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SEGA announced that they were going to publish a spin-off of Total War for consoles, the game would be titled Spartan: Total Warrior. The title had you playing a lead character who was a total badass, ran around shirtless taking down hordes of enemies, having huge amount of enemies on screen and tons of ways to destroy them.
SEGA promoted the game by releasing online trailers, each one looking more epic than the last.
First of all, this game ran like hundreds of enemies on screen, you actually went in there and fought big wars. The game has you complete missions, which can involve some platforming, stealth or just running in there and killing a ton of enemies. Even though I loved playing the game and had fun, I could see what was wrong with the title. Yeah, I absolutely loved Viking, I never would have seen myself enjoying it as much as I did, I even got all of the achievements. The title was rushed and content was cut because SEGA realized it would be going up against Grand Theft Auto IV, so months were cut off, but certainly for the best – Sales wise.
The Creative Assembly was planning on this to be the launch of a major series for them, but they decided to go with whatever they are making now instead, which is heavily co-op based, apparently. That said, improvment could have been made all round, more varied landscapes, weapons, enemies and battles would have been cool.

Also it would have been awesome if the enemy would try to take back, siege and advance on your settlments bringing the battles to you! Ce deguisement de viking femme vous transportera dans des contrees nordiques enneigees et magnifiques. Desktop users: right click on the image and choose "save image as" or "set as desktop background". Usually the goal is to build up your army by rescuing viking comrades from Hel’s demonic creatures.
I wish the game would have let you give them armor you make by doing side missions or exploring the open world. I am in no way knocking RPGs and other like-minded games, but this gen is just flooded with them. It might just be my love of everything Norse in the Viking age, but this game was one of the best 5$ I’ve ever spent. Imaginez vous en plein milieu de la Scandinavie avec votre tribu de guerrier en train de naviguer sur un drakkar a la recherche de nouvelles a conquerir. This time instead of using Greek Mythology, the team switched it up to Norse Mythology; which is pretty obvious with a Viking on the cover. Well the conflict affects the human world and you (Skarin) become the champion of Freya and have to help her destroy Hel.

All that happens after you rescue themĀ  is that they join you and stand around camps acting like douche bags. Les vikings, ce peuple de conquete, souvent considere comme sauvage ont notamment decouvert le Groenland. I think some parts of Spartan where indeed better, but Viking turned bigger and better thanks to new hardware.
Usually open world games have stuff to explore, this had a few platforming areas to get extras, but nothing too interesting.
At first they did some Rugby titles for EA, but their big console break came with SEGA in 2005. Most people compared the game to the God of War franchise, due to its mythological roots, but when the game came out it was more than just a God of War clone. Rumor is that The Creative Assembly is working on a new console game, and I hope this next console game is the another game in this series, because I don’t want Stormrise 2. Enfin, un casque a cornes de betes fera de vous le chef de ces vikings sur lesquels vous allez regner….mais quels vikings serai vous ?

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