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Whenever your boyfriend is jealous, it can be quite difficult to understand him and his behavior. Sometimes, man find him threatened if he discover his girlfriend is conversing with a guy who look more appealing than him.
For instance, in case your boyfriend is sitting around your blog site or Facebook, surprise him by expressing how good looking you think your boyfriend is or write something sweet about him. It may be a confusing for you if your boyfriend is jealous of all the male friends you have, specially if you dont think they are attractive or very good looking.
Also, be aware of your male friend are good looking guys, your boyfriend could easily get extra jelous. The best way to deal with this is to bring your boyfriend with you once in a while and help him to make friends with your female friends.
It does not make things easier when jealousy show up in different shapes and breaks out for various reasons.
Also, if your boyfriend haven’t seen this person before he will become a lot more jealous.

The reason for this could be you boyfriend thinks you spend more time with your female friends than with him and you like more to be stay with them than you like to stay with him. If he sees that your female friends are nice and you want to bring him with you, he wont be threatened as much. Maybe you have no idea how to deal with your boyfriends jealousy and you still love him, take a look down the page some of the most typical scenarios which could make your boyfriend jealous and what you can do about it. If you are showing any emotional closeness to you male friends in front of him, that can be enough to make him go crazy. Even better, if your female friends have boyfriends too, ask them to bring their boyfriends as weel, and encourage your boyfriend to make friendship with them. Ask him to seek professional assistance, or learn to get over it, because he is the only one who can help himself.
Your boyfriend can wind up being jealous of a gay you’re talking to or possibly interested in, or perhaps an actor you particularly like. Because your boyfriend is watching your every move on Facebook, he will definitely see your writings.

Next time you go out with your friends, your boyfriend can have guys to hang out with, and these guys know exactly how he feels.
Maybe he is depressed because of his live in not going to the direction as i wish it would go, maybe there are some unresolved problems with his family or parents. If he accept your suggestions, he is mature enough to be in a relationship, but if he dont listen to you and think you are just talking bullshit, then you should consider to look for another guy. Your communication with your male friends may seem innocent to you, but if your boyfriend does not like it, I recomment you put some limits on how you communicate with your male friends.

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