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Betadine® antiseptics are among the most effective antiseptics available, inactivating all known types of infecting organisms — bacteria, fungi and even viruses, The brown colour of Betadine® antiseptics shows the area that has been treated and also denotes the activity of the product. A white hypoallergenic tape ideal for use on patients with sensitive skin or for long-term dressings.
An exceptionally strong, white, hypoallergenic tape for general-purpose use on sensitive skin.
Rapaid Antiseptic Cream – use for minor cuts, scrapes and abrasions to prevent infection. Use on cuts, scratches, blisters, grazes, windburn, sunburn, nappy rash, insect bites, or cracked and itchy skin.
This medicine is an antiseptic and is used in first-aid to clean wounds and prevent infection. Skin-Prep* with Cetrimide is for general skin preparation and cleansing prior to dressing Features Skin-Prep antiseptic wipes contain 1% Cetrimide. Soov Antiseptic Cream relieves pain, soothes and helps prevent the infection of Cuts, grazes, Minor Burns, scalds and Sunburn.
Tea tree is a pure oil, culled from the leaves of a tree (melaleuca alternifolia), native to Australia. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Before you decide to use any medicine, it’s usually advisable to weigh the risks against the benefits. You should tell your doctor in case you had some allergic reactions in the past with this medicine.
There are certain medicines which cannot be used alongside with calamine lotion; however, there are other medicines which can be used with it even if an interaction may occur.

There are certain specific medicines that your doctor may discourage you from taking at or around the time of eating. If you are using calamine ointment, you can apply plenty of it to cover the affected skin and rub it on the skin gently. Avoid warm baths and products containing strong perfumes or detergents as these may lead to skin dryness and irritation, thereby, causing your skin to itch more. Regularly moisturize your skin and take care to choose products that do not contain perfumes.
Always use high factor sunscreen to protect your skin from sunlight, but be cautious to choose the one without PABA-a skin irritating chemical.
They are used to soothe and clean cuts and grazes, helping to maximise the prevention of infection.
Calamine contains zinc oxide and it is used as a mild antiseptic and as an anti-itching agent to treat sunburn, eczema, poison ivy, poison oak, chicken pox, insect bites and stings, and rashes. It provides good initial and permanent adhesion, yet is painless to remove and does not leave residue. It contains two medicines called chlorhexidine and cetrimide which are both antiseptics that kill germs. It is usually applied on the skin and rubbed onto the surface to treat conditions such as insect bites, chicken pox, sunburn, poison oak, and poison sumac.
In addition, you can tell your medical practitioner in detail, your health condition in regard to allergies to foods,animals, dyes as well as preservatives.
If this is the case, your doctor may want to change the dosage or give you precautions if necessary. These medicines normally interact with certain types of food as well as tobacco and alcohol.

Medi-Swab# are made in a 2 ply non-woven material impregnated with 70% Isopropyl Alcohol BP.
This drug is approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and functions majorly as a purifying antiseptic when used for blisters and wounds. Calamine doesn’t treat the real or underlying condition, but what it does is to relieve you of the itching as well as some of the related symptoms.
You should always read directions or instructions on non-prescription products and also the ingredients used in their manufacture. Most importantly, tell your doctor any medication you are undertaking whether it’s prescription or non-prescription. It’s necessary to discuss or consult your doctor about using calamine lotion with some types of food or other substances.
They do not permanently stain the skin or natural fabrics and the treated areas may be bandaged, taped or otherwise covered. They are sealed in a single, flexible laminate sachet, and come in easy-to-tear-apart strips of five.
In addition, some people also use this lotion for treatment of acne;however, a few report no success or very limited success. Nowadays, there are many numerous products that contain more powerful ingredients that can treat acne as compared to calamine lotion. More effective products that perform the same function as that of calamine have also emerged in the recent past.

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