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Don't Pea in the Pool - Complete a daytime pool level without using Peashooters of any kind. Chill Out - Feel the rhythm, feel the rhyme, you've one level to destroy 3 Bobsleds, it's Jalapeno time!
Face To Face - Complete a level with Digger Zombies without any of them reaching the left side of your lawn. Giga-gargantuars in Last Stand Endless will appear the same as regular Gargantuars, with no red eyes. The fertilizer bag immediately disappeared after the bag was opened, so the powder appeared out of nowhere.
Playing Beghouled and checking the Suburban Almanac will change the prices shown on the seed packets. I, Zombie, Vasebreaker, Last Stand, and any Mini-games with plants or zombies that have not been encountered yet can still be played without encountering them first.
Purchasing a Puzzle game pack in the Puzzle menu and switching to a different tab before the new levels appear will cause the game pack of the selected tab to temporarily unlock. The Night area is the second stage of Adventure Mode and the setting of the ten levels after the daytime levels in Plants vs. Nocturnal Plants, which mainly consists of mushrooms, are the key to Night levels due to the lack of sun, and the fact that they generally require less sun than normal day time plants.
An important trick for the Dancing Zombie is to use a Hypno-shroom on him as fast as possible to avoid non-hypnotized Backup Dancers. Your neighbour, Crazy Dave, also helps you out a little, providing tips and selling you useful items in his own crazy way.
The main aspect of the game is Adventure Mode, where you must battle it out against seemingly endless waves of zombies. Adventure Mode will keep you going for quite a long time, and defiantly has a big variety inside.
There are several different game modes, including Survival (self explanatory), Versus (you and another player go head-to-head as one of you play as the home owner while the other controls the zombies) and Co-Op (yes, it’s exactly what you think) and a Puzzle mode. Day is the setting of the first ten levels of Adventure Mode, and is the most basic area in the game, taking place in the front yard of the player's house.

The most frequently used plant on Day levels are Peashooters, as not many Zombies come at first and they can take them down. They do not show the name "Bloom and Doom Seed Co."  The zombies' heads are slightly bigger, but their design is different. The menus and backgrounds have a new graphical design, due to the game graphics being redone for Retina Display. On a related note, the currency is called "Coins", rather than "Money". There is no Tree of Wisdom. This means that endless modes can only be played until the player is bored or had their brain eaten. For example, purchasing the I, Zombie game pack and switching to the Last Stand tab will cause the Last Stand game pack to unlock temporarily. The most important mushrooms introduced in these levels are the Puff-shroom which costs no sun at all which is helpful because of the lack of sun, however their short range means the player will eventually have to move on to better ranged mushrooms such as the Fume-shrooms and the Scaredy-shrooms, which are still both relatively cheap.
The hypnotized Dancing Zombie will summon hypnotized Backup Dancers, and this is extremely useful most of the time, albeit one should be careful not to hypnotize any Backup Dancers instead. As mentioned above, you need to play certain levels on Adventure Mode first before proceeding to said game modes.
You move the cursor around with the analogue stick, which gives you completely free control over it, and which ever section your cursor is closet to, is where the plant will be potted.
Now, all you need to do when a sun pops up is hold on to the trigger button and they’ll be sucked up.
Zombies has a mind blowing amount of content, at 1200 Microsoft Points this game is a steal.
Because sun falls from the sky on these levels, it is easier to attain a large number of plants, although this does not mean the player should plant as many plants as he or she can. The color change did not affect its range, so the Golden Watering Can still watered up to four plants. It is exactly like the Day levels in layout except that it takes place in the nighttime; therefore mushrooms stay awake and sun does not fall from the sky. In Adventure Mode, you’ll be defending not only your front yard, but also your back yard (swimming pool included) and even your roof.

With 5 different game modes to choose from, including a never ending Survival mode, an extremely detailed Adventure mode, and two very enjoyable 2-player modes, this is a game that no Xbox 360 owner should be without. Besides these two, the plants the player gains on this stage are the Cherry Bomb, the Wall-nut, the Potato Mine, the Snow Pea, the Chomper, and the Repeater.
Because of the lack of falling sun, it is much harder to defend the home without using mushrooms, and the player's sun producers have to be well-guarded. Sun-shrooms are vital as they are the only source of sun during the night (or Sunflowers if one was to decide to plant them).
Zombies is without a doubt a different sort of Tower-Defence game, in which I mean that the zombies don’t follow the usual zig-zag path to reach your house. For some time I was trying to figure how to combine my two most favoured hobbies, and I found it, here at GamerSyndrome.
Though, at the beginning of the game, the player's lawn will only have one strip of grass, and as he or she continues, there will be more lawn strips (three in 1-2 and 1-3 and five in 1-4 to 1-10). The player gets the Crazy Dave's Twiddydinkies earlier in the game (Level 2-2) to buy mini-games, so Level 3-4 gives the player bacon, which Crazy Dave trades for $1,000.
Sun-shrooms (25 sun) take the place of Sunflowers and Scaredy-shrooms (25 sun) and Puff-shrooms (0 sun) take the place of Peashooters. Also, during this stage, graves will appear at the beginning of the level in random points on the half of the lawn farthest from your house.
The variety of plants at your disposal is pretty limited at first, but as you progress through levels you will earn more.
When enabled, some regular Zombies, Flag Zombies, Screen Door Zombies, and Ducky Tube Zombies (regular and flag versions) wear a Santa hat on top of their heads. Some plants act as turrets, which shoot out green peas at the zombies, slowly dismembering the limbs of them, while others crush, slow, block and even eat zombies — the amount is staggering.

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