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A retired crime scene investigator, author Denny Hair has emerged as an expert on all-things Patton. The book presents images from the rare and top secret Third Army After Action reports and promises to be the first of a series of books covering Patton and his Third Army during WWII.
This book exhaustively examines the 1872 and 1880 Sabers, Staff & Foot Officers’ Sword, General Officers’ Sword, Light Artillery Saber, 1902 Saber, NCO Sabers and Swords, Musicians’ Swords,  the Light Cavalry 1904 Saber, 1905 Steel-Hilt Saber, 1905 and 1911 Experimental Sabers, USMA Cadet Sword of 1868, and the 1913 Saber. Lavishly illustrated with pixel-sharp images, each chapter surveys the development and design of each weapon, relying heavily on production records and service histories. The most useful “maps” for collectors to follow are the result of hundreds of hours of research, compilation, and finally, publication.
Don’t be fooled by the military technical manual-appearing cover—this book is a landmark of research that collectors will refer to time and again.
While a number of books have been written on hallmarks used by jewelry manufacturers, Weingarten recognized the cross-over: Medals and insignia are the “jewelry” of the military.
Added bonuses in this book are details about dating pinback catch types, clutches, Institute of Heraldry List of Concerns Authorized to Manufacture Insignia, and most importantly, a good index. As with Weingarten’s book, Field Guide to US Paratrooper Badges, this current offering is a “work in progress.”   The author welcomes corrections and additions that he will include in future editions.

While the book is available through Amazon, Weingarten offers it to Military Trader readers through his web site for the reduced price of $30. This educational clinic series is designed to share knowledge with America's young musicians and to aid teachers by focusing on specific musical areas. This book is a result of thousands of hours of research and covers new information about General George S.
Any Patton enthusiast will obviously treasure this book for the rare photos and staff recollections it shares. He built this massive work on the equally impressive foundation constructed by John Thillman who authored the ground-breaking books, Civil War Army Swords and Civil War Cavalry and Artillery Sabers (both published by Mowbray). Author, artist, and collector Joe Weingarten has advanced the US military insignia hobby by doing all of that when he finally released his new Field Guide to Hallmarks of U.S. This is the most comprehensive listing of hallmarks used on US military metal insignia that has ever been available. Building on that, he scoured old listings, archives, and business records to compile this listing. This video features the Concert Band's trombone section and music of various composers, including original works by the Field Band's arranging staff.

While one might think it difficult to follow Thillman’s works, Farrington plowed through the research to produce a much-needed study of U.S. Its four main components, the Concert Band, Soldiers' Chorus, Jazz Ambassadors, and The Volunteers, travel thousands of miles each year presenting a variety of music to audiences throughout the nation and around the world. Hair has coupled personal, anecdotal accounts about Patton with hundreds of photos of the General, some of which have been colorized, and many never before published. But most importantly, Weingarten endeavored to illustrate the company logos and markings with clear photographs of actual military insignia. Public concerts, school assemblies, clinics, festivals, and radio and television appearances are all part of the Field Band's schedule.
In some cases only the company name is shown with a hope that in the future readers will supply additional information and hallmarks for future editions.

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