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Character set level B (ISO 646 7-bit single byte code, with the exception of certain graphic character allocations) contains the same characters as character set level A plus lower case letters ‘a’ to ‘z’. The following table contains the code values for the syntax identifier and explains which languages are catered for in which part of ISO-8859. Note that the last character of the syntax identifier (data element 0001) identifies the character set level used.
To enable the data being transferred between business partners to be understood by the sender and receiver it is necessary to format that data according to an agreed standard.
By utilising these standards it means that the sending and receiving systems can be totally independent of each other in terms of both hardware and software. Although use of an EDI Standard greatly reduces the requirements of the trading partners it does not mean that the business content of the data is the same regardless of the relationship. You can define nearly any protocol by using the Custom protocol and the many guideline documents in Oracle B2B Document Editor.
Oracle B2B supports custom document protocols to create documents needed for proprietary transactions, including document definitions for XML and non-XML messages. The action name for the ebXML header, which is also an identification criteria for inbound and outbound messages. The service name for the ebXML header, which is also an identification criteria for inbound messages. The service type for the ebXML header, which is also an identification criteria for inbound messages. Oracle B2B compares the value of Identification Expression in the payload to the value specified in Identification Value. When the Identification Value field is left blank, Oracle B2B checks for the node identified in Identification Expression. Oracle B2B compares the value of the country attribute to the value set for Identification Value.
Coded identification of the agency controlling syntax and syntax level used in an interchange. Reference or password to the recipient's system or to a third-party network as specified in the partners' interchange agreement. Identification of the application area assigned by the sender, to which the messages in the interchange relate; for example, the message type, if all the messages in the interchange are of the same type. Identification by name or code of the type of agreement under which the interchange takes place. Code assigned by the association responsible for the design and maintenance of the message type concerned that further identifies the message. A delimiter is characterized by two levels of separators and a terminator assigned by the sender. Note: Click Select Hexadecimal Characters next to any of the delimiter fields to provide values.
Code identifying the agency controlling the specification, maintenance and publication of the message type.
Code, assigned by the association responsible for the design and maintenance of the message type concerned, which further identifies the message. Reference serving as a key to relate all subsequent transfers of data to the same business case or file. See "How to Configure the XPath Expression for a Custom XML Document" for more information. Oracle B2B supports message exchanges using American National Standards Institute (ANSI) X12.
Information used for additional identification or authorization of the sender or the data in the interchange. Information used to identify the security information about the interchange sender or the data in the interchange. Code to identify the agency responsible for the control standard used by the message that is enclosed by the interchange header and trailer. Code to indicate whether data enclosed by this interchange envelope is in test or production. Time when the sender generated a functional group of transaction sets (local time at sender's location).
Oracle B2B implements the Health Level 7 (HL7) version 2.x and version 3 standards (version 3 supports Custom document protocols) to exchange documents containing health care information using the Generic exchange or MLLP exchange. While HL7 BATCH and FILE envelopes are supported, batching is not supported in this release.
MSH.11 - This field is used to decide whether to process the message as defined in HL7 Application (level 7) processing rules.

Sets the conditions under which application acknowledgments are required to be returned in response to the message. B2B checks the payload (MSH.15) of an incoming message to see if an ACK has to be generated.
A single character that follows the segment identifier and separates each data element in a segment except the last. A service character used to separate adjacent occurrences of a repeating data element, or to separate multiple occurrences of a field.The value 0x7e is supplied.
A syntax character indicating the end of a segment (a logical grouping of data fields) within a message.
No business message is produced for an HL7 immediate acknowledgment (transport-level acknowledgment). Oracle B2B implements Open Applications Group (OAG) standards, a robust XML standard used across many industries. Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is the computer-to-computer exchange of routine business data between trading partners in standard data formats. X12 is the cross industry standard designed by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) to support any business function in any industry.
Today, over 300 X12 transactions sets are used to handle most facets of business-to- business communications in many different industries including retail, government, transportation, and automotive. Electronic Product Catalogs are very similar to paper catalogs; however, they do not have to go through a slow, expensive printing process, which allows them to be updated frequently.
EPC- The Electronic Product Code (EPC) is the electronic bar code embedded into RFID chips. For thousands of companies, their EDI-based supply chain is the most important aspect of their business as it has a direct impact on profitability.
Companies already enabled with Electronic Data Interchange are facing many challenges related to the management of their EDI application. EDI Sourcing's broad portfolio of EDI services and solutions answers all of these challenges. EDI VAN - enables secure, reliable, and efficient communications with trading partners around the globe.
Web EDI - allows EDI enabled companies to trade with non-EDI companies who have access to a web browser. EDI Managed Services - provides outsourced EDI services tailored to fit your budget, technical sophistication, and trading partner requirements. EDI Service Bureau - EDIS integrates with large EDI Service Bureaus in the world supporting the retail trading community helping to bridge technology gaps between large retail hubs and their non-EDI suppliers. Using any combination of these EDI services provides you with a world of opportunity to strengthen your existing business relationships, add new partners and vendors at will, obtain higher levels of efficiency, and improve your overall ability to gain control of your EDI application. Electronic Data Interchange is the computer-to-computer exchange of routine business data between trading partners in standard data formats. The conventional process requires someone to handle a printed computer generated form and mail it.
Speed – Data can move directly out of one computer system and into another with little to no delay.
Simplicity – EDI standards specify how data will be formatted and where it can be found. Neither party needs to know what software the other is using, only that the software is compliant with the particular EDI Standard. For example, different Buyers will insert their business processes into the same EDI Standard in whatever way suits their own requirements. These definitions, normally known as “Implementation Guidelines”, are incorporated into REDI-to-Wear so that users are presented with the business information in an accurate and meaningful manner. For XML documents, specify an XPath expression and a value, which is the expected result of the expression.
If the values match, then the document is identified successfully and the corresponding document type and document protocol version are used to identify the agreement. These standards prescribe the formats, character sets, and data elements used in purchase orders and invoices. If delimiter-based is selected, then UNA is created if the specified delimiters are different from the EDIFACT default value. To be used as specified in the partners' interchange agreement, for the purpose of identifying the character repertoire encoding technique used in the interchange (when the default encoding defined by the character repertoire's associated character set specification is not used). Identification of the application area (for example, accounting, purchasing) or of the message type, as applicable.
If not provided, the B2B-provided default file (interchange ecs file of the syntax version number, UNB 010 020) is used.

These standards prescribe the formats, character sets, and data elements used in documents such as purchase orders and invoices. If not provided, the B2B-provided default file (interchange ecs file of the interchange control version, ISA 12) is used. If not provided, the B2B-provided default file (group ecs file of EDI X12 version) is used.
When using HL7, the standard Oracle B2B features, such as validation, translation, automatic generation of outbound envelope headers, and acknowledgments, are available.
The first component defines whether the message is part of a production, training, or debugging system (refer to HL7 table 0103 - Processing ID for valid values). In some HL7 Systems, MSH.15 is not sent in the payload at all and it is expected that an ACK is still sent.
When using AS2, you see one acknowledgment business message for MDN (transport-level acknowledgment), and for ebMS, you see one acknowledgment business message in the business message report. With our EDI services, companies are able to optimize the efficiency, reliability, and reach of their electronic supply chain while reducing costs, infrastructure and overhead. But with an ever-changing business environment and technological advances, staying up-to-date and optimized can be difficult and problematic. Whether you are a large EDI hub with mission-critical applications, or a small supplier with no EDI capabilities, our solution portfolio can be tailored to your company’s requirements. It includes our hosted solution, that allows you to convert data into any format, EDIINT Services for processing AS2 data, and the ability to process any type of data format with any trading partner regardless of their technology. This allows for the efficient processing of transactions bi-directionally so that all parties can process data in their preferred format.
Then, the recipient re-keys the data back into another computer for their internal processing.
Any user, wishing to use a character set level other than A, should first obtain agreement from the intended trading partner in order to ensure correct processing by the receiving application. This is as natural as various companies using different styles and colours in their advertising and decorations. With non-XML messages, you can create trading partner agreements for specific message types. For non-XML documents such as a flat file, you can specify start and end positions or a document routing ID.
If the value is left blank, then Oracle B2B checks for the existence of the node and the document is successfully identified. The Never option does not generate UNA for outbound EDIFACT documents, even if nondefault delimiters are used. They are specified in the interchange header and cannot be used in a data element value elsewhere in the interchange. The second component defines whether the message is part of an archival process or an initial load (refer to HL7 table 0207 - Processing mode for valid values). In summary, because immediate acknowledgments are sent at the transport level, the entry is available only in the wire message report and not in the business message report. X12 standards are developed, maintained and published by the Accredited Standards Committee (ASC). These repositories support customer-specific pricing and a broad range of product information. The cartons are then shipped to the retailer and the supplier electronically transmits an Advanced Ship Notice (856). An older standard is ANSI X12 (American National Standards Institute Accredited Committee X12) which remains in wide use by companies based in North America. The non-XML implementation of the Custom document protocol is in preview mode in this release. The Never option for inbound messages cannot work for B2B if an EDIFACT document is received without UNA and with nondefault delimiters. In an EDI file, the segment delimiter, the element delimiter, and the subelement delimiter are used.
This enables buyers to access the catalog to request information from specific suppliers or search for specific product information. These electronic documents are sent in a standard Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) format. Select SU (successful completion) to generate the acknowledgment when the message is successfully processed.

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