis. Spondylodiscitis associated with recurrent Serratia bacteremia due to a transjugular intrahepatic portosystemic shunt (TIPS): a case report.
Type 1 corresponded histopathologically to vascular granulation tissue (Figure 2), while type 2 changes represented fatty degeneration.
It has been reported that lumbar vertebral endplates exhibiting Modic changes have elevated levels of tumor necrosis factor and more immunoreactive nerve cells and fibers.

The majority involves the anterior margin of the endplate, although posterior limbus veretbrae are not exceedingly rare. The organism was initially identified as Serratia liquefaciens by a Vitek II-based assessment. The prevalence of Modic changes increases with age, and is seen in 20% to 60% of patients with low back pain. Modic type 2 changes are bright on both sequences, while Modic type 3 changes are dark on both sequences. Differential diagnosis in the adult includes posterior spondylosis and calcified disc fragment.

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