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Should you have any questions or comments regarding the Terms of Use, please do not hesitate to contact us. Police have made a handful of arrests after bottles, cans and other missiles were hurled at officers during an English Defence League rally. More than 1,000 police officers, including many from outside the West Midlands, took part in a major security operation to ensure public safety and prevent rival protesters from clashing.
At one point during a standoff between EDL supporters and officers wearing riot gear, police dogs were deployed to quell an attempt to break through police lines into a building site. There is no doubt hat this mobilisation was representative of the local community from Waltham Forest and its neighbouring boroughs. As we progressed along Hoe Street, the sun shone, and local cafe and shop owners stood on the pavement and gave their support. Anti-fascist scouts had been out and about across London and had reported that around 200 fascists had gathered near King’s Cross. Whilst the main road up to their rally point had been blocked by lines of riot cops and vans, as well as the side streets leading to where the EDL were marching, the back of our ‘kettle’ only had a thin line of police.
With the EDL heavily kettled and moving slowly through the back streets on the other side of Forest Road, the main body of the march held its position, whilst our break-off successfully reached the EDL rally point before the fascists even got there. Whilst the EDL ‘leadership’ were being given a local welcome of jeers and flying flower pots at their 15-strong rally, the majority of the EDL remained in their kettle, unable to reach their fascist friends. With the EDL routed in yet another East London borough, all that was left for the good anti-fascists of the area was to stage a march back through Walthamstow to where we had started earlier that afternoon, or to retire to the pub and have a well-earned drink. Last Saturday was certainly a victory for local anti-fascists, proving yet again that London is a no-go area for the EDL and their hangers-on.

However, the result of this is that the EDL, like the rest of the far right, is now whittling down to a hard core of supporters amongst the most embittered semi-criminal and lumpen-proletarian elements. Clearly it is a worrying development that the EDL feel confident enough to attack Palestine demonstrations but the events on Saturday clearly show their actions carried no resonance with the wider public and we should not allow them to intimidate us.
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A total of four people were arrested, all for public order offences, at the EDL rally and a counter-demonstration in separate public squares in Birmingham city centre.
Officers were also showered with broken glass, pieces of slate and other objects after EDL supporters, some wearing balaclavas, confronted police near Birmingham’s Hyatt Regency hotel.
They had promised their supporters that thousands would march through Walthamstow last Saturday, in a show of strength which would allow the far-right outfit to capitalise on the decline of the British National Party through their own splinter, the British Freedom Party. The campaign group ‘We Are Waltham Forest’ had patiently sunk roots into the local community to mobilise against the EDL, winning the backing of local trade unions, community groups and – less surprisingly – the local Muslim community. The group was impressive in its diversity, including young and old, black and white, Muslim and non-Muslim, and a significant turnout from local youth. The fascists were planning to march from Blackhorse Road tube station to Waltham Forest Civic Centre, a straight main road, where they had planned to hold a rally. They had been told by police that there would be one tube train made available for them to come into the borough with a heavy police escort. Not that these were especially friendly police, since they occasionally used stop and search powers to intimidate local youth. Again, this rally point was heavily protected by police, but only about 15 fascists ever reached the ‘rally’, including EDL leader Tommy Robinson. By all accounts, it was at this point that the Met had had enough, and tensions began to mount between them and the Met officers protecting them. The British working class and the anti-capitalist left in this country has a long and uncompromising tradition of opposing fascism. The EDL chanted racist and islamophobic abuse and attacked one of the stalls, physically assaulted protesters and threatened further violence. Unity and numbers are the key to defeating the far right and we should continue to hold our activities without fear, actively unite all of our communities both over the question of Palestine and through Unite Against Fascism. You agree that you are solely liable for any errors or interruptions in the course of your use of the Website, whatsoever and howsoever caused, whether in respect of the Website any of the web pages that it may refer to or may refer to it. This follows on from their humiliation last year when they were blocked from marching through Tower Hamlets. Or at least that was their stated intention – as the fascists themselves tweeted and blogged, their real intention was that things would “kick off” and that they would have a free hand to attack anyone they did not like the look of.

When we eventually made it to the corner of Forest Road – the road the EDL intended to march along – we were confronted with a line of riot vans blocking us from reaching the final EDL rally point. When they arrived they were held outside Blackhorse Road tube station, then marched along in a moving kettle through some back streets, clearly numbering fewer than the 200 which had earlier been reported.
Nevertheless, it is doubtful whether many of these police officers had any local knowledge at all. When they did they were met with a strong anti-fascist crowd who pelted them with bricks, bottles and flower pots. Doubtless upset because they weren’t being allowed to drink alcohol or go to the toilet, the EDL became increasingly rankled. The BNP has suffered electoral collapse, and the EDL was supposed to provide the next breakthrough for the far-right by stoking up anti-Muslim sentiment. We should not be surprised if the next tactical turn on the far-right is away from populist racism, winning votes and being ‘respectable’, but a return to the Nazi street-fighting days of the 1970s to the mid 1990s – a ‘back to basics’ approach borne of being frustrated at every turn. The Palestine demonstrators held their ground and did not retaliate. In doing so we forced the police to finally remove the EDL.
Well before the EDL had tried to get into the area, several thousand people were already gathered by Walthamstow Central tube station in the heart of the borough. These notably included London Metropolitan University UCU, itself involved in a fight against the racist withdrawal of visas for its overseas students. Given the track record of the EDL, which in London had recently included hospitalising a retired member of the NUT in Lewisham, we were determined to stop them.
Numbering by this stage several thousand protesters, we simply stayed put and blocked the road, knowing that at some point the EDL could march straight towards us. Meanwhile, the news that the EDL were in the area led many of us on the counter-protest to try and meet them head on. If they had, they would have known that all we needed to do to occupy the EDL rally point was to walk through their lines, carry on through the side streets on the other side of Forest Road, then cross Forest Road further up. Meanwhile, another break-off further up Forest Road to the north of the rally point held and blocked the road (and tied up a significant number of cops to boot) in case the fascists tried to escape the borough by going northwards. With RMT members refusing to take them out of the borough on trains, the police simply arrested them, shipped them off to police stations across London, and released them in dribs and drabs until the early hours of the morning. This strategy has so far not been successful, thanks largely to the efforts of anti-fascists, and the fact that, despite their claims, everyone knows the EDL are a pretty unsavoury bunch of fascists and football hooligans. The peace demonstration continued for another 45 minutes afterwards growing to 100 people having drawn the support of the wider public. The message is clear the EDL will not be divide or intimidate us in our city and Nazis are not welcome here. As word got round and more and more people started leaving the main demo for the back route to the rally point, the police stood by and watched, or tried to follow us in their vans to see where we were heading. Nevertheless, it is this twin approach – of militant fighting methods alongside well-rooted community campaigns – which will ensure that whatever tactics the fascists employ next, they shall never, never pass.

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