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This business template will be a good choice for presentations on Educational Career Guidance,career building, career promotion, human resources, recruitment,education,students etc. There is a rapidly increasing range of research activities which involve the outsourcing of computing and storage resources to public cloud providers, who provide managed and scalable resources virtualised as a single service. The purpose of this project is to conduct a technical review of the current landscape within cloud computing to establish the extent to which existing solutions meet encountered and envisioned requirements for using emerging cloud technologies, in particular those which enable computing and storage cloud facilities for research in Higher Education (HE) institutions, and to make recommendations on further development, guidance, and standardisation.
Amazon Elastic Computing Cloud (EC2) and Simple Storage Service (S3) are two widely adopted open cloud solutions, which aim at providing pooled computing and storage services and which charge users according to their weighted resource usage.

Early cloud initiators focused on resource provision at infrastructure level, also known as Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) cloud, and did not allow implementation of advanced features until the emergence of the platform cloud, which offered full software stacks and enabled multiple applications to share a single development and hosting environment.
Platform cloud providers such as Google Application Engine and Microsoft Azure service normally provide a dedicated Software Development Kit (SDK) and hosting environment, making it hard to migrate applications developed on one cloud platform to the other, although attempts have been undertaken to extend generic programming models utilising cloud capabilities. Rather than using third-party cloud services, researchers in the UK have shown great interest in developing custom cloud solutions from existing IT infrastructure. Andrews Cloud Computing Initiative (StACC) in summer 2009, based upon ‘Elastic Utility Computing Architecture Linking Your Programs To Useful Systems’ (EUCALYPTUS), an open source software that enables the creation of private computing clouds on premise and hybrid clouds allowing these on-premise clouds to interact with public clouds through Amazon Web Service (AWS) interfaces.

In order to ensure the interoperability of development tools and applications across cloud infrastructures, the Open Cloud Computing Interface (OCCI) working group was founded in April 2009 by Open Grid Forum (OGF) to deliver standard APIs for management of cloud computing infrastructure. This project will capture the current landscape of computing and storage cloud usage as an infrastructure service within UK research communities, assess requirements and state-of-the-art solutions, and recommend on further development and standardisation efforts.

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