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Mangalore, Aug 26: Yenepoya University Environment Cell has developed a ‘Vermicompost Unit’ in the college premises at Deralakatte, as a form of garbage management system and converting waste into compost.
Announcing this at a press conference here on Tuesday, registrar of the university Dr C V Raghuveer said that the vermicompost unit was a solution towards managing the waste generated in the university campus and converting it into rich compost. With a goal to reduce the waste generated in the university campus, Yenepoya University has taken a unique step by starting a vermi-technology programme towards management of waste. He said that the vermicompost unit would be inaugurated at the college campus in Deralakatte on Wednesday. Director of the environment cell Prof K Jayarajan said that earthworms were used vermicomposting, to process organic waste into compost of high quality. Vermicompost, organic manure produced when earth worm feed on biological waste and plant residues. Dear User, Please use the drop downs below to locate your city by first selecting the country and then the state. TerraVesco horticultural grade Vermicompost feeds your soil and plants by introducing diverse beneficial microbes, which are then transformed into plant available nutrients. TerraVesco Vermicompost can be used on all types of crops:  Vegetables, herbs, fruit trees and vines, flowers and container plants, lawns and gardens. RegisteredWe are proud to have our TerraVesco Vermicompost registered as an Organic Input Material by CDFA. Both bins are quite warm and full of worms about 12 cm ( 5 inches) below the surface layer of straw and leaves.
Seventh — Let your worms adjust to their new home for a week or so before feeding them. The aim of the project is to produce vermi-compost and vermiwash from the garbage and use them as bio-fertilisers to enhance plant production in the campus, he said.

Such a unique vermicompost unit has been constructed for the first time in an institution in the coastal region, he said. The vermicompost unit in the university campus is sufficiently large with all facilities necessary for vermicomposting. Being clean, odorless, organic material, it is highly preferred for organic farming and cultivation.
If you still can not find your city in the list, please CLICK HERE to submit a request for inclusion of your city.
This is well known technique for recycling waste food in apartment and composting yard wastes.These are available at the market leading price. Here we have the usual stuff: newspaper, straw, cardboard (can you spot USPS package?), some eggshells, a handful of sand, brown paper, office paper, etc.
Vice Chancellor of Yenepoya University Dr P Chandramohan will preside over the programme, he said. There are six vermi-bins constructed with a capacity of processing garbage load of 750 kg – 1 ton at a time, he said. Organic vermicompost is used as an essential element to enhance the quality and productivity of agricultural fields. As part of our quality assurance program, we test for harmful pathogens, particle size, NPK, moisture, and microbiological activity. One of the bins has been resting since late September, but the other has been taking about 100 liters of waste per week, thanks to a few dedicated Rakowiec residents who happen to eat a lot of whole foods.
Our earthworm vermicompost is extremely famous among our patrons for the precise reason of being safe and hazard free for crop. Non-toxic, eco-friendly, consumes low energy are the few characteristic features which make it suitable for the proper growth of plants.

On the bottom is a double wire mesh — one made of metal (for strength) and one plastic (to make the holes smaller).
Superiority test from the TNAU laboratory serves as a testimony for our quality organic vermicompost.
Pick out the not-yet-composted matter (straw, leaves, uneaten food) and place it in the new worm home. Empowered with a vision of being the foremost runner in this field has earned us recognition to be one among the overriding red vermicompost and earthworm vermicompost suppliers from the country. The design is simply this — all boxes are the same size with two boards on either of the 40 cm sides, which hang over a few centimeters. Now pick the compost off the top of the pile until only a little pile of compost and a bunch of worms remain. This overhanging board means the the boxes can stack on atop another, and serve as legs for the lowermost box. Move on to the next pile and continue until you have one little pile of compost full of worms. They spread the word underground… They are not earthworms but most likely Eisenia Hortensis, or European Nightcrawlers.
The next time I need to harvest the vermicompost, I will put another box (with a screen bottom) on top of this one. What’s great about these guys is that they are free and native — one of our gardeners has been keeping some of these fellows inside since August, and they are doing very well!

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