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ETD promotes discussion on low-cost ICT initiatives for educational systems in developing countries. We have often focused on Open Educational Resources (OER) in the Educational Technology Debates. The proponents of Open Educational Resources are right to point out the need for digital content. Most importantly, regardless of the benefits for the privileged, how can we create better OER benefits for the poor?
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Wayan, I sure agree on language being a major issue, but it's also a major opportunity. For a lot of educational activity, language is not a major issue like math, adaptation could be done easily.
Literacy is the most critical, but it's still feasible, if I look at pbs kids, 80% of their activities could be adapted, you could have like franchise of pbs kids and each country could adapt the educational games they find suitable.
OERs can solve great problem for African High educational institutions, where libraries are very poorly equiped or equiped with old books, and governments have not or little financial means.
Moreover, there is no problem with local languages because they are not used in Universities and High Institutes.
For the scientific domains (math, physics, chemistry and biology), there is practically no need to adapt materials to local conditions). Use these free images for your websites, art projects, reports, and Powerpoint presentations!

There are few if any locally relevant resources for educators in the developing world – local language being a major issue.
Students already advantaged with socio-economic resources or the underprivileged learners that are the ostensible focus of many educational technology interventions? It's actually easier to adapt digital content to an other language than it is to print a book.

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