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Long sentence POW member Juanita takes us done the hottest thing in permaculture garden intent wicking beds Designed for efficient How to make a Wicking Bed Whiteboard vivification Building a Wicking.
Incredible Edible Bristol, Grow Bristol and Bee The Change are collaborating on an exciting project that is bringing food growing to the centre of the city. We have big plans to add aquaponics systems, tap water purification systems, permanent wicking beds, a safe and legal humanure and urine recycling system and to build structures to allow us to grow as much food as we can in every nook and cranny.
We regard this kind of documented research as vital for the future of all city dwellers and we imagine the results will be applicable all around the world in similar climates. We are also fundraising for the resources to train an urban garden intern to run this garden well. We are in the final stages of implementing the design and already it has created a lot of interest, especially the rabbits! They have been given some money ($2,000), which they want to use to establish this garden and to enrich their lives in every way. They live in a Mediterranean climate, cold in winter, maybe 20 frosts between 1-5 degrees Celsius below. Weston A Price was a dentist who was at the height of his career as a dentist and dental researcher in the 1920’s and 30’s.
As a result of his years of research within the USA he designed his own research project and visited many groups of indigenous people, who were at that point still eating their traditional diets. Weston Price found that they all had around 12,000 IU of Fat soluble Vitamin A in their diets daily, and around 1500 mg of calcium in their diets on a daily basis. Some groups of people he studied ate no meat, but large quantities of fermented milk and cream. We then did a final design based on the best of all of them that we felt were practical, socially acceptable at this point in time, and possible now.
In this design we can provide fresh vegetables on a daily basis, fresh fruit on a daily basis and dried fruit out of season – within 3 years.
The nuts, fruit and vegetables will go along way towards maintaining the health of this family however we still need Vitamin A and  more calcium than these items will provide.
We chose rabbits as being the most suitable animals to keep for meat, fat and specifically vitamin A. In this design Vitamin A will come from rabbit livers mainly but also from occasional chicken livers, and making bone broth using all of the animal parts – especially the heads. In this design the family will be getting their calcium from rabbit bone broth, with more minor amounts from the chickens that have finished laying, eggs, small amounts from high brix fruit, vegetables, herbs, nuts and olive oil. The fruit trees we have chosen because they have a wide range of vitamins and minerals, with fruiting year round and many things that can be stored.
Potential vege garden area maximized by keeping fruit trees vertical, and using all possible vertical and high horizontal spaces  (whilst ensuring possible year round fruit and nuts). For the garden we chose to do a Biointensively managed beds because this is the most efficient and sustainable strategy for maximum production of nutrient dense food. We have planned the garden so that we are growing heritage vegetables, because we know by the taste and from science that they contain far more nutrition than industrial vegetables. We have chosen a range of vegetables that will ensure there is something every day for our family to eat throughout the year, especially for making wholesome soups, stews, and stir fry’s and salads!
Crops that produce well in these beds that we’ll try are potatoes, peppers and eggplants, and herbs. These vegetables are worth $2,500 in todays supermarkets and they aren’t organic or nutrient dense there!
We have multiple systems in place to produce chicken & rabbit feed, composting worms under rabbits, black solider fly larvae and garden compost heap in the chicken scratch yard. High quality chicken and rabbit food is grown on all paths and under trees, everywhere possible; in the form of a herbal ley consisting of Alfalfa, Phacellia, Buckwheat, Parsnip, Red Sensation Clover, Subterranean Clover, Huia White Clover, Blue Borage and Giant Chioggia Chicory. Tree pruning’s from legumes and all fruiting trees for rabbit forage and compost, in particular tagasaste, which is a complete food for rabbits.

Chicken scratch yard will be where the compost is made for the garden as a whole and all kitchen waste will go in there for the chickens to turn over.
We will checkout our parks and vacant places around our area and see what possibilities there are for guerrilla planting to the advantage of those on the area especially things like large nut trees, comfrey, fruit that could be shared by groups of people. Recently when filming with Permaculture gardener Rosina Buckman, we asked her how she managed to grow her amazing vegetables in her raised bed gardens without importing a lot of expensive soil.
Recently when we were filming Murray Hallam and Milne Matthews talking about their aquaponics systems, the conversation turned to their wicking beds that they both used for growing root crops. One of the more contentious issues surrounding aquaponics is the mineral density of the plants and vegetables that are grown in aquaponics. While filming with Tania Coppel about her story on compost toilets we spotted this ring of bathtubs all under wire netting.
Building a cheap but effective worm farm in a bathtub is a great idea if you also have an aquaponics system or a vegetable garden close by. A few years back we put this short video clip up on YouTube with Permaculture Schools Gardening expert Leonie Shanahan talking about her worm tower. I built after this plastic tub bed all had the inlet and outlet  pipes almost side by side. Straight off if the man-made lake over fills the surplus water bequeath seep out of the have it away astatine this overflow point and into the surrounding garden redeeming the plants. Bed Garden from Salvaged Materials with Food is wicking bed garden plants liberal Project How to pass water Seedbombs. You will see a trail of food growing spaces springing up as you walk from Platform 3 at Temple Meads past the council offices at 100 Temple Street and along Redcliffe Way to Millennium Square. We need to pay for materials, and we need to pay our urban garden apprentice to maintain the whole garden, feed the animals, record how much food is produced and share our methods so others can learn how to create an abundant Urban Garden too. It was part of a research project to see just how much of our daily dietary needs ( according to the Weston Price Foundation) a family could grow for themselves in an urban situation. The Biointensive garden is established; the berries, vines and fruit trees are in, the chickens are in and the rabbits have their first babies that have entranced us all. It’s normally very hot and dry in the summer, with free draining sandy loam soils and a water table around 70cm below the surface. They dream that this garden can be their fun, their work, their play, their connection with nature and their connection with their own ancestors. He was passionate about following his observations from his dental practice that told him there had to be a connection between diet and health. In our experience these are amongst the most difficult elements to get enough of in an industrial diet. Some groups had guinea pigs for the Vitamin A and traditional fat, some had snail farms, and one group had a penned sheep or goat, (being fed from the wider area), for the calcium and vitamin A.
We can provide olive oil and pickled olives for daily use, as well as nuts on a regular basis, after about 3 years. As well as gaining significant calcium and other essential minerals and hormones from nettle tea and other weeds such as chickweed and cleavers. Cordons allow for maximum length of ripening time, and maximum varieties for different end uses.
If you are not familiar with Biointensive gardening or how to grow nutrient dense food I suggest you get a copy of our Beginner Gardener Booklet and our How To Grow Nutrient Dense Food Booklet, which will help a lot. If your soil is very difficult initially it may take 1 or 2 years to get your production up to these levels. The seed, tools and fertilser to get this 40sq m garden going will be around $240 if you are buying everything!
Attention will need to be paid to adding sufficient carbon so it remains aerobic and the chickens can actually turn the heap. We could plant trees and plants that produce biomass for compost making, feeding rabbits and potentially other animals.

They reminded me of a ring of wagon trains circling round like in a cowboy Western movie protected by a wire netting to stop the possums for eating the produce. Well the idea seems to have caught on as little colourful worm towers are now springing up everywhere in the Permaculture landscape. One have experimented with wicking garden beds for various years through all of the atomic number 75 are. Its aim is to inspire and educate – showing that food growing can be, and is, relevant in the urban landscape, as well as to provide free food for people and pollinators. We have finalised the design as below, and we have written a Koanga Booklet describing the design in far more detail. This family would like a design for their 200sqm urban garden to produce as much as possible of the key elements of nutrition to keep healthy. In particular it is difficult to obtain high enough levels of Vitamin A, calcium and high quality traditional fats and oils in an industrial diet. They also dream that the skills they use and the resources this garden might produce could enable and empower them to take the skills to their wider community.
He had noticed that the health of his clients was deteriorating down through the generations and understood, without evidence, there must be a connection to diet. He came to the conclusion that they were unbelievably healthy (as documented in Nutrition and Human Degeneration).
If we can design our diets to include the levels of Vitamin A that the indigenous peoples had, then most other minerals and vitamins will be taken care if we also follow the principle above. It is possible in New Zealand at least to buy fish heads, fish frames and pig’s heads etc for quite a low cost (even in supermarkets), this could add to what we have in the 200sq m garden. It is the animals in indigenous people’s diets that provided the sacred food and the fat-soluble vitamins that they recognized they needed to maintain their health.
The idea is that the chickens can actually live and pay well entirely by eating the decomposers in the compost plus green material like comfrey. There may be specific trees that produce seeds that are good food for fattening pigeons for example. He was totally committed to doing whatever it took to find out the link and an ‘ ideal diet’ for human health and maintenance. They were eating 8 x the minerals western people in the USA had in their diets at that time, and 5 x the fat-soluble vitamins. Animal fat from small animals such as chickens and rabbits (who store their fat around internal organs rather than in the meat or under the skin). Bistro C upmarket food waste is being delivered to worm farms and chicken coops located nearby. We will now keep records of inputs and outputs over time to see just how it pans out. The booklet is available now as both hardcopy and e-book. He also discovered that all indigenous people followed the same principles in their diets, however they all had widely varying diets because their environments differed widely. A wicking crawl in is ampere garden sleep together with wicking bed garden plans angstrom unit waterproofed lining that holds a reservoir of. The 700 mm lengths control the height of the wicking bed garden plans frame and can be made longer for tall plants. DIY elevated wicking garden bed and which could lead to either poor growing conditions or health hazards from eating the plants adult The wicking bed technology is a simple but significant technology.

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