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In medical parlance, swelling, turgescence or tumefaction is a transient abnormal enlargement of a body part or area not caused by proliferation of cells.
Swelling is considered one of the five characteristics of inflammation; along with pain, heat, redness, and loss of function. In a general sense, the suffix "-megaly" is used to indicate a growth, as in hepatomegaly, acromegaly, and splenomegaly. Generalized swelling, or massive edema (also called anasarca), is a common sign in severely ill people. While it is possible for mild swelling to go away on its own, several things can be done to relieve the symptoms or hasten the process.
If you manage this site and have a question about why the site is not available, please contact us directly. Keep the feet under running cold water for about 15 minutes before resting as it can prevent swelling of feet.
Yoga: Regular practice of yoga can help in keeping blood circulation normal and prevents the feet from swelling.
Also called as Edema, swollen feet is a normal biological process wherein the body tends to produce more water and blood during pregnancy. One of the veins affected by the enlarged uterus happens to be the one called Vena Cava (goes through the right thigh) which takes blood to the lower body, especially the thighs, ankles and feet. Edema is not a cause for concern as it is a normal biological process that usually dissipates on its own after the prenatal period. As mentioned earlier, edema is a normal condition that occurs in almost every other pregnant woman.
Avoid standing for extended periods as this could channel more blood or fluids to the legs. Try placing your legs on cushions or small tables (in a horizontal position) whenever you sit down instead of placing them on the floor in a vertical position.
Opting for flat heeled shows can be a great relief for women suffering from swollen feet during pregnancy. A new and yet quite popular product that has been doing the rounds of late in the women’s hosiery department is the pregnancy stocking. Angioedema is a swelling, similar to hives, but the swelling is beneath the skin rather than on the surface.
However, as mentioned earlier that it is isolated among your lower extremities as well as your hands, you do not have to worry about it too much because this may be caused by fluid retention due to pregnancy.
Cheeseburger crotch was apparently coined by someone that has no regard for those of us that love cheeseburgers, and it refers to the appearance of a swollen vagina during pregnancy, where the justification for the term seems to be that you looked like you shoved a cheeseburger down your pants.
I learned a lot about my body while I was pregnant, mostly by reading books and watching shows you should never watch while you’re knocked up, like Special Delivery. I’m constantly baffled by the number of people who Google first, call the doctor later. While a vascular vagina is undoubtedly very confusing if you’re not expecting it, I think what confuses me the most about this is the sheer number of people that actually found this helpful.

The best advice that I think anyone can offer this poor, confused preglet is to GTFO of the horrible relationship in which she finds herself.
Yahoo never lets me down when it comes to people getting verklempt about the state of their health. Okay, so this lady isn’t actually horrified, but I think we can all appreciate the succinctness of her plea to her vagina. These just seem like oddly specific medical questions that you would really want to ask a doctor.
I would so much rather ask total strangers about my girlfriend’s fat, gross vagina than just ask her.
I know, it’s kind of cute even though I would be mortified if my husband had posted this about me. Yes, behavior like that doesn’t come out of nowhere, and it rarely seems to get better with time. I stuck with it for way too long because I was holding out hope that he would magically appreciate me if I was totally perfect. One of the first symptoms I had with this pregnancy (besides tingly boobs) was, when I was working out, my vulva would suddenly feel all swollen and huge in my pants. Although slight edema may be difficult to detect to the untrained eye, especially in an overweight person, massive edema is very obvious.
Some congenital swellings may not be discovered until later in life, such as a branchial cyst, dermoid cyst or thyroglossal cyst. The presentations of acute swellings are redness, local fever, pain and impairment of function of the affected organ. It is important that swelling is treated quickly because it occurs at the fastest rate once immediately after the incident.
Feet swelling occurs because the process of expulsion of toxins by urine is affected and they remain in the body. And even though the entire body experiences some amount of swelling during this period, swollen feet can be extremely uncomfortable and can cause pain in certain situations. And even though the additional water and blood are needed for the proper development of the fetus, it leads to increased fluid retention which in turn causes all the extra water to flow down to the extremities of the body, in this case, the feet. Accordingly, the uterus which by now would have increased substantially in size would put extra pressure on the veins that carry blood in the body.
Under pressure, the blood flow in the Vena Cava slows down and leads to the accumulation of blood in the lower body.
However, in cases the swelling does not reduce and instead, starts extending towards the hands and face, it is considered wise to get the issue checked out by a doctor. However, if it tends to make you pretty uncomfortable, here are some effective tips to take care of the issue.
This would again cause more amounts of blood or fluids to reach the feet and stagnate there, thereby contributing to the swelling. This would lift off the pressure placed on the Vena Cava vein which courses through the right hand side of the body.

Avoid salty foods as much as possible as the salt content in them would contribute to excess water retention in the body. It also pays to choose shoes that are comfortable and stretchable so that they don’t cramp your feet when you wear them (happens in the case of narrow shoes).
Easy to wear and extremely comfortable, these pregnancy stockings can inhibit the accumulation of fluids in your feet and thus prevent them from swelling up if you wear them from morning till night. In addition to this, you can also prevent swelling by having regular checkups with your doctor.
If not, then you’re lucky but not for long because I am about to ruin it for you in an attempt to get some company in my nightmares.
I mean, I Google all of my Ebola symptoms, of course, but I stop short of taking medical advice and asking for medical advice online.
It sounded like a situation where things got chunky like burger meat, and cheesy, with green lettuce like things.
The only thing which relieved it for me was applying pressure, which I could only do, without drawing attention to myself, by wearing a super thick pad and then sitting on a firm chair (thank you school furniture) with my pelvis tilted down so the chair pressed the pad into my vulva.
Sorry for the TMI, but I am experiencing this now and had no idea it was common during pregnancy until reading this article (The More You Know–thanks mommyish!). The things she told me happened in that office lead me to believe your doctor may not even notice you’re swollen.
That being said, most people call it a vagina just cuz its simpler to have one name for it rather than 4(although i just call it my crotch cuz thats what my parents called it when we were little no matter the gender) and most people teach their children to call it a vagina as well…as least thats better than hooha or cushie. The RICE first aid method of rest, ice, compression, and elevation protecting the affected area has long been taught as a short term solution. As the excess water collects in them, your feet start appearing swollen and cause discomfort with time. Unfortunately, I spent most of this article confused trying to figure out if the posters were experiencing the same thing or if their vagina was actually swollen. Google being there to answer questions because there is no way I’d bring this up to my human doctor. Chronic inflammatory swellings will show the signs of acute inflammatory swellings, but in subdued form. Chronic swellings can be differentiated from neoplastic swellings by the fact that neoplastic swellings never recede in size, but inflammatory swellings may show occasional diminution.
This is called hereditary angioedema, and it is not discussed in this article. Symptoms The main symptom is sudden swelling below the skin surface.
You may also develop welts or swelling on the surface of your skin. The swelling usually occurs around the eyes and lips. The swelling may form a line or be more spread out. The welts are painful and may be itchy.

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