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Labour News: Ed Balls dramatically snapped at the Labour party conference today, going on a violent rampage after hearing the millionth joke about his surname. The Shadow chancellor is said to have heard a fellow Labour party member sniggering when a colleague asked Balls if the bag he was carrying was his ‘Balls bag’.
Balls, 45, then tore off his shirt and started screaming something about ‘one million balls jokes’.
The rampage only ended when Labour leader Ed Miliband was able to subdue Balls with taser kept under the podium.
Balls is now resting at Manchester Royal Infirmary, under strict orders to not look at tomorrow’s headlines.
And because we must do everything we can to preserve and honor this example of pure insanity, there is a concentrated effort to honor this tweet on its two year anniversary.
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Schools in affluent areas must do more to help raise the academic performance of poor pupils, Children's Secretary Ed Balls will say.
One in four Labour voters put more trust in David Cameron to run the economy than Ed Miliband, a survey has found. The results came after Mr Balls admitted last week that even Labour's own supporters doubt that the party will be able to create jobs and cut Britain's deficit.
Speaking about Nick Clegg, Ed Balls said: 'He has voted for some nasty things and he has been weak when he should have been strong. Ed Balls sought to woo Middle Britain voters, with a warning their child benefit would be taken away by the ToriesMr Balls told MailOnline: 'I'd like to take more people out of the 40p tax band. Dramatic rises in property prices are now a 'big problem' because people in their twenties and thirties cannot buy a home, Ed Balls told MailOnline's political editor Matt Chorley'What we've seen is a huge rise in house prices relative to people's earning which is putting buying a home out of reach for people in their twenties and into their thirties and older.

Russell Brand interviewed Ed Miliband for his YouTube channel, despite the comic's previous foul-mouthed attack on Ed BallsMr Balls revealed he met Brand one Sunday morning on the Andrew Marr show when the comic was reviewing the papers.'Russell Brand suddenly starts talking to me behind the camera saying there's Ed Balls he knows about these things, he'll get it sorted out.
In answer to the "where's the beef?" call from some parts of the Labour Party, the leadership is serving up some sort of soy substitute - indicative policies that may come to nothing but give you an idea what Labour would do if it was in power now. There’s a direct boost to housing funded by the 4G phone cash due in the next few months but that will presumably have been spent by the Coalition before 2015. Some figures in the shadow cabinet say that Ed Balls is operating too much of an armlock on the party leader, restricting his room for manoueuvre and effectively gagging Ed M on big economic policy. Union leaders think Ed Balls will suffocate differentiation out of the next general election campaign and we’ll hear more allusions to that in the economy debate today.
I believe there will be a shift in politics to the left or right or left or both and Labour is at risk of missing an opportunity to be ahead of this curve with their softly sofltly approach.
You look at the present cowardly crew leading the Labour Party and you realise just how outstanding were individuals like Clem Atlee and Aneurin Bevan.
Lord Snooty claimed it was all about wicked working families borrowing too much, and the Labour Government not regulating the US Banks.
What we know now is that the Tories (& poodle) are setting out to create wider inequality and that Labour always reverses that inequality.
In a world where financial acumen is a totally essential component of policy making and government I would have little faith in politicians who totally failed to prevent the current mess or who with todays news were so widely influenced by an idealistic marxist politician.
We live in a world where capitalism is the major force even in a so called communist state such as China Here .emerging and widespread middle classes and minimum wage etc despite the current difficulties make this all seem out of touch. Our financial troubles cannot be viewed by possible mobile phone millions but must be considered in the context of globalisation. He then made his way through the conference hall, violently settling long standing grudges with those who had previously found his name amusing. Deputy leader Harriet Harman then captured Balls with a net she kept in her handbag for just such an emergency.
On Sunday, April the 28th, at 4:20 pm, everyone will take to their Twitter accounts and tweet "Ed Balls", hopefully getting it to trend and forever honoring one of the most bat-sh*t crazy moment in the internet's history. See the funniest YouTube videos, pictures and images online or chat with Smosh readers in our online forums.

They know that parents like to use league tables because they provide clear information about performance and allow them to compare local schools but those league tables focus on the performance of the average child in the school."They don't recognise whether schools are stretching their most gifted and talented pupils or helping those who have fallen behind catch-up. That's historically been the way in Britain,' he said.'In the end what you have to do is have a government which can function in the House of Commons. That's a big problem.'It's really bad for the economy and productivity because it's hard for businesses to employ people in the right places. In order to deliver a personalised, responsive service and to improve the site, we remember and store information about how you use it. You don’t know what your’e going to cut until you do a year-long in-government review? One benefit of which has been to flood the market with cheap goods.Ensuring less hardship in many spheres but competitive problems for British manufacturing in a global world. So I cannot figure out why, WHY, Ed Balls would sit down at his computer and simply type "Ed Balls". Unfortunately, these are many of the people who are seen to have thoroughly messed up the economy because of their short termism & failure to address the root causes of an unfair and highly risky economic system with its massive implications for the sort of society we have become. Like, what synapses fired in his brain that made him think that would be a thing other people should see? Because I think he has voted for some nasty things and he has been weak when he should have been strong. These cookies are completely safe and secure and will never contain any sensitive information. What I’m getting at the moment is an Ed Milliband government will be mostly more of the same with a few tweaks here and there.
These are simple text files which sit on your computer, and are only used by us and our trusted partners. I've looked at A LOT of Twitter accounts, and this is far and away the weirdest tweet I've ever seen.

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