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If you are at all concerned with the purported coming apocalypse or just in need of a secret hideaway, perhaps a secret underground lair is what you need.
If your interested in a container for a project like this or something similar, contact AZ Containers at 877-292-6937 to see how the most basic steel box to a customized, climate controlled storage or workspace with windows, they’ll have your solution on it’s way to you fast.
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From the most basic steel box to a customized, climate controlled storage or work space with windows, we'll have your solution on its way to you fast. The 25-acre site - which also boasts a gym; squash and tennis courts and radar equipment - has been largely unused since it was decommissioned in 2006. Agent Nick Barlow, from Midlands-based Barlow Associates, said the station had been on the market for some time and he hoped the eBay listing would attract extra interest.
Radar locates aircraft by detecting echoes from a pulse of radio waves.It was invented in 1935 and defended Britain by giving early warning of approaching hostile aircraft radar in World War II.
The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Although at first it may seem like a daunting task, it may be easier than you think to make your own underground secret shelter.

Cut a 40 inch diameter hole through the top of your container at the location you choose for the entrance. Select and mount a door to cover the opening to your secret underground shelter, which should also incorporate a rope ladder to allow safe access into the shelter. More importantly, there are no hidden costs when purchasing  or leasing storage containers from us. It is thought prospective owners may have been put off the idea of owning the station, which has had much interest in the past, because of the recession. Birmingham-based Stylespace bought the land from the RAF in 2006 for a reported A?4million but it proved unsuitable for their plans.The RAF still carries out communication work for aircraft on a small part of the site. Once constructed, don’t forget to stock it with all the amenities you would like as well as the creature comforts to which you have become accustomed.
This should be at least 9 feet wide and deep, and a few feet longer than the length of your chosen container. It would be advisable to weld or otherwise permanently seal the doors on the end on the container to prevent moisture from entering the container.
Using a large angle grinder mark and remove this circle to allow access to the container from above.

Secure in place to the surface of the shipping container with concrete, sealing the drainage pipe and shipping container together. You will need to dispose of the remaining earth excavated from the hole the container now occupies. Furnish the shelter with objects required to make your stay in the shelter more comfortable.
This would remain, alongside the RAF Air Defence Radar Museum, which was established on the air base 14 years ago.Although the page has attracted 5,000 hits, so far no offers have been made. After WWII, the world moved seamlessly into a new conflict that was to last 45 years a€“ the Cold War. They are very sturdily built and can be placed underground, just below the surface with little preparation. These should include food and water, as well as basic plumbing to allow for hygiene requirements to be met.

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