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There are few mustaches more iconic than that of Groucho Marx, the witty American film star and comedian.
Legendary Hollywood film maker John Waters is known for his quirky movies and his trademark thin upper-lip adornment. When we think of actor Wilford Brimley we think of three things: Quaker Oatmeal, Diabeetus [sic], and this kick-butt mustache. Hollywood heart throb Clark Gable made this look famous, especially when he wore it as Rhett Butler in the film Gone With The Wind. The Looney Toons cowboy with anger management issues has possibly the coolest mustache of all time! Copyright Stewart Jones Designs 2015 - all platform rights retained in full,  platform by Develop Easy. President Teddy Roosevelt was a known bad-ass, and his macho man mustache told the world that he meant business. The year was 1872 and Love's party had stopped only for a few days in what today is Holbrook, Arizona.Love recalled the fight in his memoir, The Life and Adventures of Nat Love. Their history is often overlooked but they came back into public view this week with the death of the greatest star of black Westerns, Herb Jeffries (more on him later, first we'll return to Love).Love's cowboy tales are imbued with a fond nostalgia and maybe more than a little myth-making.
As he tells it, he could hit anything within range of his Colt .45 revolvers or Winchester Model rifle, but killed only out of self-defense.

When legend becomes fact, print the legend."Until the late 1950s, blacks were largely absent from white mainstream Westerns. The writers at Columbia Pictures may simply have been after a catchy name when they scripted the 1940 serial Deadwood Dick. Whatever the case, the B-list Western starred a Scottish actor as the hero.In mainstream Westerns, black actors played mostly minor roles, with their characters often serving as the butt of jokes.
Eugene Jackson was a child actor with a role in Cimarron (1931), which won several Academy Awards. Actor and singer Herb Jeffries starred in a popular string all-black Westerns including Harlem on the Prairie (1937) and The Bronze Buckaroo (1939). These films were made relevant to black film goers by incorporating jazz, blues and references to the contemporary black culture of the day.Furthermore, the films' black hero, played by Jeffries, was a master of disguise and a witty trickster. At times Jeffries claimed his father was African-American, other times Sicilian, other times Ethiopian.
In The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance (1962) Woody Strode's character, Pompey, is a sidekick to John Wayne's Tom Doniphon.
However, when Tom tries to kill himself by lighting his house on fire, it is Pompey who carries the iconic, masculine John Wayne — now unconscious and lifeless — out of the flames.Also in 1962, Sammy Davis Jr.
The townspeople, however, react favorably to his abilities with a gun and his storytelling.

In the 1972 documentary, Black Rodeo, an all-black rodeo is held near Harlem, on Randall's Island Park.
Muhammad Ali rides a horse down 125th Street and exchanges wisecracks with a few of the cowboys.
Woody Strode narrates the documentary and concludes with a discussion of the long-ignored history of the black cowboy.By far the most popular cinematic depiction of a black cowboy, however, is in Mel Brooks' Blazing Saddles (1974) (which is also a classic example of the interracial buddy movie). The film appeared after a series of Westerns starring black actors like Sidney Poitier and Harry Belafonte. In Blazing Saddles, Bart, the black sheriff, arrives on screen riding his horse with his gun, badge and cowboy hat while sporting Gucci saddle bags. Count Basie and his orchestra play right there in the desert as Bart rides past them.Much like the Jeffries films, contemporary black culture is infused in this comic Western's plot.

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