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However, there is anecdotal evidence to support that a certificate alone is not enough to land you a job.
Similar sentiments have been echoed in Sitepoint discussion forums for web developers and programmers.
The perceived value of certificates of completion and badges will vary in value from employer to employer. Employers who have actually taken online courses and even learned their trade via an online learning platforms will have a better appreciation for the time you spent and the badges you earned. Right now, a lone certificate of completion or badge has very little value and those earning these recognize that these are more tools to help you learn than to help you get employed. While typical certificates of completion and badge offer minimal employment value, new portfolio sites can help you assemble examples of your work and just about anything else you have done in your lifetime, including courses you have taken both in college and online, books you have read, skills you have learned, articles you have read, and even events you have attended. A conversation about online portfolios cannot begin without mentioning LinkedIn, the first of its kind. Degreed is a relatively new site that allows you to create a portfolio of your life’s learning experiences. Degreed can help you track and showcase all of your degreed and non-accredited learning experiences. A flaw is that Degreed can’t really validate course attendance and grades as these are not publicly available information.
However, you can take it upon yourself to get a transcript, PDF it, and post it online to link to. Career transitioners: If you are looking to make the move from technical programming role to a business function or vice versa, this is a great place to track everything you have done to make the transition, especially if you have taken courses via multiple education resources. About.me is a visual resume platform which provides you with a personalized, graphical homepage.
Pathbrite is a portfolio creation platform that steps in where LinkedIn and Degreed leave off, by enabling artists, designers, and writers, or even a financial analyst or accountant to share their work product online — be it designs, writing samples, Excel files or a great Powerpoint presentation. While the consensus is that a certificate is of questionable value, Accredible‘s mission is to transform your flimsy piece of paper or digital certificate into an object of value using evidence of your work and endorsement from instructors or colleagues. Just like Degreed, Accredible offers more value for current students, those in a career transitions, and online learners looking to prove their worth. The Accredible team believes that if free online learning were as credible as traditional university learning, MOOCs and online learning would have much more value. The traditional portfolio, a collection of designs, sketches, paintings, and photographs bound together loosely in a folder or plastic binding has come a long a long way in the last 5 to 10 years, and may soon go the way of the caveman. Dribble: Dribble is a similar (and growing) portfolio networking platform with a fun vibe, and is the largest competitor to Behance. Coroflot: Coroflot is similar to Behance and Dribble and while it does have image hosting, there is a strong focus on recruitment.
While artists and creative types need somewhere to showcase their work, coders, developers, and programmers are creators too. Github is one such place where aspiring developers can congregate online and share code, making it a social network for programmers. A portfolio of your work speaks much louder than a flimsy certificate or a digital badge of completion. He has a diverse background that ranges from technology project management and market entry consulting in China to Search Engine Optimization and Content Marketing. MOOCs, open courseware, and a bevy of online skill-based courses are bringing down the cost of content. Shortly after launching the certificate feature, founder Lynda Weinman posted a blog post requesting feedback about inclusion of testing in certification. In our last installment we discussed Gild, a talent acquisition service that mines forums like StackOverflow for active participants who could be potential hires. Students who are fresh out of college have very little fodder for their resume, and a certification or badge can be useful to help demonstrate that one took the initiative to learn something on their own. There are many different platforms that can help you build and showcase your portfolio, and although this was originally popular amongst graphic designers, new platforms allow you to demonstrate what you can do in a variety of different skill areas.
We would intuit this to mean that the Degreed course record should link to some public free record that demonstrates the course has been taken. We actually followed up with CEO, David Blake, on this issue and he showed us his Degreed profile which does exactly that. The time it would take them to locate transcripts and input course data would be better suited updating their LinkedIn profile and calling a recruiter.

Every artistic creation under the sun can now be digitized and posted online where it can be showcased to spectators, appreciators, and potential clients or customers.
What sets Behance apart is that its primary purpose is as a commercial networking platform that facilitates talent finding opportunity. While it was just founded in 2008, it is already the most popular repository for open source code. Just as Klout aggregates data from Facebook and Twitter and gives you a social media score, Coderwall can pull data from places like Github, Bitbucket, and StackOverflow and assess your coding chops. However, a badge of completion should not be confused with a badge that has data and verification backing it, like the ones provided by Coderwall.
Brad loves to learn and write and has a BA in Marketing from Cornell University as well as an MBA specializing in the China market from University of Hawaii and Sun Yat-Sen University in Guangzhou, China. Despite excellent content being offered at lower and lower prices (or even free), those gaining valuable skills have yet to see a similar revolution in their ability to demonstrate or prove those skills.
After successful completion of key challenges, badges are unlocked, displayed on your profile, and become shareable via social media.
The skills that you are learning via these platforms are hard skills that can help you get employed, but is a simple certificate enough to do the trick? Although Gild shows enormous potential, the actual education providers are surely providing excellent content, but are doing little in the way of certifying or credentialing their students to be more employable. At the entry level, online portfolios start as resume enhancers and eventually build up to full blown portfolio showcases. LinkedIn is now tightly integrated into networking, the job search and business development, making it the resume of the future. CEO David Blake started Degreed because, “While college remains an endearingly positive personal experience, the four-year degree is still inefficient. While that is nice, most course transcript information is not only protected but also incurs fees to be released, and usually only on paper. He also let us know, Degreed will be rolling out a service in late 2013 that, with student authorization, pulls course transcripts from university registrars and links a PDF version to your profile.
However, students have the luxury of time to maintain their Degreed profile while in school, which probably would only take a few minutes to update between each semester.
It’s more so a home for your web persona, combining a large photo of yourself with your name in a stylized font, an inspirational byline, and a short description. It is a flexible and open platform that allows you to breathe life into your resume or portfolio by adding pictures, documents (hard files as well as Google Docs), videos, websites, and LinkedIn Recommendations. While Degreed provides a transcript of your lifelong education, Accredible can a provide a portfolio for your educational accomplishments. In fact, major companies like AOL, Viacom, Nike, and Google use it to find creative talent. It has a helpful salary guide for designers and a large job board where the likes of Siemens, Nokia, Microsoft, Sony, and Research In Motion have recruited.
Well, if you have actually built something like a website, web app, or reputable piece of software, there’s nothing stopping you from taking a few pictures of the product or service and slapping together a portfolio on Pathbrite, Behance, and other their variants. Rather than assigning a score, Coderwall gives you badges to represent your rank and accomplishments, such as the Altruist Badge for participating in 20 or more open source projects. Perhaps one of the strongest pieces of evidence supporting the need for a portfolio is the myriad of sites that have popped up in the past five years to help people showcase their talent and skills. Once unlocked, certificates can be printed or shared via email, URL, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, or even embedded in WordPress.
These badges are meant to increase motivation, spur a little bit of competition between users, and provide gaming mechanics that help make the longer-term learning process more engaging. Digital certificates and badges are relatively new so there is very little in the way of official evidence to prove or disprove this question.
Weinman continued in her post to say that there was no plan to incorporate testing in the immediate future, although the majority of the 54 commenters to her open blog question were in favor of testing. In Treehouse, the badging system is used primarily to enhance the learning experience, rather then emulate Mozilla open badges, with personal data baked into the badge itself. Aside from your collecting and organizing job experiences and skills, you can also link web versions of your work and upload files to your profile.

You can add all your favorite social media feeds and contact information, so people who find your profile and are interested in starting a dialogue with you can contact you directly. While you can use Pathbrite as resume or portfolio enhancement tool, it can also be used to tell a story about yourself or your work.
It has become so popular that it attracts millions of visitors per month (50 million project views last month), and powers creative networks for top schools and organizations like Adweek, School of Visual Arts, AIGA, Art College of Design, LinkedIn, and Rhode Island School of Design.
Aside from Github projects you have participated in, badges are also assigned by each coding language you have mastered. While certificates and badges have questionable value, showcasing them side-by-side with your work in a portfolio immediately enhances and validates their value as an evaluation tool.
There are a number of ways to prove acquired skills online, including credentials that are earned via tests or assessments. Although most will use the bare minimum on LinkedIn — creating a digital resume of sorts, the platform is likely to evolve into showing more detailed work examples and more clearly showing specific skills. Rather than starting with no courses on your transcript, Degreed gives you 40 courses that require editing. If you want to keep it very professional, you can just add your LinkedIn profile and an email address. It also distributes artists’ work to many other online galleries, helping talent get even more exposure. Rather than reviewing a personal programming portfolio, employers would rather see your actual code. Coderwall also has its own social component, where you can discuss code snippets, share tips, and get feedback from thousands of programmers.
Portfolios were always considered must-haves for creative types, but in a competitive job market, they are every job seeker’s best friend.
In this installment, we take a closer look at completion certificates and badges, as well as online portfolio platforms. This hasn’t necessarily stopped students from advertising their badges, as a couple of Treehouse students created a widget to help display the badges in WordPress. Additionally, if you have collected online badges (must have a .JSON web signature), Degreed can also be a repository for those as well. The form for adding a degree lacked options for MBA and JD which are 60 – 90 credit hours, and the only recourse is to select the Masters option which gives you 120 credits of classes. Your page is also sharable via Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin, and embeddable in WordPress.
Behance also offers ProSite, a web service that helps you build and publish your own personal portfolio site which integrates with the rest of Behance.
In fact, we already mentioned services like Gild are looking for examples of your work in StackOverflow, but where else are they looking?
Finally, you can also create teams and participate in group coding challenges that help increase your Coderwall street cred. So once you are done tagging everything, you need to go and remove another 10 -20  courses manually which is equally as labor intensive as filling out each course form.
While creatives and coders have Behance and Coderwall, even recent college grads can put together a portfolio of their work using Pathbrite and Accredible. That said, Degreed is in beta and over time we are hopeful that they will smooth out these kinks. Kinks aside, it is a great place to keep a running portfolio of all the courses you have taken and skills you have acquired. You can even catalogue conferences attended, books and articles you have read, as well as media you have viewed. Degreed has the potential to be a very useful tool, especially for self-learners.

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