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Step 4: Adding Coffee grounds directly to the soilAlthough composting is used greatly to recycle coffee grounds, adding them directly to the soil is another way to use them. Step 6: Mulching with coffeeA mulch is a layer of material applied to the surface of an area of soil.
Step 8: other uses for coffee groundsHere are some other uses besides garden uses for recycling your coffee grounds.
Step 11: ConclusionI hope this tutorial will inspire you to help the environment as well as your garden by recycling your coffee grounds. The Sudbury Catholic District School Board supports, promotes and practices programs for students and staff that foster stewardship of the earth and the wise use of resources.
In an ongoing effort to make our schools more energy efficient, Sudbury Catholic Schools have begun integrating Smart metering systems engineered by leading power technology companies Triacta and CARMA Industries. The Killarney-Shebanoning Outdoor Environmental Education CentreĀ  offers diverse programming to students across the province of Ontario and to the general public. The long term vision of the centre is to create a Northern Regional Centre of Energy where the latest in Green energy technology is piloted with the goal of creating a culture of environmental student ambassadors. In keeping with our strategic commitments to live a culture of respectful relationships and to live a culture of stewardship in the use of resources, Sudbury Catholic Schools are committed to creating and maintaining a clean and safe environment for students, staff and visitors.
Sudbury Catholic Schools help to plant the seed of responsible citizenship in the students that are entrusted to us.

When coffee grounds and other food wastes are sent to landfill, they decompose to produce methane. Narozanskiā€™s grade 7 students used Earth Day to study population growth and decay in grade 7.
Current focus includes real time and historical monitoring of energy consumption, energy conservation projects, outdoor and environmental education and recognition of school and student green initiatives.
Programming includes ecological and environmental studies, healthy living, child and youth stewardship, values of faith, community studies and aboriginal teachings and art programs.
The Green Clean program defines environmentally conscious and low impact cleaning processes and reduces the exposure of all building occupants to potentially hazardous chemical contaminants which adversely affect indoor air quality.
The Catholic School Graduate is expected to be a responsible citizen who respects the environment, uses resources wisely and contributes to the common good.
However, vermicomposting or composting with worms, is becoming more and more popular with serious gardeners all over. It is a very convenient way of composting for apartment dwellers, school staff and students, persons with disabilities, office workers, elderly persons and anyone else who would have difficulty maintaining an outdoor compost pile.
Worm castings are an excellent source of slow-release soil nutrients for your plants or lawn. They also act as an excellent soil additive that prevents the caking of soil in potted plants.

They are small, under four inches in length, and red, with alternating dark and light brown stripes. You will find them in decomposing leaves and decaying plant waste, manure, and the cooler decomposed parts of a compost pile. However it should be mixed in as part of a balanced diet of cardboard, shredded paper, kitchen scraps, banana peels. These containers are partially filled with bedding material, most commonly peat moss, shredded newspaper, shredded cardboard, straw or a combination of these materials.
I would not recommend using fresh coffee grounds as you could end up killing the plants or have burn damage.
You can edge the plant beds or even potted plant pots with the grounds as well if they dig there.
A coffeehouse in my town keeps a basket by the door to allow patrons to take use grounds for free.

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