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The armour templates already exist within the game so it wouldn't be an addition to it at all rather it would actually be showing respect to the various art designers who put in the effort and time to create the sets for this game which most people wouldn't even know exist or have otherwise completely forgotten about.
Heck, you don't even need to come up with any fancy name for them like was down with Queen's Wraith turning into "Ornamental" because people would instantly toss all their fashion coupons at items which relate back to their older prestige items.
Even with this one gear set just look at how bad arse humans look in comparison to the dull collection of armour templates humans are undoubtedly left with. This entire set just gives your characters an "alpha" style look with all the wonderful trimming design work on show and all the delicious gold around the edges which gives it that nice prestige feel about the whole set. I know I am not in the minority here when I can expressly state that the older weapons are much nicer to look at over the "Bloodcrested" set we are confined to. This is without even the various unreleased templates which I won't list since it falls under data-mining and simply the fact they were never given official names. If it is too much to implement these within the current Fashion Coupon store what about discussing with Blue Hole Studio on a "Weapon factory coupon" implementation which would purely have various weapon skin options available.
As again, like myself, plenty of people thoroughly enjoyed the look of older gear over cash shop items available especially when it comes down to quite a few classes like Lancers and Warriors. By now everyone should already have a basic grasp on fashion coupons from how to obtain them, how much specific items cost, et cetera but there has been one thing that has always baffled me - the sheer imbalance in pricing for the store itself. Reaper outfits are ridiculously cheaper to obtain over any other outfit available within the Fashion Coupon store which makes little sense considering outfits obtainable through this store are ones from lower tiered gear currently available.
On the first page we are created with a reasonable selection of outfits that vary between 100-300 coupons required; skip over to the second page with everything costing mostly 400 coupons. Time for a bit of food for thought - consider the fact that most of the outfits which are available between 200~400 coupons are readily available to lower leveled characters I find it rather weird that they are indirectly labeled as an expensive luxury to obtain in comparison to purchasing a few different outfits for a Reaper. I can understand why Regent's and the unreleased armour template are priced at a significantly higher cost value for coupons purely due to the fact these are more prestige than the other outfits but what I can't understand is why lower tiered templates are priced so highly in comparison to the plethora of Reaper clothing. I feel that a bit more balancing here with the lowering of coupon cost value to the other outfits would be highly acceptable for many people who, like myself, would happen to enjoy toggling through a decent collection of costumes readily available for their characters.
It kind of makes it unfair for people who wish to focus mainly on the PvP aspect of TERA being given a short end of the stick simply because they do not wish to farm instances or PvE BAMs. Additionally I would propose to have it as a parcel post attachment (like what En Masse did for instance matchmaking) per every 5 wins of Corsair's Stronghold as a bonus incentive for players striving to obtain victory for their battleground team. Please try to keep any posts following as constructive or to possibly enhance this wall of text and I will alter accordingly. Last I heard KTera has even less stuff in their coupon shop than we do, and their prices are even higher.
Don't forget, there are about 5 weapon models that were never released and currently not used by any of the clients, but they are in the data. So that's 16.67 days to get a permanent item, assuming you are getting the max number of coupons per day. It bothers me that there aren't more weapon skins, especially since the skin they chose to put in the shop is really ugly (as are most of the cash shop items, which are ugly in a kitschy way). Going to do something I never usually like which is self-bumping my own threads just for the slim hope that the ideas stay current and to get everyone else's opinion on the matter.
Yes, I do know that with Fate of Arun coming that we will get one extra costume per our class but that's it, nothing else for the costume store with no other way to actually appreciate what the designers at Blue Hole Studios came up with for other outfits. Heck, I have seen quite a few people who possess Dreamkeeper armour just idle around in the gear set simply because they prefer its look while I see other people in soon-to-be unobtainable costume looks such as the Wonderholme set who simply refused to even bother wasting their time to obtain tier 15 gear as you can quite easily clear Rift's Edge hard mode in Steadfast without much of an issue only assuming you don't just face-tank everything. Do any of the newer people that have come to TERA even know what the Noctenium set looks like? I mean, seriously, what else am I going to do with the 4,250 coupons I have on my main account with another 2,100 on my second account and however bloody more coupons I have available on the other two accounts I possess with level 60s who are geared? However, if we were to gain the ability to obtain different gear sets much like the ones I have been raving on about it would be an instant acquisition of all three Agnitor, Wonderholme and Noctenium sets as they look amazing in-game. The low cost of reaper-specific costumes makes sense to me because they are not dyeable, whereas all of the costumes for other classes are all dyeable.
In this section, I'll basically highlight what each skill does and some of the ways you can utilise them and what glyphs I think are good, bad, essential and so on.
Only use this if you are out of MP or all of your skills are on cooldown (which is rarely the case).
This is a nice glyph if you have a lot of MP issues but I wouldn't recommend using this unless you have extra glyph points left over.
Not bad as it only uses 2 glyph points, but the debuff will most likely stay on without the glyph because you spam this skill often. Remember to toggle this stance back on whenever you re-log as the effect will disappear when you log out.
Only use as a DPS is if all your evasion skills are unavailable and you have to dodge something.
Aim at a target within 24m and press the skill button to command your Smoke Aggressor to attack that target.

This skill has a long cooldown time and doesn't really do that much damage, so it is not worth it to waste 5 glyph points on this.
Cross Parry requires Defensive Stance and this skill can only be activated after Cross Parry -- therefore, this skill is useless as a DPS. You want to use this skill often, so grab this as well but you can drop it if you're lacking glyph points.
50% chance is quite high compared to how much attack speed boost it gives and only 3 glyph points used.
This skill hits 3 times when used on its own but hits 13 times rapidly when chained from Combative Strike, Pounce, and Poison Blade. Executes extremely fast when chained after: Traverse Cut, Vortex Slash, Charging Slash, Rising Fury, and Cross Parry. I normally wouldn't take reduced mana consumption glyphs, but this skill is used a lot especially when the cooldown keeps resetting, so this glyph isn't too bad seeming that it only uses 2 glyph points and could save you a ton of mana issues. Charges you around 18m forwards and 'locks' onto a target if you are charging towards something. This is great as an offensive skill as well if you chain into Blade Draw from point blank range. You most likely won't be using Combo Attack until the final hit with all the skills you have at your disposal, but activating this skill won't harm you. This skill has been buffed greatly with the recent patch so you should use this whenever you can. While the skill has been buffed and making it lasting longer is great, I'm not quite sure if it's worth 4 glyph points for an extra 4 seconds of the buff.
If you hit a target that is stunned, the stun will spread to nearby enemies within around 6m and prolong the stun of the stunned target you just hit.
This is more like a filler skill in PvE but you can slot it in your main rotation if you wish due to its high base damage and instant casting without any chaining.. You won't be using this skill much, and reduced MP consumption glyphs are not my favourite. This glyph isn't too bad for PvE but you'll have to watch your MP if you're using this skill and Rain of Blows consecutively. You want this skill to crit as much as possible because it deals huge amount of damage, so take this glyph or else. In PvP, you can use this to pull people that are running away from you or to KS low health targets. You can switch to Defensive Stance to force enrage bosses that don't enrage till they are under a certain % HP (e.g. Seeming that you have so many skills, you may be unsure how to distribute your key bindings. Master glyphs are absolutely essential as they will allow you to fit in more glyphs and just overall contribute in improving your DPS. Chain 1 is the fastest Blade Draw chain out of the 3 and stacks 3 edge alone so use Chain 3 first if you can. Chain 2 is probably the slowest Blade Draw chain but it is often used to maneuver behind a boss using Rising Fury's forward movement and to Blade Draw afterwards. In Chain 3, using Evasive Roll instead of Death From Above is much faster but depending on the situation, you might use Death From Above so I put that there. STOP THIS COMBO IMMEDIATELY AS SOON AS ONE OF THEM IS OFF COOLDOWN THEN RETURN TO SPAMMING BLADE DRAW AND RAIN OF BLOWS.
Before the end of this filler 'combo', most of your 'main' DPS skills should be off cooldown so you DO NOT have to complete this full 'filler combo' and just use your main skills when they're off cooldown.
If you want to do some more 'advanced' rotations, you can insert some Powerlink glyphs and then alter your rotations slightly or add some more options outside the generic rotation. However, if Blade Draw is on cooldown, don't hesitate to just use Charging Slash and go straight to [Charging Slash → Combative Strike] as both stack edge. This type of glyph build will use A LOT of mana because Cascade of Stuns is a mana drainer. This will probably be the highest DPS rotation in my opinion however, this will also drain your mana. This file contains additional information, probably added from the digital camera or scanner used to create or digitize it. If the file has been modified from its original state, some details may not fully reflect the modified file.
Heck, I would even be tempted to reroll another set of characters purely as humans to see this look on my character; race changing is yet another viable option for En Masse Entertainment to make some serious coin from it as well. You then get to what is more commonly known to everything bar Reapers as the final page with the last choices available in the 500 coupon requirement to obtain them.
There probably isn't a person here who wouldn't want more stuff in our store, but I wouldn't be optimistic.

Everyone knows elins are the master race, and reapers are what BHS wants to promote as the mascot for this game. Versus like 4 or 5 hours of grinding stuff here for a permanent item (maybe spread out over a couple days to be realistic). I think I've spent around1800 coupons on my characters and I still have a few hundred left in the bank.
This set is one of the most visually appealing ones which nobody got the pleasure of having since the gear itself was terrible in comparison to Conjunct back then even considering how expensive it was to obtain the pieces. In this guide, I will help you maximise your DPS as much as possible as a TERA Warrior by suggesting glyph builds, gear, what crystals to use, and giving tips and tricks. 30% chance procs quite often and 15% attack speed is a huge boost which is highly noticeable.
This combined with Glyph of the Swift is excellent if you can put this skill in your rotation. Use this along with Glyph of Energy to increase your attack speed for almost forever depending on your luck. If you're too close to a monster and use this skill to run away, you'll stop and slash the monster, making you go nowhere.
50% more damage on Combative Strike is quite a big DPS boost every 9 seconds (8 seconds with nostrum) and Combative Strike has a very short CD, so it can potentially have a higher DPS than Rain of Blows and it is also a great chain for Blade Draw because it's fast. Uses too much glyph points for a long cooldown skill that doesn't really do that much damage. Banyakas in Ghilliglade) right off the bat to deal more damage then switch back to Assault Stance. Glyphs add an 'enhancement' to your skill so that it deals more damage, casts faster, has less cooldown time, etc. It is great to use if you are out of range, in front or to the side of a monster to move behind for back crits. This is very nice to use after one of the two skills since it will allow you to attack straight after dodging. SCYTHE CAN BE CHAINED FROM EVASIVE ROLL, RAIN OF BLOWS, POISON BLADE OR BLADE DRAW TO MAKE IT CAST FASTER.
It will be highly unlikely for Rising Fury, Vortex Slash, Traverse Cut, and Charging Slash to all be on cooldown at the same time. With the reduced cooldown on Blade Draw and Scythe, you won't be using filler skills that often though.
THIS SKILL HAS BEEN EXTREMELY BUFFED TO REDUCE COOLDOWN OF MELEE SKILLS (BASICALLY EVERY WARRIOR SKILL) BY 50%. With Deadly Gamble up, you can spam Blade Draw and Scythe very, very often so make the most of it by spamming Blade Draw to get 10 edge and Scythe straight away! Afterwhich you are greeted with 4 different outfits for Reapers in multiple selections of colour available which only cost a meager 250 coupons. The battleground reward idea is a good one as it would encourage people to actually try to win and even do them more.
They have been given out for awhile, and it will take A LOT more than coupons to truly revive either bg.
It is truly a shame for BHS to not use those never released weapon models, and an insult to the artist who spent time making them just to see them never being used. So OF COURSE reaper gets tons of ORIGINAL costumes and weapons while every other class has absolutely nothing new, just recycled low level armors. I mean, I am super disappointed they took out remodeling, but I think people look back on it with nostalgia. Highly recommend to grab this first at lower levels, but you can lay it off when you get to endgame content if you feel that your HP is fine without it. They probably hope people will buy more cash shop outfits with the high prices and little choices in the fashion coupon store.
For example, I remember farming Necromancer Tomb for 2 days to get the template I wanted because it wasn't on broker and there was nowhere else to farm it. You should probably always grab this unless you have confidence that you won't be RE starved. This is a huge DPS boost because it allows more Scythes to be used in a certain amount of time and this skill is used a lot. And I would have had to farm NT every time I changed my gear, whereas the coupon shop gives you a permanent costume. If you didn't want to farm your own template(s), you would have to buy it from someone, sometimes the price being ridiculous (~10k for one Queen's Wrath piece).

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