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JOHANNESBURG, CAMBRIDGESHIRE - MAY 15: Viagra drugs made by Pfizer are displayed in a Pharmacy on May 15, 2014 in Johannesburg, South Africa.
The topical cream successfully delivered sildenafil through the skin and into local penis tissue, and was systematically absorbed into the blood stream, although at reduced levels compared to the oral sildenafil present in Viagra – a drug introduced to the public in 1998. The Phase 1 trial for the investigational drug was designed to assess the “safety, tolerability and pharmacokinetics of SST-6006” in healthy men who applied the cream directly to the entire penis. Most side effects are a result of the enzyme that stimulates blood flow throughout the body, and directly to the penis.
The SST topical cream reduces the amount of the drug still in user’s bloodstream, with the directly applied means leaving behind 20 times less than oral Viagra pill.

However, SST concedes that this Phase I test only indicates that the medicine was able to transfer through the skin, but did not indicate how much of it got through effectively. Eighteen million are estimated to suffer from ED, but only 16 percent are thought to ever receive treatment for it due to possible embarrassment or other issues in seeking their prescription for Viagra. Sin duda para nosotros una posibilidad de lujo para patinar y sentirnos como en otras grandes ciudades europeas. Durante los meses de julio, septiembre, octubre y noviembre, madridpatina te invita a hacer un turismo activo sobre ruedas, una actividad en la que se unen las bases de nuestra asociación, el ocio, el deporte, el turismo y el transporte. The proposed takeover by American pharmaceutical giant Pfizer of its British rival AstraZeneca has led to the UK Business Secretary Vince Cable addressing Parliament to affirm the government's commitment to securing British science jobs.

The researchers believe that the SST cream minimizes the side effects of the popular oral blue-pill, Viagra – specifically upset stomach, nausea, facial flushing and headaches. Even prior to Viagra’s release, researchers in 1996 tested three different drugs to widen blood vessels through topical creams.

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