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We are rarely surprised by anything, but even we confess astonishment as customers continue to show us their $180-250 cable bills. For those accustomed to badgering the cable company for a better deal year after year, we have some troubling news. Based on reader input and our own experiences, you are going to find Time Warner Cable less willing to volunteer their lowest price promotions as they have in the past. When you call to cancel service, a representative will seek to understand your reasons and attempt to save you as a customer. We believe the best deals will go to customers prepared to bring a competitor’s offer for them to match.
Things can get even tougher if their only significant competitor is Frontier Communications, HawTel, Windstream, CenturyLink, or other independent telephone companies. If you concede this, the price they will ultimately match is likely to be higher than what you originally thought.
As AT&T and other phone companies continue to upgrade their networks to deliver video, phone and better broadband service, you can shut down the debate about DSL broadband speed and the many deficiencies of telephone company partnerships with satellite TV providers. If you are a broadband-only customer, you’ve probably received many offers to add television service.
TWC Sports Pass: More than two dozen additional sports channels that come at a hefty price.
TWC Movie Pass: Once affordable, this package of Disney Family Movies On Demand, TWC Movie Pass On Demand, and at least eight Encore movie channels has seen steady rate increases, especially over the last three years. With the latest round of rate hikes, renting equipment from Time Warner has gotten more expensive than ever. If you have TVs in spare bedrooms or the kitchen hooked up with Time Warner’s Digital Adapters, you will find the price for those has also increased dramatically. While tempting, these typical Time Warner Cable offers usually require upgrades that raise the price. This is the part people dread the most — having to haggle over their cable bill. How do you know if the offer Time Warner gives you is a good one? To find out pricing of current promotions, start by visiting the phone company’s website to see what it has to offer. Along the way, take note of fine print disclosures about contract terms, equipment fees, surcharges, etc. Some new customer offers increase in price during the second year, but ignore that. Be aware most promotions start with lowball offers that do not include equipment like the very popular and expensive DVR (with the equipment and service fee), and the additional cost of a second set-top box many people have in their master bedroom.
Get a glass of water, a pen and paper, and be prepared to spend about 30 minutes total on the phone (most of that will be on hold as they change your account to add the promotion you just won). At this point, the operator will put you on hold and review the promotional offers they can apply to your account. If you find you are dealing with a difficult or intransigent representative, thank them for their time, hang up and call back in a few hours and try again.
Also trying hard to spread misinformation about Earthlink- they’ve lost my business for a few months now due to this effective Monday.
What if you say you are going to cancel your cable service for a streaming service, such as Roku or SlingTV?
So $110 magically becomes $128.32, but you may be able to get it down $10 by taking the regular DVR and maybe 30Mbps Extreme instead. Best bet on lower rates is to go through retention at Time Warner, but you must be willing to drop Time Warner and move to another service. With Caller ID on PC you see who is calling your home phone on any PC with Internet access. The system requires at least 2 receivers, with at least 1 Whole House HD-DVR box subscribed to the Multi-Room service. With Look Back, you can automatically watch any network Primetime show up to 3 days after it aired. For being the 2nd largest cable provider, TWC does a serviceable job at customer relations. DISH versus DIRECTVIf you're leaning towards satellite TV, get a more thorough breakdown here.
Stack up the SpecialsCompare the current satellite promotions and lock in the best plan available.
Channel LineupsFind out which packages include your favorite channels in this interactive, side-by-side table.
Cable versus SatelliteGet a more general overview of how cable's features and options compare to satellite TV. RV & MobileIf you'll be on the move, use this guide to reliably stay connected at every turn. Founded in 1989 when Time's cable company and Warner Communications merged, TWC has risen the ranks to be the 2nd largest cable provider in the US (behind Comcast). Sports deals -- since its inception, TWC has tried to make major headway into the sporting world. If you've dealt with Time Warner Cable or you'd like to suggest an important feature not covered above, please feel free to get in touch. Time Warner Cable Inc. (TWC), formerly Warner Cable Communications and sometimes colloquially referred to as simply Time Warner, is an American cable telecommunications company that operates in 29 states and has 31 operating divisions. Link should be to a resource which compares these two items, such as a news article, blog, or video. With competition from satellite and fiber-optic TV competitors coming from one side, and the Internet from the other, the cable industry needs to deliver new products to keep their subscribers from defecting to the alternatives. Multi-room DVR capabilities are definitely at the top of many cable customers' wish lists, as having a recorded show tethered to just one TV is an inconvenience for us lazy viewers who may want to watch something recorded downstairs in their bedroom instead. Fellow set-top box provider Echostar will deliver a slightly different Tru2way unit later this year when it releases its SlingLoaded T2200S, which will use Sling Media's place-shifting technology to let you view programming from the set-top box on PCs and mobile devices.
Of course, these next-gen services will cost subscribers more in monthly fees, just as DVR and HD programming often do. Time Warner Cable’s improved internet service branded TWC Maxx is now available to customers in the greater San Antonio area. Time Warner has rejected an unsolicited proposal from Twenty-First Century Fox to acquire all outstanding shares of the company. Time Warner Cable is currently offering subscribers a preview of the Epix suite of channels through June 18, 2014. MLB is offering a preview of MLB Extra Innings this week starting today, March 31 and running through Sunday, April 6.
In their 2013 Q4 and full-year financial statement, Time Warner Cable boasted 183 HD channels on average for video customers to choose from.
Time Warner cable met their competition head-to-head today by offering an HBO starter bundle for $29.99-per-month to new customers.
Time Warner Cable has launched the Showtime Anytime service for PCs and mobile devices on Android and iOS platforms. Time Warner Cable has announced expansion of the PBS Kids channel Sprout to multiple markets nationwide, including New York and Los Angeles. Time Warner Cable today launched a beta version of a streaming video service that will let subscribers watch video right from their computers.

If you're working late, though, and forget to set your DVR to tape "Modern Family," head to the Web site from your PC, find the show via the guide, and click the "record to DVR" button. If you're at home and don't want to hunt for the remote, use the online guide to find a show, and hit "Watch on TV" to change the channel on the TV (also good for annoying people in the room trying to watch other shows, I'd imagine). The news comes several weeks after Time Warner released an iPhone app that also provides the same services.
In December, Time Warner Cable released a TWC TV app for Android phones and tablets, though it did not include live TV.
Last month, Comcast started rolling out AnyPlay, a service that will let subscribers watch live TV on the iPad.
Time Warner Cable’s TWC TV app first debuted for the iPad only early last year and experienced some controversy shortly after its release when several media companies objected to the use of their content in the app, forcing Time Warner to remove several channels from its line-up available for streaming within the app. Beyond streaming live programming, TWC TV offers the ability to change channels on compatible cable boxes and DVRs and manage recordings and settings on compatible DVRs.
Now you can watch your favorite shows On Demand, watch Live TV and control your TV all from the iPad® and iPhone®! I of course had to dash right off and pay for this when I saw it somewhere else the other day.
Most have been customers for decades and have never bothered to ask Time Warner if they could be getting a better deal.
Most state regulators with the exception of California (where approval isn’t a done deal at the time of writing) have approved the sale and federal regulators seem likely to follow, with a number of conditions Charter will have to meet going forward. Customer retention call center workers are trained to try to keep your business without giving away too much to customers threatening to leave.
If you respond you don’t like the picture quality or your Internet is constantly going out, you are unlikely to get a promotion. Your local phone company just notified your neighborhood better service and a better deal is now available.
If Time Warner’s local competitors are Google Fiber or Verizon FiOS, you are probably going to get a great deal without a lot of effort. Those with cable television and broadband may be getting cards in the mail offering to add phone service for an additional $10 a month.
Includes MTV, Aspire, Cooking Channel, FOX Sports, Crime and Investigation Channel, GSN, LOGO, and National Geographic, among dozens of others. This package is very common and can often be downgraded to a 70+ Standard TV package. Most customers probably added this during the days of HDNet — a network Time Warner Cable dropped several years ago. Do you still need a traditional set-top box in the guest bedroom or kids’ rooms if they are not even interested in cable TV? For example, Whole House DVR mandatory service and equipment fees add $11.75 a month per cable box, with a two-box minimum. The answer is: by comparing it against the competition and what Time Warner would charge new customers for the same services. After that, it is off to Time Warner Cable’s website, pretending to be a new customer and creating a package similar or identical to what you receive today. There are also Broadcast TV and Sports Programming surcharges increasingly charged by providers, and the usual taxes and fees. Let them know that with recent upgrades in your area it covers all the TV channels you want to watch, has the same broadband speed you are getting now, and offers unlimited local and long distance calling to all the places you care about. When they return to the line, hear them out but you need them to come within $5-10 of the deal you took to them. It is unfortunately all too common that the deal you were promised over the phone can look very different on your first bill. I was given $20 coupon which made my total still much higher than competition ATT for much less service. The most stupid conversation in my life I just had with customer rep Natalia from Time Warner!!! But I'd like to see them offer an iPhone and Android SIP-based app for taking VoIP calls directly. The Multi-Room Service ties the boxes together to allow you to use all the receivers wirelessly. Direct TV was founded in 1985 as part of Hughes Electronics Corporation and has spun off in 1990. At last week's 2009 Cable Show, tru2way technology?an open application platform for set-top box developers?was unveiled in a couple of devices that can help cable providers keep in step with their rivals' more cutting-edge offerings. Verizon's FiOS service already offers multi-room DVRs, and yet we're still waiting for them from cable providers. That programming includes not only live TV but DVR'd shows as well as video on demand, and with the SlingGuide, subscribers can also schedule recordings to be saved on the unit's 1TB hard drive. Would you be willing to pay more for multi-room DVR or Sling-style technology in your set-top box? To sign up for more newsletters or to manage your account, visit the Newsletter Subscription Center.
It's only available within range of your cable box, though, so no sneaking off to watch TV while you're in the office. You can opt to record once or set up a series recording so you don't have to think about it in the future. Time Warner Cable said this option will not be available for those with iGuide set-top boxes or analog video customers. Its release, however, prompted concern from content holders, who argued that Time Warner wasn't licensed to stream their content. The cable provider promised live TV access with the expanded rollout of Ice Cream Sandwich, however. Comcast, along with Verizon FiOS, is also teaming up with Microsoft to bring the companies' services to its Xbox Live platform.
Despite this, the list of channels available for streaming through the app has since increased and at least one of the media companies that complained initially, FX, is back in the streaming line-up.
You must be a subscriber to Time Warner Cable service with a Standard video package or higher and have a Time Warner Cable user name and password as well as a home Wi-Fi network. If you are paying regular price for Time Warner Cable service, you are throwing money away.
In years past, customers only needed to use social media like Twitter or Facebook and ask for a better price and the cable company usually called back with a great promotional offer for the next year. At least 80% of Time Warner Cable customers are still paying the company $10 a month to rent a cable modem customers can buy for themselves for as little as $50. For the rest of 2016, even if the deal is approved, we don’t expect many immediate changes. In the northeast, Verizon FiOS and Time Warner Cable have had to face the fact if a customer of either doesn’t get an excellent deal to stay, they are going to switch to the other for one or two years and then switch back after the promotion expires. When they find it (or something close to it), the call center operator will respond with a series of challenging statements to cut the apparent value of that promotion. Those customers identified as likely premium movie channel subscribers are getting offers to add multiple premiums at a special price.
But for $20-30 more, depending on the promotion, you can have every premium channel for a year, usually including HBO, Cinemax, Showtime, The Movie Channel, Epix, and Starz.

This year, we recommend returning them and buying one or more Roku 2 2015 Edition ($70) units instead, which can deliver cable TV to your spare TV sets over your home Wi-Fi. The top recommended Arris (formerly Motorola) SB-6141 can be purchased on eBay for around $50 (for refurbished units) and from retail outlets for $70-80 (new).
That gift card offer is only good if you are able to prove you are switching from another provider and can produce a copy of your final bill. The first thing you should ask when connected is the representative’s name and extension (or other identifying information).
You should expect the representative to start negotiations by attempting to downgrade your current service to save money.
Let them know you have already talked to the other company but after a family discussion, you decided to give Time Warner a chance to match or beat their offer and will stay as a customer if they can. If they can’t, you can usually ask if a supervisor will grant you a one time service credit for the difference between the two prices, or to give you a free upgrade to faster Internet speed, a premium movie channel, or something else to sweeten the offer. If you want to think about it, ask for the representative to note your account with the offer he or she made and ask their name so you can refer back to that conversation when you call back. But if you kept your notes and the name(s) of representatives you spoke with, any problems can be fixed later with a corrected deal or service credits. I rather go back to mobile broadband, at least then my cell phone and internet cost will be marginally fewer.
We’re ready to call their bluff and actually cancel if necessary to see if they will try to get us to re-subscribe.
I called to reduce the price that was just increased on my without any warning and she refused to understand me at all.
Perhaps even offer outbound calling via this mobile app to use your unlimited Time Warner phone plan. Motorola hopes to jump-start things with its new Follow Me TV set-top boxes like the DCX3400-M (pictured above), which Time Warner Cable hopes to start deploying in the second half of 2009. No cable provider has been announced yet who will offer the T2200S, but the partnership makes sense for Sling Media, as cable companies will inevitably offer similar services that could cut into Sling's business as they did with TiVo's DVR features.
If you're not sure what you're taping, click the DVR tab for a list of upcoming recordings.
Time Warner argued that the iPad app was simply like having another TV in the house and, since the content did not stream over the Internet, it was not a violation of the companies' content deals. I asked it the example questions that it gave, plus a few simple one’s where is the closest supermarket to me like that, and it spun and spun, after 10 minutes ays ask again, and the only answer I got was do a search, MYSELF what good is this for? If you can devote about one hour a year and are willing to do some homework, even those coming off a promotion can save hundreds of dollars a year and get better service.
Those days ended last fall, when the company began channeling current customer promotions almost exclusively through its national customer retention call centers.
You are likely to see the Time Warner Cable name, packages, and pricing remain the same for most of this year. If you are calling to cancel over a rate hike notice, they will probably offer a tepid promotion that effectively wipes out the rate increase, but still leaves you paying a lot more than you should. The best offers are designed in response to marketing from competitors trying to steal you away as a customer.
We’ve seen retention offers in these areas that even include high value gift card rebate offers normally reserved exclusively for customers able to prove (with their final bill) they are leaving one provider for the other. For example, they will claim the competing offer does not include certain features Time Warner includes at no extra charge or doesn’t include various equipment, programming and other hidden fees that raise the price. This practice is known as upselling, and it is how your $150 cable bill quickly rose to well over $200 once those limited-time promotions end and regular prices begin. DVR service is also increasingly costly because Time Warner charges customers for both the equipment and the service. If you keep pushing far beyond that, you are likely to find diminishing returns and increasing aggravation – sometimes an offer promised on the phone never even makes it to your bill, because it was offered in error. If you are in a more competitive market with an even better deal than we found from our local providers, Time Warner should be able to match it too. You are going to stay resolute the competitor’s offer you negotiated and are telling Time Warner about specifically targeted those gotcha fees and hidden charges, which have all been waived or do not apply. If your deal isn’t applied (or applied correctly) to your account, the name of the person you spoke with will go a long way to getting any problems straightened out. Viacom however, ended up taking Time Warner Cable to court over the issue, though that case was resolved in August. Only new customers and those willing to demand a better price get the best deals, while everyone else pays astoundingly high rates.
Even the oldest method of all — showing up at a local cable store with boxes in tow ready to turn in as you threaten to cancel service over its cost today often results in a shrug of the shoulders and an admission cable store employees are increasingly unable to offer customers promotions to entice them to stay. Because it’s a hassle or the customer believes they are incapable of installing their own. Next year, we expect Charter will want to retire Time Warner’s name and packages and move customers to their Spectrum product suite, at new customer pricing for all for the first year. In areas where Time Warner Cable competes with AT&T U-verse, negotiations can get tougher. An enhanced DVR capable of recording up to six shows at once is a nice addition, but it can easily add over $20 a month to your bill in equipment and service fees.
A one time equipment purchase will pay for itself in a few years, give instant access to Hulu, Netflix, and other services and offer a less frustrating experience.
Then it becomes a dispute over crediting the difference between an offer promised and one actually received. Politely tell the representative you are not interested in a reduction in your services because you can get the same or better from the competition… at a lower price. The representative cannot make up a deal, they have to find one in the system that matches your current services and enter the proper code(s) to apply it to your account.
Even those who fought and won up to $1,100 in savings last year procrastinate after that promotion expires and put off trying to renew it. We will update readers as needed to explain the transition, but it should not affect any promotions you win for at least the next year.
If you find you aren’t using the DVR as often as you used to, it may be time to switch back to a traditional set-top box, which costs much less. You can acknowledge those fees are common among many providers, but they do not apply to you in this case. Write everything down and repeat it back as you go to make sure you both understand the terms. Also make certain to ask if ANY other fees or charges apply, and if they do, write them down. But you say the same thing about doing your taxes, so it’s time to get some discipline and get this done.
We’re even going to walk you through the process and share the tricks and traps you are likely to encounter along the way and how to get past them.

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