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When adding new perennials to your landscape it's necessary to determine the difference between which plants will thrive in your region and which plants may need to be treated as annuals. Planting zone maps not only contain useful information, but could save you money and aggravation. Soon we will have a world zone map integrated with Google maps allowing you the ablity to see exactly your tempurature by where you live.
Zone 1 has a low temperature of below -50 Fahrenheit and below -45.6 Celsius, covering interior areas of Alaska, Resolute, Northwest Territories of Canada, northernmost tip of China. Zone 2b has a low temperature of -45 to -40 Fahrenheit and -40 to -42.7 Celsius, spanning from interior areas of Alaska (Unalakleet), the northernmost tip of Minnesota, middle regions of Canada, and northernmost regions of China.
Zone 11 has a low temperature of above 40 Fahrenheit and above 4.5 Celsius, covers Hawaii (Honolulu), Southern Mexico, the Florida Keys, the northern most region of Australia, southernmost regions of China, northern regions of South America, coastal regions of Central America, and central interior and coastal areas of Africa. All information is provided by members and has not been validated or approved for use anywhere. No text or images on this web site may be used without direct written permission from WYW Group, LLC. Gardenality's founders are proud servants of Jesus and our heart's greatest desire is to live for His everlasting renown. Some of the changes in the zones, however, are a result of new, more sophisticated methods for mapping zones between weather stations.

Importantly, if your hardiness zone has changed, it does not mean you should start pulling plants out of your garden or change what you are growing.
Tags: gardening history plant hardiness plant hardiness zones spring preparation USDA Bookmark the permalink. All of Urban Farmer’s perennial plants are labeled with the best growing zones to help you make the best selection for your location. Michael), southern regions of Canada, northern regions of Europe, northern regions of China, and central regions of northern Japan. Louis, Missouri) to southern Pennsylvania, southern coastal areas of Alaska, coastal regions of western Canada, central interior regions of Europe, central interior regions of China, southern regions of South America, and coastal regions of northern and interior regions of southern Japan. So, for someone like me that lives right on the cusp of 7a and 7b, there probably isn’t much of a difference, if any at all (seen above). The new map is generally one 5-degree Fahrenheit half-zone warmer than the previous map throughout much of the United States.
These include algorithms that considered for the first time such factors as changes in elevation, nearness to large bodies of water, and position on the terrain, such as valley bottoms and ridge tops. The map and chart below identify your growing zone and show you when your plants will arrive.
For example the lower planting zone with a hardiness of 3 could have cold lows of -40° to -30° degrees Fahrenheit, where the warmest zone might only have lows in the 30° degree range.

This is mostly a result of using temperature data from a longer and more recent time period; the new map uses data measured at weather stations during the 30-year period 1976-2005. Once you've determined which hardiness, or planting zone, you live in then this information will assist you when purchasing hardy plants for your area. In contrast, the 1990 map was based on temperature data from only a 13-year period of 1974-1986. These advances greatly improved the accuracy and detail of the map, especially in mountainous regions of the western United States. I'm a landscaper designer by trade, but enjoy farmers markets and spending time with my family on the weekends. 2 years ago Uncategorized56 Get All The Latest Articles In Your InboxSign up for our newsletter to receive the latest news and event postings.

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