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In this EDI scenario, you send inspection results that are issued on a certificate as formatted data to your customer.
Receiving a Quality Certificate via EDI with Access to Data (QM-CA).The certificate as a PDF file automatically receives a digital signature to protect the data from being modified during transfer. To ensure a correct assignment of the delivery to the purchase order on the customer site when transferring quality data on a certificate with reference to a delivery, the purchase order item or the customer material number must be entered on the delivery item detail screen in the sales order. To look at determination procedure and assigned your output type go to transaction NACE, select line EF-Purchase Order and select Procedure button from toolbar. Requirement are routines (basically ABAP form) which decides whether output can be generated or not based on certain condition. Access sequence is group of tables which stores the condition(s) on which output type should automatically trigger with document. In standard system, Access sequence assigned to NEU condition record is 0001 which is group of 3 access tables. To define condition record go to transaction MN04 input output type NEU (or your own configured output type) press enter and system will prompt you to select access table. Then create condition record specifying your vendor, function as VN, transmission medium as 6 (EDI) and Despatch time as 4 (Immediately) then save.

EDI partner profile define various parameters using for transmission of EDI message to partner.
If you now raise purchase order under purchase organisation and vendor we create condition records in above steps you should see condition type NEU with Medium EDI. CopyrightThis work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. The statements and opinions expressed within this blog site are mine and not of any of my employer. Our deep knowledge of IDOC user-exits, as well as the ABAP programming language, allows us to propose you our expertise so that you have the best options regarding your needs. Therefore, the transfer of the quality data on the certificate is not necessarily linked to a purchase order or delivery. Outbound and inbound IDocs are saved on the database and later transferred to the storage system. In case you decide not to use NEU for some reason you can copy NEU and create your own output type.
For purchase order to automatically process output type, condition record should exist in one of the Access table defined under Access sequence.

This is the place where we will specify EDI Message type, IDoc type and Outbound Process Code and link this EDI message with output type NEU. However, you must attribute the content to me in some easily identifiable way (preferably with a link back to the post from which the content originated).
Results of inspections that, from the recipient's point of view, were made externally, can also be sent to the recipient system for further processing. Just make sure once you create your own output type it’s added to Message Determination Procedure. For example you may want create ORDER message for a particular vendor or for a particular purchase order document type. In order to use your own output type it should be included in this determination procedure.

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