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A protein discovered in eggshells is only produced in a hen's ovaries, suggesting that chickens existed before eggs. Throat and neck pain aren't necessarily caused by the same culprit, nor do they always happen at the same time, but they can occur in tandem. When the lining of your sinuses becomes inflamed and thickens, the result is likely to be sinusitis. When nodules develop in your thyroid, it may cause pain in the neck and throat, though neither is highly likely.
Tonsillitis and glandular fever also can result in throat and neck pain as your neck swells because the glands in the neck become enlarged.
When a sore throat is the outcome of streptococcal infection, the tonsils become coated and swell and the throat becomes irritated. When suffering from acute throat or neck pain, the pain pops up quickly and can be brutal during its duration, but it doesn’t last long.
Pain in the neck can extend to the arms, shoulders, jaw and even the head giving rise to severe headaches. Any discomfort, soreness, stinging pain, dull muscles, difficulty in moving the neck, etc., are signs of a neck disorder.
Among the medical conditions that can result in both types of pain happening at the same time are sinusitis, heart attack and some forms of cancer. A sore throat may occur because of mucus that drains down the back of the nose and into the throat.

A related lump in the neck is often discovered by a physician during a routine examine, although the lump is rarely noticeable to the naked eye. One of the most common causes of pain in both the throat and neck is pharyngitis, which is a sore throat caused by inflammation of the throat or the pharynx.
If you are afflicted with chronic throat and neck pain, the pain progresses and persists over an extended period of time and is not receptive to treatment.
A stiff neck pain is often accompanied by pain in the shoulders, arms, jaw, head, etc., and can make one turn the entire body while moving as opposed to just the neck. A sore throat that does not resolve itself, even with the use of antibiotics, may be an indication of throat cancer. The throat pain is the outcome of either a bacterial infection, which is treated with antibiotics, or, more typically, a viral infection. The lymph nodes in the neck also can become infected when you have a sore throat, which makes your neck hurt.
Such pain can be caused due to a number of reasons like muscle strains and sprains due to accidents or improper posture, meningitis, cervical spine disorders, stress or anxiety, etc.
Swollen glands are caused by inflammation of the lymph nodes, which form part of the body's immune system. If the stiff neck pain lasts for a few days or a week it is mild and can be treated at home however if it persists for any longer then it has become acute and it is best to consult a doctor.Stiff Neck Headache - Nurse CautiouslyMost of the times, a prolonged and untreated neck pain gives rise to a stiff neck headache and the pain set off can be numb, tight, sharp or stabbing. The lymph nodes contain thousands of white blood cells that attack invading microorganisms. If you are experiencing persistent throat and neck pain, do not hesitate to seek medical help. Sometimes the pain intensifies when one tries to move the head sideways or up and down and burning or tingling sensation in the ears could also occur.

During an infect- ion the nodes become especially active and can swell into painful, tender lumps. It is mostly caused due to injuries like concussion or blow on the head and bacterial or viral meningitis. Children are especially prone because their lymph nodes are more active than those of adults. If a crunching sound is heard when trying to move the neck then it is an indication of cervical osteoarthritis or spasms. The best treatment for a stiff neck headache is to exercise the neck.Stiff Neck TreatmentThe cervical spine is strong, tough, resilient and can easily recover if adequate curative measures are adopted. Firstly, be mindful of the body posture and position in everyday activities like reading, sleeping, watching TV, using the computer, etc., when one negligently tends to curve the spine and bend the neck. Range of motion exercises for the neck, shrugging and rotating shoulders and stretching are very beneficial.
Pain relief medication, massages, applying heat or ice to the aching area are helpful remedies.
Sleeping on a firm mattress without a pillow is absolutely critical and special neck pillows for stiff neck treatment are easily available.

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