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As the year is winding up it is time to gird your lions and plan for that extra you need to add to yourself and edge up your way in the recruitment and career space. The Lagos Academy Business School certification that comes at the training period presents you ready for solutions that immediately improve your worth in your organization or as a competent candidate for the job during recruitment processes.
Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. The MSc Sports Marketing and Business Management programme offers you the opportunity to study core sport management disciplines of finance, enterprise, global sports business and strategy, while specialising in the area of sports marketing. Please contact Course Enquiries with any queries regarding postgraduate study and research. Sport is now a multi-billion dollar global industry and the content of the taught modules is reflective of the global context in which sports organisations operate, with use made of a range of international case studies.
An integral part of the course is the Consultancy Project, which is an opportunity for students to work on a “live” sports marketing and business management project for an external client, agreed using a project specification negotiated between the student, client and academic supervisor. For full-time students, the taught element is normally completed over a nine month period starting in late September. Students wishing to complete the Masters of Science in Sports Marketing and Business Management must complete the research element, which comprises a dissertation. The thing that struck me the most about UCLan was the amount of time lecturers had for students outside of lectures and seminars. The course team who teach on the MSc Sports Marketing and Business Management have a wealth of experience both within academia and in the sports industry. Jessica joined UCLan in March 2004 working as a Research Fellow in the International Football Institute and became a lecturer in 2006. Ingrid joined the School of Sport, Tourism and the Outdoors in 2005 and in 2011 obtained her PhD, looking at Nationalism and Tourist-Host Relationships. Sue’s PhD looked at graduate transition into the sport industry and she continues to research in the areas of employability of sport graduates and professional identity in the sport industry. The School of Sport and Wellbeing has strong links with a large number of sports organisations, including professional sports teams, public and private sector sports providers and grassroots sports clubs.
Assessment on each of the modules is designed to maximise your learning in relation to both subject-specific knowledge and understanding and wider skills, including communication, problem solving and teamwork. Graduates from this course will be equipped to pursue careers in sports marketing, for example as Marketing Executives within professional sports teams, sports marketing agencies, sports retailers and sportswear and equipment manufacturers. Similarly, with its theoretical base deriving from mainstream marketing and management theory, successful students will also have the ability to take up graduate level positions in business and marketing across a range of non-sports sectors.
The strong theoretical and research-informed underpinning equally will prepare student for higher level study, in the field of sports marketing and management. I would highly recommend this course to other people as my personal experience was fantastic. SMART Project ManagementSMART is the easiest method of project management for non project managers. If you want your business to succeed, you need the right combination of people, processes and technology to create the best solutions with the lowest amount of friction.
In the early and mid 90s, I provided custom information technology (IT) solutions for a variety of small businesses, and eventually gained a position working as a Systems Analyst with World’s Finest Chocolate Canada. Over the span of a decade, I worked with a wide array of independent clients and businesses, some in contract-only roles, and some working full time on-site. In a nutshell, business process management consulting provides startups, and small to mid-sized businesses with business development documentation and project planning, information systems management, and custom business management solutions including business organization planning, product and service planning, online and offline media relations strategies and web site and web application design and development. There has never been a more suitable time in human history for individuals and professionals to use their influence to change the world. MindField Workflow Product Brief MindField Workflow is a state-of-art Business Process Management (BPM) solution that allows you to automate your organization’s business processes.
This question gets asked so many times, and the interesting thing is, many of the questioners assume the answer is obvious – though they may come down on different sides of the equation!
In a sense, the question comes from the name Project Management Office, which is a bit of a misnomer given the charter of modern strategic PMOs. As those projects were listed and reported to management they became portfolios of projects. Then while attempting to ascertain the resource capacity to take on the proposed projects, it became obvious that said capacity was constrained by non-project workloads.
With today’s modern PMO charter, having project management skills – even if you’re really good, isn’t enough. Especially in readiness for year 2015 either in your career and in adding more flavour to yourself and landing better interviews as well as get more pay in the place of work when you are eventually employed? Has over 2 years experience in the Recruitment space with an unflinching interest in Human Resources, Recruitment, and the Internet.

The course is suitable both for professionals working within the sports industry and those with an appropriate undergraduate qualification who aspire to work in management and marketing roles within this sector. It would normally be expected that this degree be awarded at the level of lower second class or above (or overseas equivalent). The module 'The Sports Industry' explicitly examines the global business context of sport, while Principles and Practice of Sports Marketing incorporates international sports marketing as a key theme. The Consultancy Project offers students the opportunity to apply the theoretical and practical knowledge that they have developed within the programme in a relevant, practical context. Full-time students will normally complete this in the three months that follow the taught element, whilst part-time students complete this during the course of an academic year. This offered a great opportunity to clear up any issues I had over the content of lectures, which very often only become clear when you try to utilise theories within work at a later date. Therefore, you will be taught by academics who are actively researching and publishing in the area. Jess was awarded a Doctor of Philosophy in Sports Studies from Stirling University in 2004 for her thesis entitled ‘Women’s Football in Scotland: An Interpretive Analysis’ and she has developed a number of publications from this research study. Prior to joining UCLan, Ingrid gained almost 10 years of industry experience in project implementation and management of developing outdoor recreational and sport opportunities for large public organisations, namely British Waterways and Local Authorities.
She has published her research in Managing Leisure and is co-author of the textbook Human Resource Management in the Sport and Leisure Industry.
We regularly invite in guest speakers from industry to speak to students within the modules on this course. It is organised to ensure that key concepts, theories and, where appropriate, practices relevant to marketing and management in the sports industry form a central role into your learning. The use of guest speakers on the course is designed to facilitate networking opportunities for students to meet with potential employers. Assessment types include reports, consultancy projects, essays, oral and multimedia presentations, debates and a dissertation. Graduates from this course will also gain knowledge and skills required to help them set up their own sports-related businesses.
The lecturers on the course made the experience more enjoyable and their constant support throughout the year provided me with the encouragement and confidence I needed to take the next step in pursuing my career in Sports Marketing. Although my first passion and work was with technology, and primarily with computers and networking specifically, my interests grew and expanded beyond IT into an increasingly more prominent field: information systems (IS). In lay terms, I became more interested in building end-to-end solutions to meet business needs, than I was in dealing with technical issues like networks, cabling, printers, and hardware. The exposure to a range of fields such as Customer Service, Accounting, Order Entry, and Sales & Marketing gave me a unique edge in business development roles, and eventually led to me working with businesses and startups to help build and establish full end-to-end business solutions and information systems. I use technology and good business processes to help your people achieve their goals with the most comfortable and frictionless experiences possible. It helps you convert traditional paper-based workflows into electronic forms that are intelligent and easy to use thus ensuring proper delivery, improved communication, and an increase of efficiency. Originally, a PMO was a temporary structure that ran the administrative and governance functions of large projects or programs. First, the PMO became a permanent structure charged with oversight of all the important projects in an organization. So allocating and tracking work across resource pools became a must – and became the purview of the Project Management Office.
While Project Management is still one of the charges of the PMO, it’s only a portion – and not the main driver. There is a dual focus on the marketing of sport and marketing through sport, with sports marketing being examined from the perspective of both rights holders (sports organisations) and sponsors. Previous students have worked on projects with a range of sports organisations, including professional sports teams, facilities, local authority and private sector providers and grassroots sports clubs. Part-time students will normally attend one day a week and complete the taught element in two years. Equally, many of our staff have experience working in management roles within sport, so you can learn from their practical experience as well as academic expertise. Prior to joining UCLan, she also worked as a Research Assistant in the Institute for Sports Research (Stirling University) on contract research projects for Sport England, Sport Scotland and the Scottish Sports Association.
Prior to her academic roles, Sue spent five years working in sports facilities management in the public sector. This represents a valuable opportunity for students to meet potential employers and learn about life in the sports industry. Throughout the programme you will engage in a range of learning activities including lectures, seminars, debates, case studies, presentations, online activities, directed readings and group work. The staff on the programme are friendly and supportive and they also have a considerable experience both within higher education and working in the sports industry.

As my role with World’s Finest grew, so too did my knowledge and training in software development, web technologies and business systems architecture. I have focused on this area of work, somewhat informally referred to as business process management.
This meant creating a standard methodology, monitoring status, and ensuring projects were executing according to plan while delivering value.
While program and project management looks at allocating staff across a project or program, this was much broader.
Strategic PMOs are really facilitators mediating the tough negotiations and decisions about how work is allocated and investments made across a diverse portfolio. If they are good at understanding business strategies, if they are good at understanding what makes their company’s business model tick, then probably. In my experience, project managers are too focused on the project(s) at hand to consider the broader picture. As the sports industry grows in size and complexity, there is increasing demand for qualified sports marketers and managers. Depending on the availability of suitable partners, students may be able to work on live international sports marketing consultancy projects, with either UK or non-UK-based organisations.
In addition, students will have the opportunity to engage in a sports marketing consultancy project, working on live projects with sports organisations. Students who complete the taught element of the programme, in part or in its entirety, may graduate with either a Postgraduate Certificate or Diploma in Sports Marketing and Business Management.
Through her research activities Jess has expertise in qualitative research methods and contributes to teaching on Research Methods in Sport.
For example, we have had guest lectures given by representatives of Wigan Warriors Rugby League Club, Bolton Wanderers Football Club, St Helens Rugby League Club, David Lloyd Leisure and Preston City Council. With that charter, the obvious choice to head the office would be a talented program or project manager.
This initial type of PMO was still squarely in the realm of the project management discipline. If you’ve ever chaired a steering committee meeting full of VPs arguing for their projects, you get the point. There may be exceptions, but I agree that the PMO should know and address the nuances of the business.
Through a series of taught modules, a consultancy project and a dissertation, the course equips you with the theoretical knowledge and practical skills and understanding necessary to undertake a managerial career in the dynamic global sports market. Students have also visited the UK headquarters of Adidas, where they were given a lecture on the company’s marketing activities. If there were more project ideas than funding or resources, how should we decide which to fund and which to decline or defer? If you’ve had those tough conversations with business counterparts about how many resources are allocated to KLO (Keep the Lights On) work, you understand.
We think the best project managers are true leaders that know how to lead projects to achieve positive business outcomes. Someone had the bright idea to look at projects like financial investments (which they are, of course) and project portfolio management was born.
If you’ve ever tried to answer the “what has your PMO done for me lately” question, you really get it.
And investment decisions are definitely in the realm of business planning, not project management. This means that MindField Workflow is not a pre-packaged solution with fixed and specific features.
MindField is ready to work on, enhance, and extend its workflow solution with new features based on the client’s needs and demands.
This will play as a great and rapid improvement to the workflow product, and will increase the client satisfaction with the product and with MindField as a whole. A simple designer is also available as a standalone solution that is suitable for business users. The kit provides a set of controls that makes designing a form as easy as a drawing task with minimal or no code requirement at all. All SQL versions are supported by default; other database systems can be supported on demand.

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