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This device will convert a DVI-I connection to a VGA monitor cable connection for monitors and computers that require it. The video adapers were perfit for the job; shipping was great, received the adapters earlier than project to arrive. The perfect combination of high quality and low price that I've come to expect from Cable Wholesale. With the advent of technologies such as DVD players, high-definition televisions, and even digital cable, the need for more advanced cables and connectors has increased.
Ahora con tus compras en PcComponentes podras ir acumulando puntos y canjearlos por descuentos. Preparado para conectar monitores de prestaciones avanzadas a las nuevas tarjetas gráficas que incorporen conectores DVI. Comments will be reviewed by the editors before being published, mainly to ensure that spam and irrelevant material are not published .
Black Box DVI Splitters allow you to get quality eye-catching digital images on multiple screens. Black Box HDMI splitters allow you to stream HDMI signals from a single source to multiple screens (anywhere from 2 to 4) and create impressive high-definition presentations. A simple glossary, which will be updated over time, to give a hopefully simple explanation of the many audio-visual terms which CVP Oxford may refer to. Computer resolutions follow the same aspect ratios established initially be the TV industry.
If you are booking a projection screen, monitor, projector, or similar from CVP, please let us know what you will be using the equipment for, so that we can better help you to get the best result. Transmitting a VGA signal via BNC cables requires five cables, which carry seperate parts of the image and timing data. Some equipment (typically switchers) may have five BNC connectors in order for you to connect any type of analog signal, by using one, three or five of the sockets. The center divider in a displayport socket is shaped like a long 'n' and the socket is flat on one end. These connectors are commonly found on computer monitors, computer graphics cards and some professional screens. It is expected that as computer manufacturers stop including VGA, this will be the replacement video connector. Although having said this, Apple already currently uses the mini-displayport in many of its products.

The mini-displayport is physically smaller and is almost exclusively found on apple products.
The digital signalling is the same of that of HDMI, therefore HDMI to DVI adaptors are available. It is possible (and frequent) for HDMI to be encrypted, in order to restrict the use of copyrighted material. Still found regularly on DVD players and TVs, this was a multi-format connector first pioneered in the 1970s. SCART adaptors are common, and allow it to be broken into seperate video and audio signals. Widely being replaced by HDMI in consumer electronics, although most TVs will still have SCART to allow use with older DVD players etc.
Digital Visual Interface (DVI) is one response to the growing need for interconnected systems, enabling digital systems to be connected to an array of displays.
A DVI splitter allow you to split your PC's signals to two or four separate displays and reproduces digital video signals without distorting or attenuating so you do not sacrifice quality. Ideal for all DVI connections including HDTV, set-top boxes, DVD players, and AV receivers. Media (films, powerpoint slides etc) look best when they are shown on the correct shape screen. This used to be common on TV when films were shown with black areas at the top and bottom, and was referred to as letterboxing. It is typically the more 'industrial' version of domestic phono cables, as it locks into position.
The benefit of this over VGA cables is that they can be easily extended if required and may suffer less degredation. This obviously saves space on the unit where multiple types of sockets are not required, however some adaptor cables may be required.
This is an intended replacement of VGA and DVI cables, and supposed to be used in parallel with HDMI. The data type is not backwards-compatible with DVI or HDMI, however some of the more recent versions can be switched to produce this feature using an adaptor cable. Apple (and some 3rd parties) sell adaptors which can convert this output to VGA, DVI, HDMI etc.
Due to the nature of the connectors and ports, there are so many permutations that it is unfeasable to stock every option.

This further cements DVI as the hopeful replacement to VGA, which was then itself superseeded by HDMI. Yet DVI cables and connectors can also be complicated, and may lead to confusion between High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) and DVI. These have to purchased seperately to the device, and would be needed to connect it to any non-apple technology, the vast majority of which does not accept mini-displayport signals.
If you intend to use your displayport or minidisplayport device (which has no other visual outputs), please ensure you have the correct adaptor to use with the setup we or someone else may be providing. They transmit audio and visual information in one cable, and can do so at a high resolution.
In the meantime, if you have any questions or would just prefer to place your order by phone, please call us toll-free at 866-222-0030 - we'll be happy to help. Although DVI preceded HDMI, it’s still widely used in both business and domestic settings. DVI connectors are designed to handle digital data transmission, incorporating three transmission channels in every connector link. The maximum bandwidth for data transfer is 165 megahertz, which is enough to relay up to 165 million pixels per second. Data is encoded for effective transfer, but a single link can handle around 4.95 gigabits per second of information. Using double link connectors increases the speed of transmission, but requires another cable. However, not many devices depend solely on a double link DVI, so this technolgy can be used on an as-desired basis.
When analog is involved, four additional pins are needed to support the additional lines of an analog signal. Because the connector is integrated, it can be used with both analog and digital applications.
A DVI-I cable will have a full 24 pin set, whereas a DVI-A cable will have two distinct eight and four pin sets.
Because DVI-A and DVI-I cables connect to receptors with contacts, a receptor without contacts is a DVI-D and will not function with a DVI-A cable.

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