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Of the 200 Pelargonium species, of which the common garden geranium or Pelargonium hortorum, is a member, most originated in South Africa. Small spots develop on the undersides of the geranium’s lower leaves, which ultimately turn yellow and die. Yellow spots develop on top of the leaves and they correspond with rust-colored spores underneath. Hola, hace cuatro dias me hice un tatuaje, ocupa la mitad del empeine, es una lagartija negra. Bueno pues los dos primeros dias lo tuve muy hinchado y me dolia mucho, ya ayer lo tenia bastante mejor, se me bajo la hinchazon y estaba perfecto, se me han caido algunas pieles, lo llevo destapado todo el dia menos por la noche que me pongo una gasa para que no me rocen las sabanas, uso bailarinas para que no me roce nada y me lo lavo y curo 3 veces al dia ( con agua y jabon neutro y Bepanthol ) uso Bepanthol porque soy alergica a la penicilina. Pues mi problema es que hoy cuando me he quitado la gasa lo tenia en algunas zonas rojo y me habia salido un liquido entre transparente y amarillo y ha estado media manana tirandome ese liquido, no me duele ni nada, solo me pica muy de vez en cuando, ?puede estar cogiendo infeccion? Pues a decir verdad segun tu explicacion lo tienes infectado, no soy medico pero esos sintomas aunque no duela y solo sea comezon son sintomas, cometiste un gravisimo error al taparte el tatuaje para dormir solo porque pensaste que tus sabanas lo estropearian, no dejaste respirar la piel; un tatuaje despues de realizado, el artista te lo cubrira y solamente 1 hora o menos depende el criterio del artista como maximo lo tendras, de ahi sus primeras lavadas y crema cicatrizante en este caso la que mencionaste, jamas se recomienda penicilina para curar un tatuaje eso es arruinarlo, colocate hielo para que baje la inflamacion y lavatelo con jabon de yodo para que no cojas una infeccion mas grande, evita el polvo y el sol directamente hacia tu tatuaje por largos periodos de tiempo, total tendras que retocartelo nuevamente cuando sane por completo, pondre unas imagenes para que veas como se ve un tatuaje infectado. Sometimes when water has a too-high concentration of salts, that can also cause browning tips and edges. If you give it more light by putting it closer to a window, you can try giving it a northern exposure which is very low at this time. A once in a while misting of the plant can be done to also supply some moisture content to the room which, with the furnace on, can be very dry. Sometimes, where heat vents are close by, the high nightime temperatures of the room can cause yellowing of leaves.
If, as I suspect, your plant has been overwatered due to poor drainage, you must correct that. A complete change of soil may be called for in which case you can use any good potting soil or potting mix. If you suspect it is not a watering problem, then look to possible invasion of pests and treat accordingly. My guess would be that the plant is too wet, but it's very hard to say because you don't tell us anything about the conditions they're in. It appears the soil may not have any perlite or other course material to allow it to drain so the roots are always wet. I noticed it looks like it is setting at the bottom or landing of a stairwell, could be a light issue, how long have you had it there?
As you can see, the dracaena fragrans (corn plant) plant in question, has long leaves and long tree like woody trunks and can grow as tall as the ceiling. You can take a sharp scissors and recut the tips of the leaves into a point if you want to improve its looks. If no rot is indicated, then over watering should be an issue of interest, if not a prime suspect. The plant appears to be 'direct planted' in a container that does not drain (I cannot be sure if there is a saucer under the container).

Suspence33_yahoo_comI was having an issue with mild growing on the soil due to overwatering.
Sometimes some folks followsensable directions someone else had given that ( WE as others) never got to read. Keeping peoples egos in check the original poster understood that It's not manditory nor is it required to respond directly to the forum regarding any plant growing results. Dave(Vermont - z5a)Don't use soap unless it's something like dr bronner's pure castile peppermint soap. Popular as a bedding plant, it has a compact growth habit and several diseases can cause its multicolored leaves to turn yellow. The blight bacteria spreads rapidly through the plant’s leaf veins and a V-shape can form on the edge of the infected leaves.
This plant, true to its name is a tough plant to do harm to because it stands up to adversity much better than most.
The condition of the plant might warrant a look-see at the roots to make sure they are not rotting. Water it well, let it drain and don't let the plant sit in the drainage water much longer than 10 minutes before you dump it. If so, repot it in proper soil and do not fertilize until it recovers and the leaves aren't droopy. It doesn't get watered as often as my other plants, but I never let it get really dry either, when I do water it it is just enought to dampen the soil, not make it spongy.
Underwatering tends to make a faded, pale yellow leaf that is more evenly yellow, not just at the end. Could be fertilizer burn - I have discovered that plants moved from bright light to low light often show symptoms of fertilizer burn from existing fertilizer in the soil, even if you haven't added any more. To kill the mold and dry out the soil I made the mistake of placing it outside in direct sunlight. I looked at the pictures above with the brown tips and the yellow rings above it and my plant suddenly has started to look like that. The alcohol will kill any pests on contact but will evaporate fast enough not to cause harm to the leaves, soil or roots. I too would cut off the damaged leaf tips, if you can picture it, cut it back just past the damage, trying to cut & shape like the original leaf silhoutte.
Mine is in a ceramic pot which doesn't dry out as fast and gets decent sunlight in the morning. This plant needs to get almost completely dry all the way down in the pot before you water again, every time.
I personally don't like the water meters - I find that using your finger is much more accurate. Needless to say the leaves are now burned and the green pigmentation is gone and the leaves are all yellow.
Avoid bringing garden-grown plants into the house, as this can transmit the disease to other plants.

Plants must drain, otherwise, water builds up in and around their roots which in very short time starts to rot and once that starts, there's hardly any plant that can stand up to it.
If the soil there is unusually damp or wet, you can place the blame at the feet of your watering habits. I'd do a flush with water and give it a nice warm soapy shower and see if it perks up a bit.
Is the 'neck' of these shoots constricted rather like pencil-necking of outdoor queen palms? Use a dowel rod or similar probe to determine the condition right down to the bottom of the container. I researched it and they suggested to put just a couple of drops of soap and water in a spray bottle and spray it and wash it off. If there is evidence that there is water collecting in the bottom, that needs to be corrected yesterday.
I took my hose and put it on the shower mode and just rinsed it off let it flow down the stalks. I'd also get a moisture meeter if you're going to keep it in a glazed pot, to make sure ti dries out between waterings.
If it is only that the mix is merely 'wet', then you can ameliorate the condition by replacing some of the wet mix with dry mix. After I did that, I thought to myself how is that going to affect the plant with the soap going down there into the soil?
Straight peat moss has really no nutritional value and it doesn't hold moisture long or well.
This plant thrives in North East North west windows.As long as its not direct sun its fine. Most ceramic pots like you have in picture usually have a hole in bottom but no worries if it doesn't, that's easy to fix. You have it on the landing where your stairs are.It looked like you have it parked on a landing where natural light isn't getting to it. If any of this happens, it might indicate that a rot has set in; sometimes this appears to be moving downward and the stalk can sprout healthy shoots lower down or you can induce this by cutting back the stalk to healthy tissue. In the winter the air is so dry already , but to have furnace blowing on it ta boot good thing it doesn't grow corn or it would be popping. The only time the plant does well in a draft is from mother nature not the monster that's blowing heat from downstairs.

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