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Al Eggen’s automated vermicomposting system transforms food and paper waste by earthworms that munch down organic debris and produce a high quality soil amendment, earthworm castings. After food and paper waste is processed by earthworms, students will use castings for on-site garden use, conduct plant growth experiments and sell as a fund-raiser. Anyway, seeing this clip definitely made me want to do small trials with slices of bread (or something similar) in some of my own systems. The idea of top-feeding with bread definitely seems like more of an intriguing idea, however.
My hunch is that the other critters (likely including isopods in the VB48) will do most of the initial bread-munching, and that the worms will appear for clean up duty a bit later on. I’ve seen the same with springtails and mites but did find tons of worms under the slice of bread.
Makes sense as worms like bacteria, and mold and bacteria are competing for food (the bread). Oneman, I’ve used my compost from my bin exclusively for gardening without adding soil and it works great.
The 1 ft of dark matter (cast)at the bottom from last year is great and i will never have any problem with food scraps as it is all pulped to sludge before it goes in on top. These worms feed on fungi (and other microbes) as well – but you are right about situations where the mold takes over like that. I will keep both bread and cardboard tubes bits in separate containers out side to age ( this is just because i do not have enough to fill two bins in one go) Bread is plenty and i am short of cardboard to fill two bins. I have been trying hand blenders to mix my cardboard and kitchen waste with rain water for about 3 years now as this is the best worm food (blended so that it is small to eat) and have found that most of the hand blenders will not get past the 2 min stage on turbo!!! What i would like to ask of you Bentley is can we have a blog to discuss the best and worst hand blenders?
Hope we can have a new blog to discuss this and rate and review them as industrial mixers are out of the ?????? question. See how 50 pounds of earthworms steadily multiplied over four years to become over 70 acres of earthworms that now convert cardboard paper sludge to worm castings!
This is the premier outdoor California vermicomposting facility that ranks #1 in earthworm and castings production.

His units have been installed at Arnold Air Force Base in Tennessee, Traverse County, MI, Canadian Forces Base in Nova Scotia, various schools, The Medical University of South Carolina, a Psychiatric Hospital, DuPage College in Illinois, Metro Hall in Toronto, and new projects in Scotland. Project Title - Farmer-Participatory Integrated Watershed Management: Adarsha Watershed, Kothapally India. Specifically, there was a bit about them adding slices of white bread on top of their beds as a means of drawing loads of worms up to the surface that had caught her attention.
All I did was place two halves of a hamburger bun, face-down, in each of the same two bins used for the pineapple project (a plastic enclosed Euro bin, and my VB48), then cover them lightly with some bedding. Since then I have been monitoring the situation to see what sorts of critters (if any) are attracted to the bread. I also found that wetting the bread seemed to make it dissappear a lot faster than the dry slice!!! It gets some bread, citris, onions and other no-nos (still avoiding meat, I ain’t crazy) on a regular basis, but still in moderation, and the kids still seem to be doing fine. I now have about 1 ft black soil ( worm cast i hope) and about 6 in leaf litter compressed. As long as it looks dark and you can’t distinguish any food particles in it anymore it should be fine.
The worms eat it too fast to cause any smell the only problem is, I have a outdoor bin and it rains in England, don’t ya know!!!
However my worms don’t care as much for bread as much as they do other things i put in there. I think it will be fun to test out a wide range of materials and see how they compare with one another.
My VB48 is basically an open bin (no lid on it at the moment) – but I think there are a variety of factors at work here.
If it gets to the point where there are fruiting bodies (which I think technically is when a fungi would be called a mold in the first place), the worms definitely don’t seem nearly as interested. It is going to take time to start the bins off as i do not have much in the way of cardboard and lots of old bread.
The progressive outdoor aging process, can only be a bonus and i do expect lots of mold with both bins.

I live near cummings ( great cardboard shredder from other post on here earlier) but it looks like a really old but of kit. There IS of course the potential for some (serious) mold growth – but I guess we’ll have to wait and see!
Interestingly enough, in the VB48, I DID find some worms congregated underneath one of the bun halves the next day – but since then it seems to have become more of a springtail party (along with quite a few white mites in the case of the VB48). Mario Travalini takes you through his operation, showing how feedstocks are spread outdoors, earthworms are harvested and castings are screened in this model facility.
I think that was the biggest surprise for me when I saw it, that they didn’t cover the bins, just left them wide open (although under a roof). I have not disturbed the heap in 2 years now, this being the 3rd.I age the pulp for 2 weeks or more, but find that one of my friends tends to put a lot of bread in. I wouldn’t be surprised if the worms were much more interested in a bin where the habitat was a lot more uniform and where there were far fewer of the other critters (likely the case in a pro vermicomposting bed like the one in the vid. Remember i am starting now with bread and cardboard tubes, in two outdoor bins separate and adding every day as i find bread and cardboard.
It kind of went against all we’ve been taught about worm bins…cover, cover, cover! In my aging box ( green reuse bin from council or rubber maid to others ) i tend to get a lot of white mould after 3 days with the bread mix, but i have never found it a problem. What i want is some compost to use in a large hand built container out the front of my house( think front of your house ) its long! Actually looks like the buns are molding in one of the bins, so I may call it a day for this particular trial (going to try some other breads etc though), and just bury the buns. If you got an allergy to penicillin or certain molds you might want to use extreme caution. Remember it is all pulped and just pours out of my bucket as slop, on top of the leaf mould.

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