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As the monitor resolution and internet speed is advancing, it seems like more and more designers use over-sized photo or illustrated image as the website’s background. Summer is here,, and for the Voxus team that means long days, great Pacific Northwest weather, and everyone going on vacation. Make time to meet with your supervisor before he or she leaves the office, and get an updated list of everything that will need to get done while the boss is away. After your supervisor tells the client that he or she will be out of office, follow up with en email or phone call saying that you’ll be the main point of contact during that time and tell the client what you plan to work on.
Plan how much time you think you’ll need for your extra responsibilities, and then add more. If something is beyond your skills to handle or you have too much work to reasonably expect to get done, ask someone else for help.
With so much to see, do, eat and drink, it can't hurt to have a little guidance along the way.
All about Best Bushcraft Survival Skills Made Easy Guide & Tips for Beginners for iPhone.
As summer fast approaches, taking a relaxing trip or family vacation is often just what the doctor ordered.
Slim Solution: If you want a quick and (relatively) painless way to slash calories from your daily diet, opt for low and no calorie drinks like water.
Days spent at the beach or in the bleachers can be some of the best ways to savor the summer -- but they can also lead to diet disasters.
Slim Solution: Instead of the typical high calorie beach and ballpark concession stand fare, opt for easy meals and snacks that will travel well wherever you go. Grilling is one of the healthiest ways to cook foods because it minimizes added fats, and the high-heat brings out the natural flavors of food. Slim Solution: Limit BBQ calories by using the leanest ground beef possible (for example, ground sirloin), skinless turkey breast, or even Portabella mushrooms. Large background image can create the stunning visual effect, especially for high resolution monitors. Vacation season is extra stressful for me because I’m the only person other than the program director on several of my accounts. Make sure he or she forwards any emails, contacts, or material that you’ll need before departure. This will reassure clients that the work will continue as usual and helps build your relationship with them – always a good thing. Take note of how often clients receive a call or email and continue the pattern while your boss is out.
Don’t be too proud to ask – your co-workers will respect you for making sure that the work gets done. Remember that demonstrating that you can handle an account without a supervisor in a productive and professional manner is a great thing to remember when it comes time for your next performance review.
Don't miss our opening celebration show, the Bal de Maison, featuring Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats with Eagle Eye Williamson, the Friday and Saturday Juke Joint shows, and the closing celebration Fais Do Do show, featuring The Revivalists! Volunteering is a great way to earn a 3-Day Pass, meet new friends, get a free festival t-shirt and be a part of the show! An occasional treat is fine, but don't let trips to your favorite ice cream parlor become a daily habit.
Also try ice cream varieties that are "whipped" or "slow-churned" -- they have fewer calories per serving. Corn dogs, fried dough, nachos and cheese, burgers and fries at the ballpark may fill you up, but they'll also add on pounds if they're more than just an occasional indulgence. The downside: A typical BBQ menu of burgers, brats, dogs, and creamy potato salads can pack more than 2,000 calories -- and more than two days' worth of fat. It can also add more life to your site design compared to the traditional tiled background graphic.
You don’t want them to feel as though they can’t ask for something because the normal contact person is on vacation, so make sure they are comfortable talking to you. The client will get nervous if he or she suddenly stops getting regular updates, so make sure that doesn’t happen. Let your other supervisors know that you’re covering for someone – they will understand as long as they know in advance. Friday and Saturday Juke Joint passes allow access to all venues for the night purchase but get there early, all venues are first-come, first served.
All you have to do is fill out the application and choose the shifts and department that you'd like to join.
The mainstream environment also failed a student who is on the autism spectrum and was "found 'walking alone a mile from the school' due to understaffing in [his] classroom and the lack of special safety features at [his] new general education campus".
It identified 13 cities nationwide where it said it can have the biggest impact, including Los Angeles and Oakland.
Shakes and smoothies, energy drinks, sweet iced coffee concoctions topped with whipped cream, and even sweetened iced tea and lemonade can add hundreds of calories a day to your diet -- not to mention calorie-laden alcoholic beverages like frozen daiquiris, pina coladas, and margaritas.
Some of my favorites are tofu lettuce wraps with peanut dipping sauce, sliced apples and pears with almond butter, and flatbread rollups with hummus and veggies. Watch the side dishes when you're outdoor entertaining, too, since mayo-drenched sides like pasta or potato salads can have just as many calories as a burger.
Here is a collection of 80 websites that used large image as the site background (must-see, you won’t be disappointed). Earlier this summer, one of my supervisors was out of the country for a week and completely unreachable by phone or email. Sometimes Telluride can go through all four seasons in one day so it's best to be prepared for anything! The Independent Monitor who oversees the District's compliance with the 20 year old special education consent decree found that general education campuses had "areas designated for '[diaper changing, feeding and health care protocols' [that] 'were located inside classrooms that lacked running water and drainage'; [that] special education classrooms were placed 'over 350 feet' from bathrooms scheduled to be renovated to accommodate disabled children [and] the placement of bus drop-offs and lunch areas required blind children 'to navigate slopes, uneven steps, tripping hazards and protruding objects' to get to class". Los Angeles already has more charter schools than any other school district in the United States and Oakland has the highest percentage of charters for any district in California."If funders like Eli Broad or the Walton Family Foundation were truly committed to education equality," says John Rogers, an education professor at the University of California, Los Angeles, "they could have taken steps to simply support reducing class size or after-school [activities] or summer programs that would provide more educational opportunity, rather than try to invest in strategies to undermine the capacities of a school district. To cut calories and keep sandwiches from getting soggy, I use a wholesome flatbread like Flatout Light, with 9g protein and 8g filling fiber in just 90 calories. Still, the District continues to fight parents in court so that they can forcibly transfer moderately to severely disabled students away from specially designed school environments and instead mainstream them in general education facilities.Having "parent and community engagement" is a stated goal of the LAUSD, but court papers show how far the District and its outside lawyers will go to silence those advocating on behalf of the most vulnerable students.

The primary aim is to dismantle the school district as a whole and replace it with a new way of doing public education."Gary Miron, a professor of education at Western Michigan University, agrees. For the complete Schedule of Events, click here. Blues For BreakfastThe music is free, breakfast, Bloody Mary's, Mimosas, and the full bar are extra ($). Don't forget to pack a rain jacket, rubber boots, hiking shoes, a sun hat, sunscreen, and a backpack to hold extra clothes.
The lawyers even argue that the parents should be excluded from filing because they "did not seek to intervene in the proceedings" when the "underlying class action lawsuit was filed in 1993" and "the Consent Decree was entered in 1996", long before their children were even born.The District bases its argument against the parents on the false premise that "Congress requires mainstreaming".
Miron co-authored a critical study, sponsored last year by the National Education Policy Center, that focused on the charter industry's funding policies.But why do so many charter advocates embrace privatization?"I don't think it's about the money," says Kevin Welner, director of the National Education Policy Center at the University of Colorado at Boulder. While federal and state laws do "require that special education students receive services in the 'least restrictive environment'", it also specifies that this is based on the appropriate needs of the children.
Here are a few of the things I learned from the experience that will help keep you sane and your clients happy when your boss is out of the office.
While it is true that it has snowed every month of the year in Colorado, the snow generally begins in late October. Therefore, the law allows the District to educate these children on separate campuses dedicated to their special education if their parents agree that it is necessary for their well being.
They want a system much more based on market forces because they don't trust democracy."Netflix founder and prominent charter advocate Reed Hastings seemed to confirm this view when, during a 2014 convention of the California Charter Schools Association, he decried publicly elected school boards for their alleged lack of stability in governance.
Enjoy solo performances by Blues musicians while dining on scrambled eggs, pancakes, hash browns, sausage, coffee and juice. Furthermore, there is nothing in the law that says that interactions with their non-disabled peers has to take place on the general education campus.
He then praised the closed-governance charter model of private boards whose "board members pick new board members." But should the private sector be in charge of public education?"No," says Welner. On Saturday, September 13th, the top six finalists from the Telluride Blues Challenge will play. General education classes could be taught on the special education campus, perhaps for students interested in a career in special education, allowing the special education students to remain in their safe place and facilitating a more productive interaction for both sets of students.Last month, the 9th Circuit overruled a lower court and stated that parents did have the right to intervene on behalf of their children.
Bring a change of clothes into the festival so when it begins to cool off, you can change without missing any music. The winner of this competition will take home a custom acoustic Martin guitar, a cash prize, and the opportunity to play a set on the Main Stage on Saturday evening and a full set on the Blues Stage at the 2015 festival. This will allow them to continue the fight to keep special education centers as a choice available to them during the IEP process.
If the LAUSD was serious about improving parental engagement, they would have used this loss as a reason to sit down with the parents with the aim of finding a collaborative solution that could end the litigation. This fiscal year, Rob, Jim, and Alice (and the various entities that they control) will receive an estimated $3.16 billion in Walmart dividends on those shares. A picture is worth a thousand words and Telluride is just that! Bringing the kids with you to the festival?
Ayon will play at Blues for Breakfast. Film Fundraiser 'This Ain't No Mouse Music'On Wednesday, Sept.
In a District that constantly claims that they do not have the money to provide needed services to students, one has to assume that there were better uses for the money that will end up in the pockets of these lawyers.____________________________________________I am a candidate for the District 2 seat on the LAUSD School Board, founder of Change The LAUSD and member of the Northridge East Neighborhood Council. They also fund academic studies and "grassroots" organizations such as Parent Revolution, along with powerful political lobbies such as the California Charter Schools Association (CCSA). The event is a fundraiser for the San Miguel Resource Center, preventing domestic violence and sexual assault. Just as important, they contribute millions of dollars to school board elections in order to replace those perceived to be anti-charter with pro-charter board members, as seen in recent elections in Los Angeles and Oakland, two cities where charter-expansion partisans have been particularly aggressive. My focus is on quality." In 2015 Rodriguez ran as a pro-charter candidate for a seat on Los Angeles' Board of Education.
Sunset Plaza is just a short, beautiful gondola ride up the mountain from the town of Telluride! Aspen Street) that takes you to a gorgeous overlook of the entire town. Ride the GondolaThe only FREE transportation of its kind in the country, Telluride’s Gondola is a must-do while visiting during the week. Rodriguez admits he received a lot of money from charter advocates, but says that he is not beholden to them. The event and gondola ride are free and open to the public, and the event is rain or shine.
If you don’t journey up to the free concert on Thursday night, make sure you take the time to check out this spectacular ride.
In any case, he handily defeated his incumbent opponent, Bennett Kayser, in a bitterly-fought election that gave charter school proponents a key ally on the seven-member board. Be sure to bring a blanket and a picnic and kick off the weekend in style!  Blues & Brews Art GalleryThe official Art Gallery will be at Arroyo Wine Bar & Gallery, located at 220 East Colorado Ave!
Get out up top (San Sophia) to hike around or ride the Gondola down into Mountain Village to check out the local bars, shops and restaurants.
Even so, Rodriguez says he does not support Broad's plan, citing what he believes is its flawed data relating to the plan's claims about long charter-school waiting lists.The election of pro-charter members to school boards has become a major goal of the charter-school movement. The boards make critical decisions involving charters – from hiring school superintendents to creating policy about whether, and how many, charter schools should be authorized and renewed within a district. House Committee on Education and the Workforce estimated a taxpayer cost of $3,015 per Walmart employee because of Walmart workers' reliance on taxpayer funded programs. In last year's Los Angeles Unified School District board race a CCSA political action committee spent more than $2 million, including roughly half a million dollars in negative ads, to defeat Kayser, a onetime teacher and school administrator who was generally opposed to opening new charter schools. To arrive at the $3 billion figure, we simply multiplied the $3,015 estimate by roughly 1 million retail employees. By contrast, Rodriguez was the cofounder of a charter school network, Partnerships to Uplift Communities, and a former CCSA board member.In addition to money spent by the CCSA PAC, Rodriguez received contributions from Eli Broad and his wife Edythe, from Laurene Powell Jobs (the widow of Steve Jobs and a wealthy charter advocate), from a PAC affiliated with the StudentsFirst education advocacy group, which was founded by Michelle Rhee, and from numerous employees and officials at various charter schools. This calculation is based on share ownership data from Walmart's 2014 filings and Walmart's declared FY 2015 dividend of $1.92 per share (see here). We think the communities are better served by having school board members not so ideologically extreme and who are happy to support charters when they are performing well and helping kids. Our sponsor Sierra Nevada is showcasing the seven different beer styles listed below all weekend long! School boards make real decisions on charter schools."Molding Public OpinionIn an effort to shape public opinion and sway policy makers, the Walton Family Foundation awards research grants to professors studying charter schools and other educational initiatives.

Be sure to stop by their beer truck to try the 'Back Porch Lager' - created by the Blues & Brews staff at a unique ‘one-of-a-kind’ Beer Camp, this lager is available exclusively at the festival.
The grants, totaling millions of dollars, have funded academic studies at Harvard University, MIT, Stanford University, the University of Pennsylvania, Vanderbilt, the University of Michigan and the University of Notre Dame.
Assuming a 7% rate of return on their fortune, the Waltons would receive more than $10 billion annually. A study by Stanford University's Center for Research on Education Outcomes (CREDO), funded by the Walton foundation, concluded last year, for example, that students who take courses at online charter schools make significantly less academic progress than students at traditional public schools.Nonetheless, the funding of academic studies raises concerns. Look for the special brewer codes at each booth during the Grand Tasting to cast your vote. The Telluride Blues staff will be handing out “Sharp Dressed” tickets to the best-dressed festival-goers who will vie for audience cheers on stage. The Los Angeles Times' "Education Matters" initiative to expand education coverage, for instance, is receiving $800,000 from a group of foundations, including the Eli and Edythe Broad Foundation.
Finally, there is a second beer booth, the House of Brews, where seven different styles will be featured during the weekend from Big B’s Hard Cider, Bonfire Brewing, Durango Brewing Co, Sierra Nevada Brewing Co, Ska Brewing and Telluride Brewing Co.
And the respected Education Week, among others, has received funding ($250,000 in 2014) to cover "school choice" issues from the Walton Family Foundation.
It is perfect if you are enjoying the festival, a weekend mountaintop adventure or just in Telluride to relax. Last January a New York-based charter school advocacy website called The Seventy Four, which has received funding from the Walton Family Foundations took over LA School Report, a respected online publication devoted to covering Los Angeles public schools. The Yoga Sessions offer a fluid yoga flow, activating breath practice, liberating movement and playful exercises. The Seventy Four's takeover of LA School report is part of a pattern in which prominent charter school proponents, such as philanthropist Eli Broad and the Walton Family Foundation, seek to influence the public and school policy makers by acquiring or investing in education coverage. The move, which involved replacing LA School Report's editor, came months after a group led by Broad proposed that half of the Los Angeles Unified School District's students be enrolled in charter schools within the next eight years. These items are not mandatory to participate.) Kids AreaKids of all ages can enjoy various activities in the Rainbow Kids Area during the festival weekend with the help from Living Folklore. Living Folklore features children’s entertainment, workshops, and two parades specifically geared for the kids (or the kid at heart) – one on Saturday and one on Sunday.
So, bring your kids to the Rainbow Kids Area located in the back of the festival grounds to join the wild and wacky Living Folklore Clowns, Giggly Sprout and Gumbo Wobbly, along with activities like a bungee trampoline, climbing wall, inflatable bounce games, face painting, a talent show, and much more! Think GreenTelluride Blues & Brews Festival is dedicated to keeping our environment clean and green. In addition to its foundation's grants to Education Week, the Walton family also funds two media outlets that are generally perceived as somewhat progressive.
Join us in our commitment to ensuring a greener future for our festival, the Town of Telluride and Colorado. In an interview, Marshall Tuck, a former president of Green Dot charter schools, said he believes that charters give low-income families an opportunity they've never had."Higher poverty families never had a choice before charters," says Tuck, whose unsuccessful 2014 campaign to become California Superintendent of Schools was backed by Eli Broad, members of the Walton family and former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg. We’re so lucky to have such a wide spectrum of amazing artists gracing the Town Park Main Stage and our intimate nightlife venues including some Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Famers! Their only option, at times, was to send their children to underperforming district schools. Be sure to check out the full schedules for the Main Stage, the Blues Stage, the Campground Sessions and the Late Night shows. Having more public school choices for high-poverty families is a good change."Yet for all the money that charter school proponents spent on the 2015 Los Angeles school board elections, the Broad Plan continues to be vigorously opposed by the education community. Last January all seven board members, including its two pro-charter members, voted to go on the record as opposing the plan.
One of those no votes came from Ref Rodriguez, the beneficiary of $2 million of CCSA largess.
Watch as he paints amazing masterpieces LIVE during the course of a single performance.  WHERE TO EAT:Who doesn't love festival food?! Rodriguez says it is impractical and unrealistic to believe that the charter school community could expand so much in Los Angeles and still maintain high standards.
If you’re looking to get out of Town Park, or looking for breakfast and late night food, here are the top places to grab a bite to eat while you’re in town. Head over to the best Sports Bar in town - Brown Dog Pizza is located on Main Street and has delicious pizza, subs, salads and of course, ice cold PBR on tap. Also, late-night slices!Siam - Fun fact: some of the best Thai food in the world is found in Telluride! Staff suggestions: Drunken Noodles, Pad Thai and Molly's Lobster Tempura.Floradora - Looking for the best burger in town? Check out Floradora on Main Street for delicious burgers (get the Matty Burger), jalapeno poppers, salads, sliders and more!New Sheridan Chop House - Easily some of the best food in town. Or you can eat ‘Laid back’ by sitting at the bar or in the Parlor Bar for an informal meal with the same tasty menu. Half-price sushi and Cosmos from 5-6pm every day of the week!La Cocina - Delicious menu featuring local and organic Mexican food on main street with indoor and outdoor seating. Diggity Doggs - Need some late night grub? Diggity Dogs usually posts up right outside the Court House and offers hotdogs with delicious toppings of your choice.Pescado - Looking for some good sushi? Our friends at Pescado just reopened in the old Sweet Life spot on Main Street (downstairs, right beside Floradora). Follow them on Twitter for special deals! La Marmotte - A modern take on elegant bistro fare. Great vibe, music and drinks.Oak: The New Fat Alley - Grab some fried okra and a pint of Schlitz on the patio!
The best place to mellow out during the festival and eat great BBQ.Smuggler's Brew Pub - With a diverse menu and extensive beer list, this restaurant is not to be missed! Be sure to try the seasonal beer styles.There - A diverse collection of cocktails and food menu, a fusion of the new with the old, the trendy with the traditional. Telluride Blues & Brews Festival will be streaming the festival LIVE from Telluride Town Park all weekend long with the help from our local community radio station KOTO FM.

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