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Alternating between DJing and live performances, the Mau5 is notorious for using a live set up that will confuse the majority of people. The british electronic band know as Disclosure uses keyboards, drums, Akai MP32’s, and various other devices to manipulate sounds as they perform. The live dubstep group known as Modestep harness live vocals, drums, and dirty drops to give you a performance that is absolute chaos. Coming as no surprise, Daft Punk are the kings of fancy electronic toys that create a sound unique to their name. Drum and bass is known for being stripped down and seriously fast, usually tipping the scale at 190 bpm’s. While this guide only scratches the surface of EDM, there more to explore: UK Garage, Hardstyle, Grime, Hardcore, Jungle, Breakbeat and IDM. Giving us hit tracks such as Walking On A dream and more recently, Alive, Empire of the Sun is a fantastic live performance that utilizes creative costumes, stunning visuals, and live instruments.

Pre made loops combined with live renditions make for a smoothly flowing electronic experience that you have to see to believe. Almost taking on the vibe of a heavier rock concert, the energy given off by Modestep is an intoxicating energy that the crowd can’t resist. Minimoogs, synthesizers, and other audio controllers that are usually found in the studio all play a part in creating an experience that is completely on the spot. Techno started in Detroit in the ’80s and then went global to become one of the biggest genres in EDM.
There is a formula to Trance that’s designed to get your heart pumping and keep you in the zone. GRAND BENDERS follows the exploits of the Rapaport family — Mickey, Nancy and Justin — owners of Cocos, a one-of-a-kind hotel, nightclub, restaurant and bar located along the strip in Grand Bend, Ontario. But while EDM has had a shorter lifespan compared to some musical genres, right now it’s massive.

Evolving from disco, House is the biggest, the most important, and the earliest genre of EDM. Techno is more repetitive than House, but blends in all kinds of different styles from funk to jazz to Afrobeat.
There’s a bit of House and a bit of Techno in Trance, but the key goal is to keep you blissed out for as long as possible.
It has spawned tons of sub-genres like progresssive house and electro house with the same simple goal: make it a party.

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