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Once inside, enter the root cellar using the trap door in the floor in the back right of the cabin. Head into the metal house that is just West to the giant tower that dominates the location. Talk to Moira and she will give you a very interesting melee weapon, called repellent stick.
Make sure that you're using the repellent stick (mace) to kill them, because otherwise you won't score any points for the kills. In order to do that you must travel to a location which you may have visited before - Anchorage War Memorial.
Press the action key and choose the second option from the list (screen) in order to plant a small device amongst the eggs. There are a few trees and a pair of eyes (likely those of the hunter) in a bush next to the Radstag. Hardened RPG players will largely be fine, but those who’re coming to this sort of thing fairly fresh? You'll also find out that if you want to achieve the best result for her, you will have to use this weapon to kill at least ten molerats. In order to get to a new area of the sewer safely you should consider hacking into a security terminal (screen). Once again, if you're not in a mood and you don't want to follow Moira's instructions, you can answer to some of her questions, but only if you've spent enough points on medicine.
Well, I thought they might want help.Hence this guide, offering some very simple tips for starting off. Moira will also say that the best area to find a lot of molerats is a Tepid Sewer, however this isn't a requirement. Remember that you won't be allowed to attack any of the mirelurks if you want to receive a reward for an optional challenge. You can explore other sewers or spend some time around Megaton and you'll probably encounter enough molerats to get the job done. I wouldn't recommend reprogramming them, because you want all the remaining molerats to be still alive.

Thankfully, these monsters aren't too quick and you can always use a Stealth Boy to move in the shadows. Obviously you must avoid getting too close to the mirelurks, because their attacks can be quite deadly.
You shouldn't have any major problems finding seven remaining molerats, however you will encounter raiders as well.
You will receive rewards for this assignment, as well as for the completion of the second chapter of the guide. Moira will give you a few Stealth-Boy units, some ammunition and a shady hat (bonuses to sneaking and perception).
Leadership is useful both for giving general aiming bonuses to nearby allies, and for preventing your non-created allies from doing whatever they want instead of following your orders, so having someone with a point in that isn’t a bad idea. Don't forget to check their rooms, including braking into safes, because you'll get your hands on a lot of useful items, including ammunition and a Stealth Boy. You should also know that even though she took the repellent stick, you'll be allowed to buy that weapon from her. She’s got a solid array of skills and is a vastly higher level than you, and will stick around for a rather long time. Whopping up Coordination helps out with this a lot, particularly on a character focusing on ranged weapons, and it’s not a bad idea to give someone else high Strength and use them as a pack-mule. Pistols, sub-machine guns, and shotguns are all fairly close-range; shotguns do damage in a cone, while pistols require very few action points to effectively use, and sub-machine guns dish out a lot of damage but chew through your ammo.
It’s not much, but it adds up, and this is an incredibly common source of loot, so take the damn shovel. Then read on.Feeling low in HighpoolIf you do opt for Highpool, then there are a couple of things likely to stump you.
First: do I really have to go along that arduous journey to the crane, and then raise that up, and then walk into the town every time I want to go there or leave? Second: how the bloody hell do I get the mayoral election going?Both of these are tied together, because getting Kate Preston elected opens up a much faster path to and from the town itself.
In the town hall building at the very far end of Highpool, you’ll find both a trader and a doctor.

The quartermaster will trade “weapon makings” (read: broken weapon parts, acquired by chance on stripping down armaments with Weaponsmithing) and these are a very, very easy way to make money. This is generally more cost-effective (and carry weight-effective) than selling the weapon itself, particularly considering the number of poorly-equipped raiders you’ll fight. They all go for the same price.Other items to keep an eye out for are painkillers (for the doctor) and, uh, shit (for the explosives guy).
Walking through them results in everyone in your party taking damage (2x the radiation level of the area every couple of steps, from what I can tell) and this is obviously a Bad Thing.The way to survive this is to find yourself some radiation suits. Getting some half-decent suits is actually one of the major early quests, so I’m not going to tell you how to do that, but if you fancy doing some early exploring you can likely buy a cheap one from the Citadel quartermaster or the shop outside the Citadel.
The better the quality of suit, the higher the level of radiation you can stroll through without taking damage, and do note that you only need one suit for the entire party.
They’re listed as a quest item and they have no right-click options, so I assumed my party automatically got the benefit. The first is that you will find loads of the bloody things dotted around, from antivenom to suture kits. Maybe make them set off a few traps, or go for a stroll through a minefield, and then call back to base to get your promotion and your free health refill.
There is absolutely nothing stopping you from hoarding your points until you actually need them, so take advantage of it.DIRECTLY SUPPORT US Become a PC Invasion Supporter Support PC Invasion by becoming a supporter.
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The is very well written and very useful tips for those who are new to Wasteland type of game. Foes not dropping ammo was pretty bad though.One question: is animal whisperer skill a must or it can be skipped with no worries?

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