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We'll show you its new features, from Cortana to Web Notes to the new extensions, and how to use them effectively. Microsofta€™s Edge aspires to be your browser for the modern Web, the board on which you surf the Internet within Windows 10. Edge's Launch screen tends to fill with snippets of content from news, weather, and other topics.
Believe it or not, you have a choice of two browsers inside Windows 10: the legacy Internet Explorer 11 as well as Microsoft Edge. Once you launch Edge, youa€™ll see a broad, gray window (above), most likely full of small snippets of content from Microsofta€™s topical content aggregators, the MSN apps. When you launch a new tab, you might also see some small, square icons containing frequently-visited sites.
By default, Edge uses the Bing search engine to search, which wea€™ve found to be the equal to Google in most regards. The bold decision that Edge made was to swap your home screen for its own; by default, Microsoft chooses what you look at. While you probably know your way around a modern browser by now, herea€™s the quick guide to navigating Edge: To the upper left are back- and forward-arrows, followed by the loop icon to reload a page. Surfing privately via an InPrivate window requires you to click the ellipsis menu in the upper right corner, then launch the InPrivate session via drop-down option. The two things youa€™ll probably want to do immediately are set up a homepage, and import any saved bookmarks. Unfortunately, adding a homepage requires an unexpectedly deep dive into the Settings menu, of all places. In the Settings menu, you may have seen a toggle to switch between the a€?lighta€? and a€?darka€? theme. Importing favorites requires you to enter the Settings menu yet again, but just the first page.
You may need to export your favorites from Internet Explorer 11 or Firefox, especially if you're transitioning from another computer.
If Edge can't open a particular Web site, you'll see an option in the Settings to open the site in Internet Explorer.
If you're reading this after August 2, 2016, then the ability to open Edge extensions should be in your Edge browser already. Each extension has its own quirks -- LastPass, for example, is free to use but will charge you if you want to migrate your passwords onto other devices. Microsofta€™s digital assistant, Cortana, is built into Edge, but shea€™s also the one option thata€™sA not explicitly displayed. Microsoft Edge allows you to right-click an image and "ask Cortana" to find places where you might be able to buy the object in question. Edge's The Hub is broken down into four submenus: Favorites, Reading List, History, and Downloads. The Hub is broken down into four submenus: the Favorites, the Reading List, History, and Downloads. Web Notes allow you to a€?mark upa€? a webpage, scribbling notes and other digital graffiti on top of it. At press time, I noticed one bug that Microsoft hasna€™t thought through: Yes, you can leave a text comment attached to a Web page, but therea€™s no apparent way to open it in OneNotea€”youa€™ll merely see the an indicator that the note was left, but not the actual text. If youa€™d like, you can also share the original Web page using the Share icon and an app like Mail.
Microsofta€™s made a conscious effort to simplify the Settings menu in Windows 10, and that carries over into Edge. Note that there are a few options besides just the Settings: print, Pin to Start, and Open with Internet Explorer are the most interesting. There really isna€™t that much to the Settings, so Ia€™d recommend trying out all the options: tweaking Reading View, deciding which page to open a new tab with, and so on. As noted in our review of Windows 10, Edge remains somewhat unfinished; wea€™d expect further customization options and plug-in support in the coming months. Updated at 3:52 PM to note how Cortana volunteers hours and reviews when you search for a restaurant, and that Edge can't open Silverlight-encoded files. As PCWorld's senior editor, Mark focuses on Microsoft news and chip technology, among other beats.
PCWorld helps you navigate the PC ecosystem to find the products you want and the advice you need to get the job done.
However, you cannot launch the Edge browser in the InPrivate browsing mode through the command line. Starting the InPrivate browsing mode (also called incognito mode in some other browsers) is pretty easy in the Edge browser.
We've been using Microsoft Edge - or to give it its codename, Project Spartan - and here's what we think of it so far. Lifehacker UK is part of Future plc, an international media group and leading digital publisher.
The last wave of new CSS3 features introduced in-browser design features like border-radius, gradients, multiple backgrounds, and box-shadow. The new CSS blend modes feature lets us blend an element’s background layer with another layer. A common use for the background-blend-mode property is blending an element’s background image with a background color. When we specify the background-blend-mode property and a blend mode value, it mixes the background image and color together based on the blend mode we set.
We’re able to use background-blend-mode with all HTML elements, even canvas and video.
Currently, the latest versions of Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Opera support the background-blend-mode property. With the new CSS mask feature we can obscure portions of an element by masking out certain areas. When we apply the mask to the h1, we see the mountain tops covering –– or masking –– the bottom parts of the text. Here’s an animated demo that shows the text in the h1 element settling behind the mask. Similar to alpha and luminance masks, we can use the new clip-path property to describe the visible regions of an element.
A clip property was first introduced in CSS 2.1 to define the visible portions of an element. Here’s a more complex example that uses several polygon points to draw a region that outlines the mountain tops of the background image.
As we learned, being able to apply Photoshop-like effects to HTML content with simple CSS syntax gives us more power and flexibility when designing for the web.

I suggesing this software is super easy and helpful… it helps me a lot with codes that it gave m free. I cover how to create the requisite SVG images in my post as well as some of the paint points and problems you will run into in regards to Firefox vs Chrome.
Awesome CSS features, it will be awesome to lower the loading time with these new implementations.
No, I haven’t yet used any of these new (insanely cool) CSS features, but as a graphic designer currently turning (or growing?) into a web developer, I am very excited to see these developments in CSS! Learn how CSS allows you to apply visual styling to HTML elements with colors, fonts, layouts, and more. Sign up for our newsletter, and we'll send you news and tutorials on web design, coding, business, and more! An instrument shaped like a ruler and used for making straight lines in geometric constructions. It Pays to Switch to EE This Week’s Chitter Chatter: Free BT Sport coming to EE!
Share  To celebrate the launch of the fabulous Alcatel Pop 4, we are giving away a free return flight* with every handset sold.
ShareThe latest version of Google’s dominant mobile operating system, Android, is nearly ready for release.
Share    A simple box that you can plug in and get instant fast broadband with no extra wires? ShareWe were at Mobile World Congress this week, so here are some of the hi-lights from what we saw at the show. Chitter Chatter started life in 1994 and was one of the first mobile phone retailers to hit the high street. The interface is basic, urging you to pay more attention to the Web content it displays than the user interface itself.
Our favorite is Cortana, who steps in and provides additional context when you ask -- even offering you coupons!. Given that youa€™re probably familiar with IE11, wea€™ve chosen to focus on the new, more modern browser.
Some of you may prefer to find the a€?edgy Ea€? icon in the Start menu, others in the list of all apps. Microsoft makes an effort to make the homepage something like Cortana or your Start menu, with some rotating news pieces, the weather, and maybe even some sports scores.
Remember, you can either type a Web address directly into the search box, or else enter a search term or two that Bing can hunt down. From left: Reading View, Favorites, The Hub, Web Notes, Share, and the ellipsis Settings menu. Type a Web address into the search box, navigate forward and back with the arrows, and add favorites by clicking the Favorite (star) icon.
InPrivate wona€™t hide your activity from your employer or your ISP, however, as they can track your activity at the network level. It's also worth noting that Edge can't open files encoded in Silverlight, which Microsoft uses for many of its support files. If you've used pretty much any other browser, than you know that extensions are little bits and pieces of code that extend the improve the functionality of the browser. AdBlock Plus won't actually block all ads by default, butA will if you dig through its settings.
In Edge, all you need to do is highlight the word, right-click, and scroll down to a€?open with Cortana.a€? A small vertical sidebar will appear, sliding in from the right. Cortana will appear in the upper right-hand of the URL bar, and if you click on the icon, she'll provide one or more coupons for that shopping site.
Sure, you might be able to find a picture of a nice suit or summer dress, but where can you actually buy it? The premise is simple: Reading View strips out all the cruft around an articlea€”all the extraneous ads, navigation bars, everything. You can move folders up and down, drag bookmarks (or Favorites) back and forth, and generally reorganize things to your hearta€™s content.
Microsoft has intimated that Web Notes should be regarded as something amazing, and yet theya€™re actually rather mundane. One of the examples that Microsoft developers have used is Edgea€™s ability to create your own personalized recipe file: hunt down a recipe for blueberry scones, for example, then mark it up with your own tweaks and comments. But OneNote notes as well as marked-up Web pages in Reading List will also take you back to the (original, unedited) Web page.
To access them, youa€™ll need to click on that ellipsis menu at the far right-hand corner once again.
Note that the Advanced Settings hides a couple of very interesting options: the ability to block popups, turn off Adobe Flash for securitya€™s sake, manage passwords, and so on. This new Edge web browser offers a new interface and uses lesser system resources compared to its predecessor Microsoft Internet Explorer resulting in smoother performance. This will start a new window with InPrivate banner shown in the window itself – which is a way to indicate the InPrivate window. This is because the Edge browser is a Metro app and does not really support command line parameters like its predecessor does.
But it would have been much better if we were able to create a special command line shortcut to launch Edge directly into the InPrivate mode. Keep an eye out for a new blend mode property of mix-blend-mode, which can blend colors with the element below and that element’s background. One of the ways masking works is by using a graphic as a luminance or alpha mask to display parts of an element.
The less opaque a part of the mask image is, the less visible the element will be at that position. Let’s see how the mask-image property works by applying the luminance mask as a background to an h1.
But the purpose of clip is for rectangular shapes, and it only works with absolutely positioned elements.
We can draw a region with basic shapes, polygon points, or SVG elements; anything outside that region is not rendered. This time, instead of using a luminance mask, we’re able to replicate the previous CSS mask image example with a polygon. Meanwhile, the latest versions of Chrome, Safari, and Opera support the polygon shapes and url() syntax. Graphic editing features that are native to the browser help bring us closer to removing the reliance on graphic editing software––that’s exciting! Code in general, so many more people getting into it and making the community so much bigger and stronger.

Which for any personal job this makes little difference but when working for a client, usually that’s a show stopper. IE is still out for this method, there are certain work arounds you can use (with Filter) but they don’t really produce the same result. The title is a bit deceptive, especially with clip-path as partial support across the board on every browser.
If you have a pay monthly contract with EE, you will soon have access to BT Sport channels via an app on your phone.
Many people were surprised that instead of iPhone 7, the next iPhone is the SE, a smaller model, designed to appeal to a wide audience at an affordable price.
This means you can be confident that you will get great performance from your smartphone from Chitter Chatter, while you are out and about. Back then we had clear priorities, which we still hold today; making technology simple, providing the best customer service and offering great value deals. But other aspectsa€”Reading View, for examplea€”also can enhance your experience as you browse the Web, and you can save articles to a Reading List for later. But if you look down at the bottom of the screen, chances are that youa€™ll find the small a€?ea€? icon. Click it, scroll down to the Settings, and then all the way down, again, to the a€?View advanced settingsa€? button. Extensions can include tools to help you "clip" Web pages for later reading, block ads, help you manage documents stored on the Web, and so on. Note that highlighting an extension within the Edge Extensions menu will display a "gear" icon: that extension's own settings. Not all of them are going to be relevant; those are just the coupon codes the retailer may be offering. If you move items back and forth in the Favorites Bar folder, youa€™ll see those items dynamically adjust in the Favorites Bar itself. Like the Internet Explorer web browser, Edge browser also supports the InPrivate browsing mode that prevents your browsing data (like your temporary internet files, cookies, browsing history etc.) from being saved on your PC. The hotkey method is much quicker than accessing the InPrivate browsing mode through the menubar. In the Internet Explorer, you could launch the InPrivate browsing mode by giving the command iexplore.exe -private from the command line interface or from the Run dialog.
When it first appeared in the last build (10041) on March 30, it was basically alpha software. However, with developer versions already available, the likely features for the new OS are already out in the open.
Smartphone Launches LG G5 The LG G5 was definitely one of the stars of the show creating a lot of buzz with its revolutionary design. And as of August 2, 2016, you'll also be to download and use Microsoft Edge extensions, a long-awaited feature that adds additional functionality to the browser. That opens up a really bare-bones page where you can highlight one or more of six topics to highlight on the homepage.
And to the top right are the icons wea€™ll be exploring in a bit: Reading View, Favorites, the Hub (Reading List), Web Notes, Share, and finally the Settings icon.
Pick the ones you want: they should be all free, and once you choose to install them Microsoft will take care of everything in the background. Note that this doesn't appear to be too different than the results Bing would normally supply, but they're at least better organized. This allows sites like PCWorld to receive revenue, but still allows you to enjoy a pure reading experience.
No, therea€™s no auto-alphabetizing, and you cana€™t drag folders into folders to create subfolders. When youa€™re done, you can either save the page as an image file to OneNote, to your Favorites, or to the Reading List. Granted, you can do this with any browser in the world, Microsoft Paint, and a bit of grunt work.
Moreover, you can start the Edge browser in the InPrivate mode in a similar fashion as you would the Internet Explorer browser.
Many things just didn’t work and we felt a little queasy writing any kind of ‘verdict’ on a piece of software that was clearly so early in its development cycle that it couldn’t possibly be used. If you were expecting subtopics or specialized interests, they werena€™t there at press time. Note that some extensions will ask you if you want to control them from the URL bar; this will put the icon in an easily-accessible location without the need for you to go digging through menus. But, to be fair, Microsofta€™s goal is to make this kind of activity easier than it normally would be.
It only makes sense that one of the longest lasting and most popular tools ever created by humankind would be the subject of such a giant amount of conceptual revisions. Makes it nicer to hold, they say, makes it harder to roll, they say.Designer Sang-hoon Lee is responsible for this particular revision of the writing stick.
And when we tried something like connecting up social accounts, it took three attempts to actually work.
Chewp  is a playful series of kitchen tools for parents and children designed to raise awareness about healthy eating and good nutrition.
The included educational material… Shares 122 Shares 464 Drunken Design The Skoki chair is proof that inspiration can come from the most unexpected of places!
Typing in text fields can be a little laggy and some weird quirks exist, such as not being able to select the URL with a double-click in the address bar. There was also a weird thing we had at one point where we couldn’t drag Edge on top of another window (it went under).
You also can’t rip tabs off at the moment, though you can right-click the tab to move it to a new window – there are a few other options available here such as being able to close other tabs, close other tabs to the right or refresh all tabs. This doesn’t currently function in the UK where we were testing Microsoft Edge (‘Cortana is not currently available in your region’). When it's working the Cortana integration will enable you to search and add info to your Cortana profile more seamlessly - this should be pretty useful.
I understand that the pencil is a tool, and tools need good design, but you should be more humble. You haven’t given attention to how you would sharpen this thing and get it to look perfect as in your renderings.
I can thnk of a million ideas equivalent: flat-pen, tri-pen, flat-pencil-light, edge-pen-usb-drive, edge-candle, edge-marker, flat-marker, flat-edge-marker-pencil, see where im going?

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