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Ukoliko zelite komentirati kao registrirani korisnik trebate biti ulogirani na naslovnici Bloger.hr-a. Lots of bugs were fixed and many new features were added since the Pro version, such as dynamic multiboard, new items and abilities, adjustable game time. Hades has led a rebellion against the other gods and created the Black Road that runs from the mouth of Hell all the way to the gates of Athens, and demonic horrors have been set loose to ravage Greece. In an effort to retake the world of mortals from the Olympians, the ancient Titans have sent their avatars to stake their own claim in the conflict. Use your skills and many Items, spells, weapons, upgrades, auras, summons, abilities, wells and Special creeps to influence the game after your advantage.

The warriors of Athens grimly dig in to await the coming of the dark tides of war, but turmoil is brewing on all sides.
Some nations built underground tunnels to save themselves, while others sent ships to Mars to build a new world and save the entire human population. Beneath the shadow of this darkest evil, twilight seems to have fallen upon the fathers of the West Yet hope remains. A dawn of war also heralds a dawn of Heroes, and mighty champions have arisen in Greece to stand against the seas of evil that flow from the mouth of Hell along the Black Road. In colony X-34i virus appeared again, we already lost two squads of highly trained men, so we are sending in a third squad, you are a soldier of Delta Squad and you need to rescue your fellow marines and find a way to neutralize the virus.

As a player in The Black Road, you assume the role of one of these heroes to bring salvation to ancient Greece and--ultimately--to all of the West. Casual Tasty Planet Casual CartolaFC Sports Games Happy Chick Emulator(cracked) Arcade Midtown madness Racing Bookmark 7 Island Survival 1.3 Top Downloads Genre Charts Trends 1.
Casual Tasty Planet Casual CartolaFC Sports Games Happy Chick Emulator(cracked) Arcade Midtown madness Racing Bookmark Survival 1.357 Top Downloads Genre Charts Trends 1.

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