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Drivers onSunday Morning - Would anyone volunteer to bring some of our elderly friends to church for the 10.15 am service.
Sometimes when I am able to get into the focusing zone, I’m shocked by the number of things I am able to accomplish by the end of the day. This chart below called How To Focus by Funders and Founders offers some focus hacks their team uses to help them focus and get the job done.
When dealing with any type of problem, we must remember that we are Blessed by the Best!  God’s amazing grace will see us through any problem if we just open ourselves to His loving goodness.  Be open to God, it just might change your life!
Please know that there are many people ready to help you and your baby.  Your unborn child is a gift to be cherished. Visit Live Action to learn about the lies told by Planned Parenthood before you ever call them! If you are ready to talk to someone, call the Parish Office at 215-549-3760 or call the Hotline at (any time, day or night) 1-800-238-4269 or 215-545-HOPE.  YOU ARE NOT ALONE! Consider contacting your Parish Priest or a Marriage Counselor to help you and your spouse sort through the difficulties and begin working on solutions. Problems with drugs are not easily solved.  Most people are only able to recover through help of other people.
Visit the National Catholic Council on Addiction to learn about the spiritual aspects of dealing with addiction.
The Coalition Against Drug Abuse offers a number of resources on education and treatment options. If someone you know is threatening suicide, do not leave them alone.  Get help right away by calling the above numbers or calling 9-1-1. Call the Parish Office at 215-549-3760 at any time if there is an emergency and you need food.
God wants us to be healthy in every way.  If you are struggling with your diet and loss of wait, visit Catholicism and Weight Loss.
Many people find they need a Spiritual Director or Companion to assist their prayer, please call the Parish Office at 2150549-3760 and speak with the Pastor for more information. Most importantly, persevere knowing God’s desire to be with you and fill you with his loving grace. Social media can take hours away from your day without you even realising, so why not turn this potential time waster into a valuable tool for getting ahead in your career and make yourself more employable?

Remember that social media can potentially destroy your career as quickly as it can build it, so always keep in mind that what you post in the public domain is for the entire world to see! Build compelling, professional profiles for yourself that include your job history, going back no more than 15 to 20 years. Schepp recommends that you follow companies in your field on LinkedIn and Twitter so you’re automatically notified about new hires, product developments, and other news.
Help others by answering questions, making introductions, and linking to provocative content, Schepp says. It’s also important to have a game plan in mind when you set out to use these sites as part of a job search. This would not be a weekly commitment as there is a rota system in operation - if you can help please contact Rachel Metcalf. The basket is at the back of the church - perhaps, this month, we could start the collection with gifts of pencils, crayons, small note books, rubbers and pencil sharpeners etc. We are dedicatedly looking through all the tips submitted and pick the things we feel will appeal to our audience. We are easily distracted, and sometimes when we get an idea about something we want to run with it right then while the inspiration is high, but that can cause us to lose focus on the tasks we originally set out to accomplish for the day. If I could only learn how to stay in that space of concentration more often, I’m sure I could get even more done. Raymond hosts Weight Watchers Meetings on Friday Evening at 6pm and Saturday Morning at 10am in the Church Basement Meeting Room.  Visit Weight Watchers for more information.
With new social media websites popping up all the time and such a high number of overall users, it is safe to say these digital platforms are here to stay. I was recently attended an Executive HR Conference and one of the presenters asked the audience if they checked job applicant social profiles before the interview or job offer stage – over 75% of the audience raised their hands. LinkedIn is an obvious place for such a profile, but Facebook, Twitter, and Google+, among others, are also sites where you can include this kind of information, Schepp says. In other words, plan on working on your profile one day, joining groups another, or following companies a third.
We sent 180 shoe boxes last Christmas of which 40 were filled with contributions left in the basket, so please continue in this wonderful work. It is a quick way to help us find what people are talking about around the globe, what is about to go viral and, of course, what you think should be featured on Bit Rebels.

If you are working on a project that should have been finished a while ago, maybe a little more focus is all you need. You update your Twitter and hashtag your boring journey to work, and then celebrate home time by uploading a photograph of your dinner on Instagram. These profiles should demonstrate not only what you’ve accomplished, but where your strengths are and what you can offer future employers.
Search the directory to find Groups in your industry, join those that appear especially active and vibrant, and then introduce yourself to the other members. This is a great way to demonstrate your expertise and value to a potential employer, he says. People know to expect that sort of thing from you but if you regularly answer questions on LinkedIn and provide links to great content on Facebook and Twitter, you are again building that social capital.
Make connections with the right people and let them see you are an intelligent, qualified candidate by updating your statuses several times a week, providing content to the groups you join, and tweeting about that interesting article you just read, Schepp suggests. They provide access to millions of job postings and are used by a proportionate number of job seekers.
However, it’s important to know how to focus and concentrate to get the job done when you have a deadline.
Improve the odds in your favor by looking for jobs on company Twitter feeds, on their Facebook pages, and in LinkedIn Groups.
You’ll waste too much time and not do anything as well as you could have if you were more organized and disciplined, Schepp says. Just wearing them makes me feel like I’m isolated in a box and I can concentrate for hours. This could be the make or break of your career progression so use your social media wisely. What tricks have you come up with that help you focus and concentrate when you are on a deadline?

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