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Yesterday was a special day for Ed Balls as it was the four-year anniversary of his finest tweet. ED Balls will remain Labour’s Shadow Chancellor until the next general election, Ed Miliband said yesterday. To see our content at its best we recommend upgrading if you wish to continue using IE or using another browser such as Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome.
Ed Balls has threatened to quit the Shadow Cabinet if he is replaced as Shadow Chancellor by David Miliband, it was claimed yesterday. If David cannot be coaxed back, many would like to see the job go to former Chancellor Alistair Darling. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline.
Last week Guido noted how question-dodging Margaret Hodge was at odds with Chuka Umunna over his use of a ?20,000 analyst from PricewaterhouseCoopers. In the latest Register of Members’ Interests Ed Balls declares that he  has taken on a PwC analyst until March next year, with their ?88,060 wage paid for by the company. Subscribe to the most succinct 7 days a week daily email read by thousands of Westminster insiders.
In his past 16 votes, Lord Kerslake has not once supported the Government, and has also spoken out against the right-to-buy policy being extended to housing association tenantsSince his arrival last March in the House of Lords, Bob Kerslake, the head of the Home Civil Service from 2012 to 2014, has been a thorn in the side of the Tory Government.Traditionally, senior civil servants who take a peerage sit on the crossbenches and restrict their interventions to major constitutional issues. The former Labour MP and Oscar-winning actress Glenda Jackson was quizzed about the Republican billionaire Donald Trumpa€™s election chances by U.S. Arsenal transfer news and rumours: Leicester ace Riyad Mahrez has sights set on Gunners move? This week the world celebrates the fifth anniversary of Ed Balls Day - but this year's festivities will be tinged with sadness.
He'd accidentally hit one of the keys on his Blackberry as he slipped it into his pocket and tweeted the search.
Families settle down in front of the telly to enjoy some festive entertainment Punctuated only by the inevitable seasonal advertising.
Some have taken to sending cards to each other to mark the day But the big greetings card retailers haven't quite picked up on it yet.
And everyone has their little traditions on Ed Balls Day morning, to keep it magical for the kids.

Former Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls has claimed ex Labour leader Ed Miliband held him back from adopting a more "pro-business agenda". In an interview with the BBC's Nick Robinson the former MP for Morley and Outwood signaled there had been divisions at the very top of the party over its economic policy, but maintained he backed Miliband "100%".
Answering questions about his surprise ousting from the Commons, Mr Balls refused to be drawn on whether he would seek a seat in Westminster again, saying he was "not dashing back" but he would "never say never". On his wife Yvette Cooper, who is running for the Labour leadership, Mr Balls said she would have his backing. Asked whether the British public would see Mr Balls on the upcoming series of 'Strictly Come Dancing', the former Education Secretary said: "The people who succeeded on Strictly tend to be half my age and have played international sport or been at stage school, so I’m not sure I’m quite equipped for it". Walsh was a worthy winner She hogged the least camera time of the four celebrities but self-effacing Kimberley Walsh snuck up on the rails to be deservedly crowned Star Baker. Squirrel starred - but not that squirrel There were several knowing cutaway shots to a squirrel scampering around the grounds outside the tent during tonight's show - but not the notoriously well-endowed one from the 2011 final. Mr Balls fired his warning shot after Ed Miliband yesterday revealed the 'door is open' to his brother returning to frontline politics a€“ and refused to say that he has guaranteed the Treasury job to Mr Balls.A day earlier, David used a Commons speech on welfare to say Labour should accept the Government's spending plans a€“ which Mr Balls has so far refused to do. Ita€™s unheard of them to act as unelected opponents of government policy on everything from welfare to housing.Yet in his past 16 votes, Lord Kerslake has not once supported the Government, and has also spoken out against the right-to-buy policy being extended to housing association tenants. The former Shadow Home Secretary's time at the frontline of politics ended shortly after last Ed Balls Day, on May 5th - when he lost his seat at the general election.
She came joint second in the signature round, second in the technical and first in the showstopper, which all added up to a win. But fans will try and expunge this traumatic memory from their minds, as they rejoice in the delight and madness of the weirdest celebration in the history of British Politics? That official Orla Kiely-designed Sport Relief Star Baker's apron was well-earned and will suit her.
Here's how it happened: Ed was in an Asda in Castleford when an aide urged him to search Twitter for an article mentioning him. If you're still confused, here's an immersive photo essay which might help When is Ed Balls Day?
Mary the football and vodka virgin Mary Berry confessed tonight that she's an Everton fan who has never been to Goodison Park and never drunk a Bloody Mary.
Take the doyenne of dough to a Toffees home fixture and give her a half-time Bloody Mary as a matter of urgency.

Another tear-jerking VT Athlete Denise Lewis visited lovely OAP couple Hughie and Linda, who’ve been together 51 years. Hughie was diagnosed with dementia aged 59, one of 850,000 sufferers in the UK, but is benefitting hugely from Sport Relief-funded weekly sessions for sufferers, their carers and local kids. It was sweet, sad and ultimately uplifting stuff - demonstrating how our donations really can help change lives. Kimberley Walsh's looks like "a proper showstopper" with a meticulously detailed, delicious mountain. Chris Kamara is tackling a strawberry body-boarding cake, built from classic Victoria sponge, blue fondant waves and a fondant body-boarder. A lemon and blueberry yogurt cake, recreating her climb up Mount Kilimanjaro for Comic Relief in 2009. Second place for Kimberley Walsh, while Victoria Coren - complete with sunglasses and forgotten egg-wash - miraculously wins. Ed Balls is using his hands again, like Mama Balls taught him, but he's going off-piste by being the only one to blind-bake his pastry cases. Ed Balls, by contrast, has served up a "pretty good muffin" according to Paul Hollywood, who praises his "fruit distribution".
The former Shadow Chancellor was taught to cook by his mum and bakes birthday cakes each year for his three children. He's ferociously competitive and, let's be honest, not terribly busy these days, so has probably been practising. He's now on the board of Norwich City FC, too - as, of course, is Delia Smith, who's bound to have given Ed a few tips.
Then it’s half-time-at-a-football-match meat pies and finally, a showstopper of tiered sponge cakes on an extreme sport theme.

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