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Established in 1976, EDP (Energias de Portugal) is not just the largest electricity and energy company in Portugal but also a major player globally with presence in Spain, Brazil, and the U.S.
Both EDP and the new identity and are dynamic rather than a logo, EDP now has seven logos that can be used interchangeably.
Custom type family, EDP Preon, named after the scientific term for individual particles that come together to form a whole.
I’m a fan of Sagmeister as much as everybody else but this whole identity is far too disparate.
All videos of the Brand Nieuwe Conference in Amsterdam on June 20 a€“ 21 are now available for purchase as individual files to download as well as the complete set. Brand New, is a division of UnderConsideration, displaying opinions, and focusing solely, on corporate and brand identity work.
UnderConsideration is a graphic design firm generating its own projects, initiatives, and content while taking on limited client work. Elland District Partnership (EDP) is a Not-for-Profit Company, Limited by Guarantee that works alongside a variety of stakeholders (including Calderdale Council) to create a thriving business and social community in the Elland And District area. We work in partnership with the council and other appropriate organisations to assist, promote and encourage such regeneration. To find out more about Elland District Partnership and how you can get involved take a look at our FAQs. Cada vez mais os consumidores gostam de controlar tudo o que sao gastos e, sempre que possivel, tentam que o valor da factura seja menor!
O Grupo EDP esta entre os grandes operadores europeus do sector da energia, sendo um dos maiores operadores energeticos da Peninsula Iberica e o maior grupo industrial portugues. Para quem e cliente EDP, alem da factura mensal, existe tambem uma app que permite ao consumidor realizar as mais diversas tarefas.
No caso de falha de energia, a funcao “estou sem luz” ilumina-o, acompanha-o no despiste da avaria e, se necessario, efectua a ligacao para a linha de apoio tecnico.

A app EDP Online esta disponivel gratuitamente para Android e iOS e no caso de ser cliente EDP, basta que proceda ao registo aqui. E pena mesmo que algumas das funcionalidades apresentadas nao funcionem, ou apresentem problemas.
Essa coisa de adicionar contratos nao e para fazer contratos novos, e para conseguires ver outros contratos que nao sejam teus mas so e permitido na EDP Universal.
Eu uso esta app ha ja algum tempo e a verdade e que nunca comuniquei leituras mas tenho de dizer que a consulta de facturas em pdf tem funcionado bem. Estou ansioso por experimentar, mas ainda nao instalei apenas porque nao funciona no meu smartphone. Valentino Valentine, moday? yak?ndan takip eden zarif, narin, seksi ve sofistike kad?nlara ozel. Through the use of circles, squares, triangles and semicircles, it is possible to combine innumerable different forms that make up the backdrop for the monogram, which remains in all of them. Speaking of the logo by itself first, there is definite improvement, although mostly by contrast. A stencilish sans serif that looks great big but as seen in some pages of the website and the brand manual [PDF] it doesn’t reduce very well. It’s like three or four different concepts thrown in together that never quite found synergy other than in being red and gradient-y. The past achievements of EDP have shown that there is a critical mass of goodwill and energy throughout Elland and District that could be harnessed to promote regeneration.
Atraves de um simples browser ou de uma aplicacao movel, sao muitas as empresas prestadoras de servicos que hoje disponibilizam aos consumidores as mais diversas ferramentas para uma melhor gestao e controlo do servico. A app tem uma interface muito intuitiva e nela o consumidor pode consultar as mais diversas informacoes dos respectivos contractos.

Refiro por exemplo a impossibilidade de consultar as facturas em PDF, ou erros consecutivos no envio de leituras. So permite acrescentar contratos da EDP Universal e nao da EDP Comercial (os novos) tanto na app como no site, portanto (mesmo a tuga) arranjou-se um budget no marketing para pagar o desenvolvimeto de uma app mas se funciona ou nao, who cares? No dropdown list so aparecem 3 opcoes de contratos do servico universal (so luz, luz+gas, luz+gas gpl. The new logo, or set of logos, are constructed using basic shapes like triangles, squares, and circles, then sprinkled with gradients and overlaid. The resulting shapes and shades are somewhat interesting but, mostly, they are just bizarre and not really very appealing.
With the same voice for a universal and effective communication.Through an iconographic world, EDP talks with customers, employees, stakeholders anywhere in the world. 22 de Julho de 2016Harry Potter: cientistas perto de criarem o Manto de Invisibilidade 19 de Julho de 2016Ate Homer Simpson ja esta viciado no Pokemon Go! The script wordmark that happens to be inside these shapes feels as if it came from another identity altogether and has no real relationship to the shapes it lives in. Their execution, however, is strangely low grade, like ISOTYPEs filtered through PowerPoint. The script itself is nice, but I wonder how much it was originally thought of as being integrated with the shapes and not just two separate concepts that at some point came together.
The logo also comes with a soft shadow underneath to make it look like it’s floating and to give it some dimension.

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