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Abdominal bloating is an inconvenience for many as it causes your stomach to look bigger and it is accompanied by physical discomfort. However, more often the cause will be less severe and the remedies will include something as simple as reducing the amount of fizzy drinks you consume.
This could be the cause if you notice that you often experience flatulence without any other symptoms.
The above foods are very nutritious, high in fibre and part of a balanced diet, which should only be limited to a certain extent.
Some of the causes of constipation include low-fibre diet, not enough fluids and too little exercise.
Certain food allergies and lactose intolerance could be the reason for excess gas and stomach bloating when you are not emptying your bowel properly, too much gas is produced or if the food causes trapped gas.
Keeping a food diary of what you eat and when you experience bloating will give you an idea of whether there is any correlation. Not chewing your food properly and eating too fast will cause you to swallow too much air, which will contribute to bloating. Numerous women complain about bloating during their menstrual cycle, which is normally down to hormonal changes happening in their bodies, namely the increased level of progesterone. In order to alleviate the bloating and balance out your hormones, you should reduce the consumption of tea, coffee, alcohol, cut out refined sugar, avoid soya and increase your intake of dark green vegetables and complex carbohydrates. If the bloating occurs frequently and you also experience other symptoms such as diarrhoea, constipation or pain, you may be suffering from Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). Increasing your intake of probiotic yoghurt and peppermint tea, and eliminating fatty and high-fibre foods will ease the bloating to a large extent.
Your bloating may be due to coeliac disease if you often feel tired, gain weight, lose weight despite a large appetite, or get diarrhoea, constipation or abdominal pain. Reducing the intake of foods such as pasta, bread or any other products containing gluten will alleviate the symptoms of the disease and will decrease the bloating considerably. Herbal medicine is also known to have a calming effect, which may relieve your digestive problems and help you sleep.
Lack of physical activity can encourage your body to absorb gas, slow down digestion and cause constipation. However, even a 10-minute walk will have a great impact on your digestion and gas, not to mention numerous other health benefits associated with it.
If you are experiencing any signs of bloating, it is important to check with your doctor that there is no underlying medical cause. Sign up for our newsletter, Get the latest tips on fitness, workout, style, dating and a lot more!
Bloat is kind of what it sounds like- the stomach fills with gas caused by food that has absorbed moisture and expanded. Once a vet has identified a case of bloat (usually it is obvious or will be quickly determined by x-rays), treatment begins immediately: fluids will be given and the dog will be treated for shock, attempts to decompress the stomach are made, and surgery is often required. The single most important thing we did not know before this event: gastropexy can be done as a preventive procedure for high risk dogs.
I am so sorry for your loss, but I am grateful that you posted this information, albeit too late for me. My Japanese Akita died of bloat, She had been running around being her normal self then her stomach swelled up + 2 hrs later she died. My apologies, in my telling my story I forgot to say that I’m sorry for the loss of everyone that has had to go through this. His mate Darla, had 13 puppies in March and we had sold all but one the night before he died. My dog had terrible symptoms last night around 6 but he always had a weak stomach so I thought he was just a little sick.
Thank you to everyone who’s shared their story about losing their beloved dog to bloat.
Our daughter’s dog was fine, then she gulped her food, a little later threw up, got bloated, started having a hard time breathing and then died in her arms. I cannot believe I lost my precious Dewey, my sweet black lab little girl of 11 years so suddenly yesterday of this terible disease.
I’m absolutely DEVASTATED about this condition, and to all who have posted previously, my sincere heartfelt condolences and prayers for you to remember all the amazing times you had with your precious one. There is no hard evidence as why bloat happens … research has been done but the question remains unanswered. Woke up and he was on his side, dead, lots of white foam around his mouth and severely bloated. Thank you to all who have written, it has made what happened last night just a little bit easier. 1 month ago I lost my 12 year old English Bulldog Diesel to what I now know was due to bloat. Around 2:30am we were laying on the couch together- he had arthritis in his back legs so I always carried him up the stairs to bed with us. When I picked him up he seemed like he just wanted to stay on couch but I picked him up and put him down in my bed. Since it was late I listened for him to yelp for me to come get him and I heard nothing an I fell asleep. I wish I had done something- the guilt is terrible thinking he suffered and I could have helped him. Our hearts are broken and we will miss Jazz, but like you said no one said anything to us, and I never heard of it before. I don’t think anyone could have did anything for her even if we got there with in minutes of it starting. These animals get right into your heart and the love we given them is greater then the love they give us in the end.
Now when I see animal just like a child, if I think it is being abused, I call for help for it. I HAVE HAD A VERY HARD TIME READING ALL OF THE STORY’S OF ALL THAT HAVE LOST THERE DOGS TO BLOAT!
It is common knowledge (at least I thought) that if you play with or walk your dog straight after its been fed then you risk the stomach twisting over, but I had never heard of it just happening simply due to gas?
The condition causes severe unpleasant symptoms and thus you need to look into the matter immediately. If you experience these symptoms then you need to give yourself a break from eating processed and cooked foods till you are completely free of the discomfort.
Foods that are high in fiber, hard candy, peaches, foods that are hard to chew, lettuce, apples, cabbage, beans, broccoli and sodas are common foods that cause this condition.
In order to cure the condition and prevent further attacks you also need to make sure that you eat your food slowly and chew it well.
So when you are trying to control a bloated stomach remember to reduce the amount of fiber and follow a green diet until you are cured.
Bloating is not associated with weight gain but with sudden, temporary abdominal distension affecting men and women alike.It may sometimes be caused by an underlying medical condition, such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome.
Although it is a temporary condition, you may want to look at ways of beating it, which depending on the cause should be very easy. Whilst it is normal to produce gas on a daily basis, it is possible to reduce it considerably.
This, in turn, will cause stomach bloating, which can easily be avoided by increasing the amount of fibre in your meals, drinking plenty of fluids (at least 6-8 glasses of water per day) and daily physical activity such as walking your dog for 30 minutes per day. However, before you eliminate any ingredients, such as wheat, gluten or dairy from your diet, it is important to consult your doctor so he can confirm the condition.
If your doctor confirms that you are suffering from allergies or lactose intolerance, it may be possible to replace the food in question with other products, or to simply limit the amount you consume.
As we eat, we swallow the same amount of air as food and so eating quickly will increase that amount even further. Similarly, chewing gum will cause you to swallow more air, which should be avoided by limiting it even if it is a habit difficult to eliminate.
Whilst it is difficult to control the hormonal fluctuations, it is possible to reduce the bloating by adding more fibre to your diet.

Also, even though this may be the last thing you feel like doing in that moment, exercising will flush out any excess fluids, which can contribute to menstrual bloating.
However, seeing your doctor is advisable as IBS is a condition, which can interfere with your daily life. Although it may be hard to avoid all products with gluten, untreated coeliac disease is likely to lead to further complications, such as anaemia, lactose intolerance and pancreatic insufficiency. This is even more common in IBS sufferers but it can also occur in those with no other IBS-related symptoms. You should also increase your consumption of wholegrain options in order to directly reduce the bloating. This can be easily changed with limited exercise for 30 minutes five times a week, which will improve your frame of mind and will allow gas to pass through the digestive tract more quickly. Exercise will also reduce the amount of water retention absorbed by your body and will flush out any salt.
It should not be used as a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.
Eli was bloating; as people with large breed dogs know, bloat is a serious medical concern and the number one killer of large breeds.
The earliest and most obvious sign is the last- if a dog is clearly nauseous and attempting to vomit, but cannot, one should then assume the dog is bloating. This surgery is officially called gastropexy- it involves untwisting the stomach and tacking (attaching) it to the abdominal wall to prevent a future episode of torsion. So while this is a scary and pretty depressing (at least for us) topic, we wanted to present it here. The vet operated, but because the stomach flipped it tore away from the spleen which caused a bleed. The little girl puppy none seemed to take to, who is so much like him, is lightening our loss and pain. My wife and 2 kids ages 2 & 4 did not notice he was not breathing and hurried to get ready for work and daycare at 7am. We noticed after coming home from a 5 day trip that diesel smelled funny, i knew about bloat and the preventitive measures but did not know that a bad smell was a symptom. I HAVE A STORY TO TELL ABOUT MY 12 YEAR OLD CHOW SHEPHERD MIX (NIKKI) THAT GOT THE BLOAT LAST SUNDAY MORNING AND I SAID GO HEAD AND DO THE SURGERY AND SHE IS LAYING HERE NEXT TO ME IN BED AND DOING VERY WELL THANK GOD. The worst part is that the food that you eat and your daily activities will lead to the condition. Some of the symptoms that you will experience when you suffer from a bloated stomach include flatulence, belching, gas and stomach cramps. A green diet that contains citrus fruits and melons along with juices that are low in fiber will help to calm your stomach. You also need to avoid chewing gum as the air that you ingest during the activity can promote the flatulence and the bloating further.
When you eat quickly you swallow huge air pockets and this leads to the bloating in your abdomen area.
Do not exert or exercise during this time as it may add to your discomfort and cause nausea. Certain foods are known to cause wind and bloating and cutting down on them is one way of tackling this issue. Other factors causing you to swallow air are chewing gum, talking during a meal, eating whilst standing or walking, chewing with your mouth open and drinking fizzy drinks. In order to keep your hormones in balance, certain foods and a specific lifestyle are required. The effects are more severe for IBS sufferers than with common bloating, as it normally occurs in the evening and it can increase your abdominal size considerably, thus interfering with your social life.
It is advisable that if you experience symptoms such as bloating and any IBS-related symptoms, you should have your blood tested for coeliac disease. After the exercise make sure you consume a meal which is high in protein as this will further eliminate the trapped air and minimise the swelling. Once that has happened, the stomach is cut off from the rest of the digestive system, and bloat can no longer be resolved by vomiting or any release of gas. Visible bloating often follows- Eli’s abdomen, which was usually quite fit and lean, looked and felt like there was a basketball in his stomach. Note that while that procedure will not prevent bloat altogether, it will prevent the dangerous escalation from a bloated stomach to a contorted one. The reason I am posting here is because this is so often associated with only large breed dogs.
I have a lot of wonderful memories of Jada and that’s something that can never be erased. It all started early Wednesday morning (around 2am) when we heard her moaning and saw her dry heaving.
We recognized he wasn’t doing well and called the vet for advice, she just told us to limit his water and withhold his food, she said she was concerned about bloating, but never told us it could kill him. We arrived home at about midnight after being gone all day only to find our little Rex dead on the back pourch.
The day before was like any other day; she ate, drank, went for her walk, and did her duty like always. Then, I called for her because she disappeared for a few minutes and she came to me as if she felt very sick. About a half hour later he got out of bed and wretched, I thought he threw up which he did quite regularly.
When you suffer from this condition your abdomen swells up and you suffer from acute pain in the stomach. It is also possible to reduce bloating by consuming foods, which have the opposite effect to the ones named above. Every meal you eat should last at least 30 minutes, which could also make you enjoy your food more. If you find it difficult to stop chewing gum, avoid the sugar-free options, as these contain ingredients which may cause further bloating. As the gut is more sensitive in IBS sufferers, this can cause side effects associated with the syndrome, such as bloating. Your doctor will be able to prescribe medication, which will ease the symptoms even further.
If you notice that your stomach is normally more bloated during a more stressful period, it is advisable to practice relaxation techniques, such as meditation or yoga, which amongst other various benefits will encourage a mental calm, or using calming breathing techniques in order to boost oxygen to your brain and regulate your breathing patterns. However, it was too late: the majority of his stomach was dead due to lack of lack of blood flow, and chance of recovery from that is so low that we opted to (more humanely) euthanize him.
More importantly, the stomach is cut off from blood supply and oxygen, which quickly leads to necrotic tissue (how much of the tissue dies is dependent on how quickly the dog is treated). He was suffering and we loved him so…we chose to let him go rather than opening him again. She seemed fine one moment, a few hours later she was panting heavily, restless and stomach seemed swollen. Charlie is a healthy 2 yr old standard poodle.The night of his surgery we gave him table scraps and then he picked at his own food.
I have been around animals my entire life as I grew up on a farm and still had never heard of this. I went to her and I usually give her a belly rub and to my surprise, her abdomen was hard as a blown up balloon and Bella cried again.
We waited all night for her office to open at 10 the next morning, and when we got there, she gave him almost no chance, it was too late. He had blood coming from his nose and foam around his mouth, his stomach was very firm and fat.
At 1 am this morning however, Ozzie seemed extremely thirsty, so we gave him water – and he had a few bulldog gulps from his waterbowl. And I agree – people should be made aware of this condition and as a standard rule – vets should tell their clients of any risks attached to excessive eating or drinking!?

She was vomiting up foam, very restless, wanting to hide, and the left side of her belly was blowing up in front of my eyes. There was no vomit though (I learned the next day) and then he went downstairs on his own- which he has done also in the past- we called him a poop bandit as he would always poop in our dining room (he did poop that night- knowing he did it fighting for his life makes it that much harder to imagine what he went through). I can even recall an occasion when he wretched and fell over on his side and scared me to death but I went over and picked him up and he was fine.
Early this morning, i noticed his abdomen was quite hard when i was stroking him, i ignore this.
He sleeps in our room with us.This morning he was not feeling well he went out side and tried to throw up but only foam came out he went under the deck which he never does and was not acting normal when he came out from under the deck we noticed that his stomach was bloated and he appeared to be in pain. I DID KNOW THE SINGS OF BLOAT AND THANK GOD MY VET IS OPEN ON SUNDAY WHEN THEY CAME IN AFTER THE XRAY AND SAID SHE HAS BLOAT AND WE HAVE TO DO SURGERY RIGHT NOW!! Reducing carbonated drinks will also have a great impact as the fizz contained in them causes gas to be trapped in your stomach. She gained weight played ran around the house 100 mph I mean she lit my life,she was spoiled by me and deserved every bit of it. I called the emergency vet and explained what was happening and they told me to bring her in immediately.
The night before I fell down our garage steps and spent most of the night at the emergancy room. I called my Vet right away and they told me not to bring her in, but to take her to the Emergency Animal Hospital immediately plus adding that this is life threatening.
My wife was more concerned and took her to the vet at around 10am (I left work to meet her there).
I find it amaxing that I have had dogs all my life and no one ever thought to mention this.
I cannot bear to think he was suffering and I wasn’t there – we loved him so much! Afterwards he made choking sounds and tried to vomit (although nothing was coming out of his mouth). He must have been sick for at least 3 hours before I noticed his stomach was hard and he began panting heavily. She played out side, which her original owner chained her up in a basement on a leaky pipe, so everytime it rained she got scared and cried. I SAID GO HEAD DO IT THEY SAID WELL ITS GOING TO BE 21 HUNDRED I SAID I DONT CARE HOW MUCH IT IS JUST DO IT. I feel so stupid so please if you see these things going on please get your baby to the vet asap.
In addition to this eating fruits and vegetables in large portions, beans and drinking aerated beverages can cause this condition. Also, sugar contained in carbonated drinks may not digest properly and so it is better to reduce or eliminate them from your diet. It was hard to let go.He had sugery earlier in the day on his eye for glaucoma and it would have been more trauma.
I drove her there in 6 minutes called the vet to meet me in the parking lot to help me bring her in, and she was already gone. I immediately drove Bella to the hospital and they were waiting for my arrival due to a call from my Vet and within a half hour, Bella was in emergency surgery. The vet diagnosed her and told us she had little time to live and immediate surgery was needed at a cost of between $3k and $5k with a 50% chance of survival after surgery. I have been researching and found some preventative measures you can take, other than the surgury and water that others mentioned. If I was careful and gave him a little water at a time he was okay and when he got sick we gave him pepto. Like if you were to crawl around on your bruised knees, then accidently sit on your bruises, and stand up. I thought that he was constipated so I took him for a walk and he began walking funny almost as if his back legs were semi paralized. I was lucky and Bella even luckier as the surgery was a success and she is home with me now.
Given the $ and chance of survival, we decided to say goodbye to her and have the vet put her to sleepa€¦ An hour later, one of the other vets at the practice called to say she would perform the surgery for free from money gained through a fund raiser. I will do my best to educate anyone I know with a large dog, so this never happens to anyone else.
I rushed him to my vet and was told he only had a 50% chance of living and his blood supply has been cut off.
Check the food you use — they are at a higher risk if the first or second ingredient is fat. We realized she had ripped the sensor from the garage door and chewed it to the point of breaking her teeth! We live with holes in our hearts, but watching him become a possible 8-year-old canine invalid was not something we could have considered. We had our Munty at the vet about a week prior to concerns about him bring up white fluid and swelling in the face and ankles.
We saw Ruby the day after the surgery (Thursday) and she was in great spirits; we even walked her and she stood up and put her paws on my wife. The drive was 45 minutes and I kept checking in the rear view mirror and trying to touch her and telling her how much I loved her. If I had known about this, he would have had his stomach stapled when he was first rescued. But they thought it was an infection and sent us home with meds.Since this time I have been researching everything about Bloat. I ended up taking him to a 24 hr clinic and 1.5hrs later which made me wait for an additional hour. Only the stomach for 30 mins, then it looked like she had a stoke, that is when I got her into the car and as we got her in the car she had a seizer, then 10 mins later she was dead. I hope that this website can help someone to recognize the signs so they will be able to react before the worse happens. Her stomach turned 90 degrees and her spleen was moved, but because this was corrected right away, there was no damage to any organs.
She seemed to calm down just before we arrived, but then about 100 yards before we got there I did not see her breathing.
We may have been able to save our beloved Diesel if some had explained all of the sypmtons. They diagnosis him and gave me a quote of $700-900 to pass a tube down and $2000 for the surgery. I found this site because I wanted to know more about this condition, unfortunately I found it too late.
We just thought she was in pain from the surgery; and we gave her the perscribed medication for the pain.
I cannot believe this, I am a nurse and my husband is a doctor, we had no idea a gastric problem can make a dog die suddenly. It not a way to watch your best friend suffer and great chance of dying because it happens so fast.
They sent me to another clinic 40 miles away that would do the tube passing for 600 and the surgery for 1200. I ultimately decided that due to the prognosis and my full time schedule I would not be able to monitor the recover and his diet properly so I made the decision to have him euthanize.
We had come in with our beautiful dog, cooperating to the fullest, even though she must have been in terrible pain, and now we were alone, walking to the car in tears.

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