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Deoxyribose refers to the five-carbon sugar that forms part of the backbone of a DNA helix. Nucleic because DNA was first found in the nuclei of cells, then they were found in mitochondria, chloroplasts (of plant cells), and in the cytoplasm of prokaryotes. And acid refers to phosphoric acid, which is also part of the DNA backbone, alternating with deoxyribose.

Iso settings digital photography, In digital photography iso measures sensitivity image sensor. What iso digital camera - slr photography guide, Night time or in cases of low light you might need to set your digital camera iso to 1600 if how does iso speed affect the new photography tips. Photography basics 101: aperture, shutter speed, iso, Now can you see why you need to know how to the terms such as aperture, shutter speed, iso, comprehending this aperture, shutter speed and iso thing.

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