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The lymph nodes, known as lymphatic glands, have an essential role in the bodya€™s capacity to fight off bacteria, viruses and other reasons for illnesses. Lymph nodes that are swollen can become inflamed with a problem which is referred to as lymphadenitis.
Lymph nodes that are swollen are a sign or symptom that there is a problem someplace in the body. Common swelling of lymphatic nodes thru out the body a€“ indicating an infection such as mononucleosis, or HIV, or an immune disorder such as rheumatoid arthritis or lupus. Limbs that are swollen, which often indicate lymphatic system blockages may cause swelling in a lymphatic node, too far under the skin to feel. A lymphatic node is a round, small, sometimes bean-shaped collection of cells which are enclosed by a case of connective tissue. The lymphatic nodes are positioned in groupings, and each grouping drains a definite area of the body. The common reason for swollen lymphatic nodes is infection, specifically a viral infection, for instance the common cold. Other likely, but very rare reasons include certain drugs, for instance the anti-seizure drug phenytoin know at Dilantin, and protective medications against malaria.
Infection of the blood system or bacteremia – this is sepsis which is caused by an overwhelming infection of the blood system. Lymphatic nodes which are swollen due to viruses often return to normal after the viral infection gets better. A common treatment for lymphatic nodes that are swollen that is caused by a bacterial infection is antibiotics.

If the swollen glands are because of problems such as rheumatoid arthritis or lupus, treatment is directed to the underlying condition.
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The second morning Rich awoke with just a bit of swelling, black and blue bruises along base of his foot on the outside but little or no pain. In addition to swollen gums your teeth will decalcify (get white or yellow spots) around your brackets or worse yet cavities, if you don't keep them clean. Many more medications cause dry mouth, if you take prescription medications, monitoring for side effects is important.
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For cases that are more severe, treatment of swollen nodes involved the diagnosis and treatment of the underlying cause.

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