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SummaryPulmonary Embolism (PE) is often a devastating condition that can result in sudden death. ReferencesBritish Thoracic Society Guidelines for the management of suspected acute Pulmonary Embolism. The term applied when our lungs are filled with liquids and the air pockets of the lungs get filled up is ‘Consolidation’.
Patients with limited scleroderma have the risk of developing progressive blood vessel narrowing in the lungs frequently in the absence of lung scarring and inflammation. PAH can occur in diffuse scleroderma as well but a more common scenario is for progressive lung scarring to lead to loss of microvasculature in the lung again leading to elevated lung blood pressure.
Blood returning to the lungs is pumped through the lungs by the right ventricle of the heart. In scleroderma, the left ventricle can become stiff or weakened, leading to back pressure into the lungs (red arrow). This is an invasive test performed by specialists in cardiology wherein a slender tube is introduced into the circulation, advanced carefully to the right side of the heart and into the lungs.
As with many features of scleroderma, the basic issue is progressive scarring of the inner lining of the small artery.
We do not yet understand the specific triggers of blood vessel injury or just how the blood vessel damage progresses. The treatment options for PAH complicating scleroderma represent the most active area of progress in the history of the disease. Other similar drugs are at late stages of preapproval clinical trials and there is great interest in studying the benefits of various combination therapies. All of these agents are uniquely and specifically suited to the blood vessel issues of PAH. These agents are very complex and choosing the correct initial treatment requires considerable expertise. All of these treatments reduce shortness of breath, improve exercise capacity, and slow the rate of clinical worsening.
The most important elements in following response to treatment are the level of shortness of breath and the exercise capacity.
Other tests include serial assessments of right ventricle health by echocardiogram and by BNP blood test. This national organization is a model for collaboration between patients, physicians and other care givers and the pharmaceutical industry.
The scarring is called fibrosis and when this happens throughout the lungs then it is called Pulmonary Fibrosis. Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis is scarring or thickening of the lungs without a known cause. Causes No one knows what causes pulmonary fibrosis or why some people get it.
This article explores the predisposing factors, clinical presentation and management strategies in PEPulmonary Embolism (PE) is a relatively common and potentially fatal condition that is a leading cause of death in all age groups.Pulmonary embolism is any condition in which the pulmonary artery becomes obstructed by a foreign mass or embolus.

Pulmonary consolidation is that respiratory condition where the lungs’ air pockets are filled with liquids like water, blood or pus. Infections caused due microbes and bacteria namely streptococcus pneumonia, also known as pneumococcus or staphylococcus or klebsiella. When any dust particles or such other foreign bodies take entry into our bodies from our respiratory tract. It can also be caused due to several other respiratory disorders like tuberculosis, pulmonary hemorrhage, bronchopneumonia, acute respiratory distress syndrome etc. For the improvement of the immunity system of the body, the person should follow a proper diet.
To take out the mucus that is getting stored in the lungs the patient must take lime juice and honey. To increase bodily perspiration and increase in body heat, consumption of fenugreek tea is very important.
This syndrome is recognized by the WHO as pulmonary hypertension (PH) secondary to intrinsic lung disease. Fainting or near fainting with physical activity may occur as well as other symptoms such as fluid retention and chest discomfort. It is sufficiently common and of such high impact that all patients with scleroderma should be screened for its presence on a regular basis. At early stages, the right ventricle is able to compensate but as the resistance increases and the pressures go higher, the right ventricle cannot keep up. Patients in whom the diffusing capacity is reduced either as an isolated finding or out of proportion to changes in their forced vital capacity are more likely to have pulmonary hypertension. Careful measurements of blood flows and pressures define the diagnosis of pulmonary hypertension. The changes in the lung blood vessels look remarkably similar to those in the fingers, kidneys and gastrointestinal tract. We do understand that injury to the lining of the blood vessels leads to specific chemical imbalances that participate in pulmonary hypertension. The only drugs approved by the Food & Drug Administration for use in scleroderma are agents recently approved for pulmonary hypertension. The University of Michigan Scleroderma Program works closely with the Pulmonary Hypertension Program in identifying pulmonary hypertension and in choosing the correct path in treatment. This may cause due to numerous causes like inhaling occupational dusts full of animal, bacterial or fungal products.
Generally the most serious presentation is where the main pulmonary trunk or one of the main right or left branches becomes obstructed. Annals of internal medicine, vol 129 (12) 15 Dec 1998 997 – 1005Anderson DR, Wells PS.
At early stages, shortness of breath occurs with moderate physical activity but as it worsens, it takes less and less physical activity to cause shortness of breath.

In patients with lung scarring (see Lung Involvement), the capillaries can be damaged (lavender arrow) which leads to PH. Blood pressure in the lung can be estimated and the size and function of the right ventricle assessed by echocardiography with Doppler.
Many in the research community think of scleroderma as a blood vessel narrowing disease and view the immune system activation and tissue scarring as secondary events. This measures how far one can walk and what happens to blood oxygen levels during exertion. The most significant symptoms would be cough, reduced tolerance for exercises and shortage of breadth. The distinctive problem in scleroderma is narrowing of the small lung arteries (blue arrow).
In some people the disease gets worse quickly (over months to a few years), but other people have little worsening of the disease over time. The condition is believed to result from an inflammatory response to an unknown substance. However, Doppler echocardiograms are notoriously inaccurate when the pulmonary hypertension is mild or when there is simultaneous presence of lung scarring. Those who are cigarette smokers prone to have this disease and can be prevented if the decide not to smoke or quit smoking.
A small protein released by stretched heart muscle (BNP-brain natriuretic peptide) can be measured by a simple blood test. But idiopathic fibrosis cannot be prevented as it turns fatal and causes could not be diagnosed and there is no effective therapy for that.
Hyperbaric hypoxia in combination with immobility and dehydration may explain air travellers increased risk of thrombosis. At some point, not enough blood flows to the lungs to pick up oxygen and symptoms begin. At this point, heart failure that involves the right side of the heart is present.
Your doctor will ask whether you have been exposed to asbestos and if you have been a smoker. Patients with idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis have abnormal breath sounds called crackles.
The presence of Westermarks sign, a darker area representing reduced perfusion, is suggestive of PE. AnticoagulationStable and less seriously ill patients may be administered subcutaneous low molecular weight heparin as per weight. It is important to treat medical disorders that cause pulmonary hypertension, such as obstructive sleep apnea, lung conditions, and heart valve disorders. Many new treatment options for idiopathic pulmonary arterial hypertension (IPAH) and other forms of pulmonary aterial hypertension are becoming available. You will be closely monitored during treatment to watch for side effects and to see how well you're responding to the medication.

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