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When it comes to educational terms, knowing the difference between Continuing Education and Distance Education can be of use. In conclusion, learning contexts that are oriented according to different professions and skills are what demarcate continuing education from distance education largely. Philosophical education has its basic objectives, first, the disposition to seek truth, and, second, the capacity to conduct rational inquiry. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License. We in the corporate learning space often discuss the concepts of learning, education, training and development.
In this short post, I will review the differences between training, education, development and learning, by providing you with various referential definitions of each term.
If the end result is a specific behaviour, such as welding two metals, and the justification for learning is to improve effectiveness of the organisation in which the welder works .
TRAINING: Specific transfer of same skills to similar settings for the purpose of addressing gaps in skills or knowledge learning. When the behavior at the end of a learning experience is unknown, because it is unknowable, and the justification for the learning is to enhance a person’s being, not necessarily the improvement of a performance that translates easily to the improvement of the organisation’s effectiveness (though that might happen), the enterprise is called education. Development activities are not job related but are oriented to both personal and organizational growth.
DEVELOPMENT: General transfer of similar skills to very different settings for the purposes of improving the way people feel, think, behave, or resist learning.
Permanent changes in a person that is related to past experiences and the opportunity to acquire skills and knowledge. Today, Kevin is a globally known speaker, author, teacher and consultant in human capital acquisition and development, as well as in corporate education. Get More Information About Our Upcoming Future of Talent RetreatJoin our mailing list to receive updates. Kinetics is the study the motion and the forces that are underlying this motion, kinematics is solely focused on the study of motion and does not take into account any forces that may be acting upon the body in motion. Kinetics comes from the Greek word kinesis which means pertaining to movement, and it is the study of motion and its causes. Though the word kinematics is not in vogue as much as it was earlier, it is still pivotal in understanding many laws of motion in physics.. Kinematics is the study of only the motion of particles without taking into consideration the causes of said motion. Kinematics is the branch of classical mechanics while Kinetics is a term for the branch of classical mechanics.
Kinetics may refer to chemical kinetics and rigid body kinetics in science and medicine whereas for kinematics no such explanation or reference is given. NASCAR kinetics is practically implemented as a program in most of the universities whereas kinematics is applied fundamentally mostly.
Amylopectin is complex and branched form while amylose is the simpler linear form and starch is the mainly a storage polysaccharide. Cellobiose is also one of the forms of cellulose but it results from hydrolysis of cellulose and is a disaccharide.
Cellulose owes its rigidity to so many hydrogen bonds in the structural integrity of this molecule.
Many a time you will have send your application document to willing employers looking for workers. C.V or curriculum vitae is a comprehensive document that includes all your past education, experiences, competencies, public presentations, academic writing or thesis writing and professional development and achievements.
Resume is also a kind of application document used by applicants to present their education backgrounds and skills. C,V mainly focused on the academic history and research of the applicant while resume are focused on academic work and an emphasis on related skills, knowledge and experiences.
C.V is used mainly when applying for academic, education, research or scientific position while resume is used in case of job application. C.V is mostly used in UK, Commonwealth countries while resume is the preferred application document in US and Canada. A university is actually a place where many different programs and courses are offered to the students. A college is a place where undergraduate courses are offered but not post-graduate courses and programs. Universities offer undergraduate as well as post-graduate courses but a college do not offer post-graduate courses.
Because some university programs are longer, they are even more expensive as compared to the college programs. If you are looking for complex difference found in topics related to education, this segment will provide you the solution.
Main Difference: Affluent and Effluent are two words with same sound and similar spellings.

Main Difference: Heart Rate and Pulse rate are considered to the same things but actually these are two different terms. Main Difference Inter and Intra have same sound and seems to be similar but there is difference between the meaning and use of these two prefixes. Main Difference: The controller and comptroller titles refer to the same position, which is the person responsible for all accounting operations of a business. Main Difference: Both Hormones and Pheromones are the chemicals formed in the body that are used for signaling. Main Difference: There and their have the same pronunciation but are different in meanings.
Main Difference: Traffic rules are made by authorities, to maintain order and to keep the traffic running smoothly, avoiding accidents. Main Difference: Goose and ducks are considered to be waterfowl that enjoys spending time on lakes or ponds. Main Difference: “Secretion” and “excretion” are the same in nature since both are involved in the passage or movement of materials. Main Difference: The one primary difference between PhD and professional doctorate programs is the intent and deliverable of the independent research phase.
Main Difference: Sperm and semen are mistakenly used interchangeably, but they are not the same substance. Main Difference: A book is a collection of pages bound together or kept together as an e-copy.
Main Difference: In the United States and Canada, this time zone is generically called the Pacific Time Zone (PT). Main Difference: Gauge is a word that is used to refer to measuring instruments that measure a physical characteristic of an object. Main Difference: Protein synthesis is a process by which cells make protein for themselves.
Main Difference: Ethnicity and race are related to biological as well as sociological factors. The term Continuing Education stands for education that gives further knowledge, skills, or practice in more practical subject matters related to working environments for adults. Distance Education does not require the physical presence of the learner in a particular setting. It is because majority of continuing education are skills-oriented and, as a result, can be activity based. With the increasing involvement of the technology, distance learning has become more effective than it was before.
These terms are used so frequently, we might assume we truly understand the differences between them.
The focus of such activities is on broadening the learner’s conceptual and perceptual base in areas not previously explored or experienced by the individual. Kevin started FOTI in 2004 out of his passionate belief that organizations need a more powerful and thoughtful architecture for talent than they have. He is the author of numerous articles on human resource development, career development, recruiting, and on establishing corporate universities. This is a science that has many practical applications such as car manufacturers designing their automobiles to prevent injuries in case of mishaps, or physicists studying celestial bodies and predicting their future movements. When we study motion in terms of kinematics, we make heavy use of the laws of motion such as Newton’s first law which states that an object in a state of motion remains in motion unless and until an external force is applied to stop it.
The purpose of C.V is to show to your interviewer more about your academic, advance research,  and experiences. A college is comparatively a smaller institution that offers with the undergraduate courses and degrees.
This is quite informative portion for those who always try to get information about those aspects which are considered trivial by majority. Distance Education, on the other hand, stands for education that does not require physical presence in a particular classroom setting and this too is primarily intended for adult students. The target group of this mode of learning is adults with some educational qualification as mentioned above. This too is intended for adults since they are self-directed and are responsible for their own learning compared to young learners. After a 25 year career in corporate America serving as the Senior Vice President for Staffing and Workforce Development at the Charles Schwab Corporation, the Vice President of Human Resources for Alphatec Electronics, Inc. It forms beta 1,4 linkages because beta bond is formed between first and fourth carbon of the next glucose unit. But do you know, whether to submit a CV or Resume, and how to determine the importance of both according to criteria provided by the advertiser?
It is substantially shorter than a CV having a cover letter or application and academic and job history of applicant. While on the contrary, a university a bigger institution that offers with the undergraduate as well as graduate degrees.

Talking about professional education, universities provide with a huge diversity of options. College is the best option for the people who want to focus more on small size classes and not the profession programs. There are continuing education courses that use distance education as a mode of delivering certain sections of the course content. The continuing education courses are not necessarily degree courses or are always offered by a university. Most of the courses of this category use posting and more widely mailing of materials to its participants.
The main difference between cellulose and starch is, cellulose is the polymeric form of glucose which has glucose units linked by glycoside linkage. It depends on the site or source of where it is stored and starch is the storage form of carbohydrate.
It usually contains one or two pages and show only those educations and experiences that the applicant considers most relevant to the desired position. Even though, the majority of continuing education courses cover skills and knowledge for professional development of the participants they are not conducted fully as distant learning courses.
With the increasing involvement of technology in education the use of webinars, Skype sessions, and recorded video presentations have also become channels in delivering the course content. He serves as adjunct faculty at San Jose State University, the University of San Francisco and on the business faculty at San Francisco State University.
But on the other hand, starch is a polymeric form of glucose which is linked by alpha 1,4 linkage. Properties of starch can vary from to another depending on the source or site where it is stored. On general grounds, a university offers with many more degrees and courses as compared to a college.Both, a college and a university is there to enhance the educational skills of students so that they could become civilized, polish themselves and emerge as an educated individual in a society.
Some colleges are even affiliated to large universities that give away the degrees to the students studying in that particular college. These courses can often include soft skills development, leadership training or can even aim at a specific set of skills like secretarial skills. Some distance learning courses require presence of the participant in the original setting for evaluation, exams.
The properties of starch even depends upon the nature and number of of alpha 1,4 glycosidic bonds. College and university both proved with an excellent knowledge to their students.Universities focus more on the professional courses. College environment do not provide you with the leverage of not taking the classes because in colleges the schedule is always fixed and not variable.
Thus, one of the key features of this type is, learning that is set in an acute context, which is most of the time related to professional development. Most of the continuing education courses require physical presence in a particular setting at least necessarily for some course units.
It is unlikely, to say the least, that the truth will be fully consistent with this purpose. You are not in doubt about, that ideology is a psychic disease if you look at its collective manifestations. It appears for example in the form of ideologies such as Communism, Liberalism, Conservatism, National Socialism and any other nationalism, or in the form of rigid religious systems of faith, which function with the implied assumption, that the supreme good lay out in the future, and that the end therefore justifies the means.
The goal is an idea, a point out in a future, projected by the mind, where salvation is coming in some kind – happiness, satisfaction, equality, liberation, etc.
It is not unusual, that the means to come to this is to make people into slaves, torture them and murder them here and now.
Such a closed system has especially two distinctive characters: 1) It allows no imaginable circumstance to talk against the ideology. 2) It refuses all critique by analysing the motives in the critique in concepts, which is collected from the ideology itself (an ideology always thinks black and white, and therefore always has an anti-ideology, an enemy image, which it attribute on to everyone, who don´t agree).
We all know how dissidents have been killed, jailed and tortured under totalitarian ideologies. Thought distortions are the background for poor reasoning, diversionary ploys, seductive reasoning errors, techniques of persuasion and avoidance, psychological factors, which can be obstacles to clear thought (again: see my book A Dictionary of thought distortions).
Critical thinking is about spotting thought distortions, and examining them by presenting reasons and evidence in support of conclusions.

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