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The word a€?survivala€™ has a very different connotation to a lot of people but I think that many people out there limit their view of surviving to the way I used to. For this post I wanted to list several urban survival skills that while they may share some characteristics of their wilderness cousins, could still help you more in an urban environment if you are faced with some type of urban SHTF scenario.
Medical Skills a€“ Just like in the wilderness, people get injured in the urban environments too and like almost any SHTF scenario we discuss you can plan for the local Primecare to be out of business when you really need it. Repairing things a€“ If the grid goes down you likely wona€™t be able to call the dishwasher repairman, or the plumber or the electrician or a lot of people.
Maintaining a secure shelter a€“ I wrote in another article about the subject of defending yourself from the perspective of being able and willing to keep someone from taking your stuff. What skills do you think could help someone in an urban setting stay alive if it all went south? The post Urban Survival Skills That Will Keep You Alive appeared first on Patriot Net Daily.
If the collapse hit and everything falls apart at the seams, and you are either held up in your Urban Home preparing to move to the your Safe Location, or you are on the move to your Safe Location, or, are at you Safe Location – what in the world does Reconnaissance and Security Patrols have to do with your Urban Survival?
Reconnaissance and Security Patrols are intended to find out what the threat’s capabilities and intentions are. Especially if you are a small Urban Survival Group, you may be pressing or utilizing women and teenagers into your patrols, not optimum, but it may be necessary.
Common Arm and Hand signals should also be used to maintain control of the patrol and help maintain noise discipline. Where will the Urban Survivors go to if the base camp or the Urban home is attacked and over ran while the patrol is out of the base camp? What are the visual signal(s) and verbal challenge(s) and password(s) in order for the Urban Survivors defending the home to recognize the returning patrol as friendly? Consider a duress word so that the other party will know that the first party is being forced by gun point or threats of death. If the patrol hears a firefight at the Urban Home while they are on patrol, how should they return to the location and from which avenue or approach? The electronic fobs are on a separate keychain - remotes, WiFi Finder, RadDetect, Flash Memory, etc. Rioting, looting, warlike mobs hell-bent on destruction – they are a staple of any Hollywood Post-Apocalyptic movie. I highly recommend you to watch this free survival video that reveals 3 of the most important skills to overcome any disaster. In 1879 after the reunification, congress passed the Posse Comitatus Act (PCA), which stipulates that federal troops cannot be used on US soil for law enforcement purposes. There has been the occasional “Occupy” protest that got out of hand – but nothing the local authorities couldn’t handle. What exactly is “Martial Law?” In a nutshell, forget everything you know – or think you know about the Constitution.
Beyond that here are a few helpful tips from someone who has been on both sides of Police Actions. In this video, I will unearth a long-forgotten secret that helped our ancestors survive famines, wars, economic crises, diseases, droughts, and anything else life threw at them… a secret that will help you do the same for your loved ones when America crumbles into the ground. If you found this article useful and you want to add anything that I’ve missed leave a comment in the section below.
If you found this article useful, please like our Facebook page and stay up to date with the latest articles. A patriot become a patriot because he won’t take being corralled like wild horse, sitting down. At 70, I have lived a good life, and going to my maker scares me not, but even being an old man I won’t lay down and squirm like a stuck pig. I am sure context plays a big part in the answer to that question, but for me personally it used to always conjure up the shipwrecked on a deserted island idea of survival. When I started getting into the concepts behind prepping, part of my thought process was that I would only need my true survival skills if I was shipwrecked or lost. I know, at times I feel myself like I am beating a dead horse, but water has to be a priority for survival regardless of where you are. In my urban survival nightmare I picture chaos in the short-term followed by a long period of trying to work together for most and trying to get over on people for some. The hospital emergency room, if you can get there might be overflowing with other people and ita€™s possible you would want to avoid sickness as much as humanly possible anyway. The shower doesna€™t run anymore so you set a camp shower in the sun for a few hours, screw a plant hook into the wall in the shower and Voila!
If you have never gardened then you should take the time now to learn because it isna€™t as simple as Jack and the Beanstalk made it look.

Stuff in this case could be practically anything but having first the determination (not fear) to do what is required to keep yourself and your family secure in times of chaos is perhaps less a skill but it is no less necessary. King Means We Should Totally Remember Our Original Sin Or Something #Caturday, May 16, 2015: How Cats Domesticated Themselves Mussolini in Iowa Hillary Clinton was pretty sure that Hussein had WMDs Under What Authority Can Obama keep his TPP Trade Deal Secret? The Reconnaissance Patrol is usually intended to go to observe and report on either a fixed site or a generally area. No matter what the procurement tasks may be, the patrol should also be observant and collect information on what they see.
Patrol inspection prior to the patrol moving out to ensure everyone has the required equipment, knows that day’s mission, is clothed and armed adequately and all shiny objects and noise makers taken off.
There should be an individual interval (distance) maintained between Patrol Members so that no two members present one target. This is called the Emergency Rally Point, should be at least a terrain feature away from the Urban Home or Base Camp, be somewhat defensible, and may be supported by a few small caches. However, if you are in a Larger Urban Survivor Group, like a gated community or Neighborhood Watch program coming together, conducting Reconnaissance or Security Patrols as well as patrols to search, forage and procurement items will probably be a viable option if you follow the suggestions to have a Patrol Plan (5 W’s), train all members so they know the Standard Procedures and reaction drills. They are also the unfortunate aftermath of many real world natural and man-made disasters.As I hope you have come to learn by now, no matter how tough you are, or THINK you are, the best way to deal with open conflict and violence is to try to avoid it at best, and be prepared for it at worst. If you do not have a Bug-Out or Safe House, consider renting a storage locker, preferably in an older warehouse facility that does not use electronic access, because that could fail in a power outage. The use of weapons, firearms and other methods of self-defense are matters of training and personal choice, and will be discussed at length in the next sections. You can be in just as much danger from the rioters, as Police and Civil Authorities that have been sent in to quell the violence, who often cannot, or do not care to – distinguish rioters from bystanders. Many believe that the creation of NORTHCOM was in direct violation of the PCA, and it along with the recently passed Insurrection Act (Title 10 USC, Sections 331-335), clears they way for “the president to use U.S.
Buddies of mine who are Law Enforcement tell me the best thing you can do is go along as cooperatively you can.
In the heat of chaos it probably won’t do you much good, but that card will come in handy later. The ideas expressed on this site are solely the opinions of the author(s) and do not necessarily represent the opinions of sponsors or firms affiliated with the author(s). It was that or the lone hiker scenario where you are lost in the wilderness, miles away from civilization. I almost neglected the more likely scenario that I would need survival skills where I lived and worked every day.
Scratch that, clean water needs to be a priority especially in an urban survival scenario where larger concentrations of people and unhygienic conditions breed disease very quickly. Bartering for goods is a topic we talk about all of the time, but along with bartering (trading a good or service for another good or service) you will have to have the soft skills of negotiating.
Knowing how to treat injuries, wounds, burns and illnesses could keep both your group healthy and could even be used as a source of barter in the worst of cases. Mechanics, engineers and people who like to tinker with things to see how they work; crack them open and fix on them will be a good addition to your survival team. Sure you have grown a couple of tomato plants on your porch, but what about growing enough food for your family to live off of all year long? It is one thing to find a dry space under a cardboard box in the back of an alley but can you defend yourself if needed? It would be nice to know that a 300 person Motorcycle Group created an encampment six blocks from your house. They should be debriefed in a formal or semi-format process when they return in order to extract information they collected during their patrol. During Civil Unrest or Open Conflict, the majority of deaths and injuries happen to people who are out on the streets – whether they are there to fight, loot or just stand in line for food or water. You need to be smart, use your head, don’t panic, and follow these specific tips and techniques to avoid being a victim no matter where you are. Under the guise if Homeland Security The United States Northern Command or US NORTHCOM was created for domestic operations.
That means following every thing I have said so far about food stores, water stores, home defense and staying off of the streets. Besides, if you and a police officer have an encounter even in “regular” times, a lawyer’s card, along with your calm assertion of your legal rights, will help you to be taken seriously. The author may or may not have a financial interest in any company or advertiser referenced.
While I see the benefit of wilderness survival skills, I would be much more likely to need urban survival skills on any given day.
When the water is contaminated with Cholera you wona€™t be engaged much in the old survival mode of defending your homestead, you will be defending the bed from getting made and the bathroom (if you make it there) from smelling fresh.

When you are trading someone eggs for a few extra rounds of 9mm, the negotiating is more soft-skills based. Resources like survival medical books, books on medicinal herbs and even old-fashioned remedies might be a good addition to your growing survival library.
Bonus points if you dona€™t even have a camp shower but you were able to reuse some old plumbing parts and an empty 5 gallon bucket that used to have dry wall compound in it.
If you have the ability to repair broken items you will be not only valuable to yourself, but you might even be able to open your own post-apocalyptic store and charge for your services. Do you have a mindset that is going to position you to see who is approaching and the means to deal with them, possibly violently if the threat calls for it? Maybe a patrol to the nearest State highway could determine extent, if any, of motor vehicle traffic such as 18 wheelers on that roadway. I just uploaded my Altoids survival tin instructable and I plan on working on an Altoids Smalls kit soon!Dude.
There it has become almost a daily occurrence for workers to hold their bosses hostage in hopes of winning economic concessions.
Any action taken as a result of information, analysis, or advertisement on this site is ultimately the responsibility of the reader. Wild many years back on his first TV show where he would present just those types of scenarios and show tips on how to survive and get back to civilization. There are some skills that overlap, but there are many differences between trying to survive in the woods and trying to survive in the urban jungle. Showers might seem like a pretty simple problem to solve but it is that type of thinking that will serve you well when you arena€™t going to be able to do things the normal way. Gunsmithing comes to mind as a possibly appropriate skill to know along with all of the tools you would need to work on weapons. Even if you have that awesome can of survival seeds, you better not wait until SHTF to start digging in the dirt. There have been plenty of rumors, and there are no lack of conspiracy theory websites, and the more “fringe” elements of Preppers that would have you believe that the agenda of the current administration is to grab power, and stay in power be invoking Martial Law .
In fact maybe its a good idea that the Army is ready to swoop in and protect citizens and restore order When the S*ht Hits the Fan.
Similar things happened in London where normal life and businesses were shut down by days of rioting, despite well-known “British civility.” It wouldn’t take much to push this country over the edge with rampant rioting that results in a government crackdown on civil liberties.
The exception is if things have gotten to the point where the police are rounding people up and throwing them into detention camps never to be seen again – then, and only then – resist like hell! If, like me, you have friends or family that are cops, makes sure you have one of their cards in your wallet, and be sure you know exactly the station or precinct they work out of.
The other side of this coin is that you might find yourself negotiating with people who have an animosity toward you.
Choose an art that is compatible to your beliefs and skills such as karate, aikido, mace, pepper spray, guns or other weapons.
I do not buy into much of that – BUT you need to know that the Government has made plans to deal with what it believes to be mounting threats of violence and insurrection from “civil unrest.” In 2002 the federal government established a North American Army command.
When that happens, no matter what the original cause or location of the trouble, everyone will be affected. You might have to negotiate an end to violence or the release of one of your party who has been captured. For instance, could you make a hobo stove out of nothing but your survival knife and a big empty can? Panic spreads fast so when you feel threatened like your hair standing on end and the adrenaline working.
Armed or unarmed the best way to win a fight is not to have one, but if you are forced to face trouble head on, you should resist with everything possible in a life or death situation.
I mean not the average GI Joe, I would trust him (or her) with my life — I mean the people in charge. Effects might include travel restrictions, random ID checks, mass arrests, food and fuel rationing, controls on money and banking, roadblocks, and other harsh “emergency” or “for you own good” restrictions.
Any level of civil unrest can lead to crackdowns, new regulations, and harsher police policies that can end up infringing on everybody’s freedom in the long run. But if it ever gets to the point of Martial Law – I hate to say it – then the government itself will be a far bigger threat to your well being than whatever the original cause of the clampdown was.

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