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Is there a way to bring social media into the classroom to connect more effectively with students, thereby enabling them to learn more effectively?
Announced in April, Reimagine Education is the first global competition to award innovative teaching in higher education.
Here's a combination resume sample for a Program Director of Business Management in an adult education environment. Sophie's resume and almost all the other resume examples in this collection were written with the help of the professional resume templates from my Ready-Made Resume Builder.
Sophie hired a member of Susan Ireland's Resume Team to help her write her resume, based on the guidelines found in my 10 Steps: How to Write a Resume. Filed under Education Administration Resume Samples and tagged Age Discrimination, Combination Resume Samples, Same Career Path. It features room for a quote about education on the top, plus the backside is filled with more colorful images of office supply goodies.
The awards will recognize higher education institutions that are using innovations in modern technology to meet the needs of 21st century students.The issue of employability is chief among these, with the onus on the world of higher education to furnish graduates with the skills they need to succeed within the knowledge economy.

This career climber presented her qualifications in such an organized and easy-to-read resume that you almost don't notice that she disguised a big problem: her age.
Under Professional Experience, Sophie listed only one job even though she has a slew of previous jobs. Sophie inserted numbers in her achievement statements to show that she's handled high levels of responsibility, even though she looks somewhat young on her resume. Sophie listed lots of education and professional development but no dates next to her college degrees or training programs. VERY powerful, and a good reminder to PARENTS as well as educators (we are the first educators of our children, after all).
I have had fellow teachers and administrators tell me that the introduction of technology into the classroom has not demonstrated an increase in learning nor improved student performance.
Aside from her work for QS, Nicole is a long-time contributing editor and administrator for WikiHow.
But she limits the number of years to only what's relevant to her job objective for this resume .

The one job she listed is highly relevant and gives her enough of the right experience to qualify for the job she's going for — without making her look older than she wants to appear on paper. The entrants came from all parts of the globe including the US, Australia, Slovenia, South Korea, Kenya, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Spain, the Netherlands, Bahrain and Argentina.
While most of the entrants were higher education institutions, the enterprise category focuses on businesses whose technology delivers substantially improved learning or employability outcomes.MOOCs, as one might expect, were prominent, but entries represented a diverse range of technology and methodologies beyond the headline-grabbing free online courses. There were also entries related to business specializations such as supply chain management and accounting.Many of the MOOC projects submitted were related to STEM topics such as computer engineering and solar energy, while one entrant used a MOOC for a course on responding to disasters.

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