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I am the first to admit that I am not psychic and I have no educational advantages that allow me to forecast what our future is going to look like. Yes, I know that there are many out there spouting the same jargon but if the reader will have some patience and continue to look into the things I relate to you, you may decide it was worth your while. During the time the military was having their Jade Helm exercises in the southwestern United States people from all over the country were reporting, with pictures mind you, that they were witnessing the movement of thousands of military vehicles, tanks, armaments, and equipment by different means such as railway and highway. I am convinced that Operation Jade Helm was a diversion and cover for the geographical placement of all of the military equipment witnessed by the American public. Numerous theories abound in the alternative media but the most visible and probable cause for a national uprising is the breakdown of the economy. But here is the crux of the matter; they cannot bring third world countries up to the standard of living enjoyed by Americans. Thata€™s the estimated toll the wealthiest populations on the globe a€” the United States, Europe and Japan a€” are taking from the eartha€™s natural bounty to sustain their way of life. Americans, while making up only four percent of the worlda€™s population, operate one third of its automobiles. While touching on the economy I would like the reader to realize that when there is an economic collapse that the wealth doesna€™t just disappear, it transfers by changing hands. So to make a preliminary recap of whata€™s been covered thus far, we have a staged economic collapse of global proportions that will devastate the United States among most others and at the same time we have full blown plans to control the activities of the people of the U.S.
There has been a plethora of signs indicating the coming collapse and one reason for that is that the Oligarchy is now so well entrenched that they have become quite brazen. Their homepage states that the site is a a€?Guide to Military Equipment and Civil Aviationa€?. As for the economy, many highly regarded economist and other well respected business men foresee an economic collapse and or a currency collapse in our near future. The collapse could possibly happen over night but then again it could continue to domino over a fairly short period of time. Studies show that when the transport trucks quit bringing food to the grocery stores the store shelves will be empty in three days. How about the millions of Americans that are dependent upon medication to stay well and that gets cut off too? Eventually, the government will arrive on the scene to save the day by bringing food and water to the cities.
These people are there to ascertain the danger one presents and whether or not he or she is part of a larger group, they are there to ascertain the truth from people and more. I fully expect for there to be small pockets of resistance to the government scattered around the nation but once there location is determined I suspect they will be snuffed out by superior highly equipped military forces. It would be a great idea for every person to figure out what it is they want to stand for and be willing to die for. More people die in traffic accidents than by getting shot and I dona€™t see politicians trying to take our cars away.
Once again, if you will read the words of our founding fathers you will see that they foretold all of these things.
By letting this time pass after the collapse and before the government steps in as our savior they will fulfill part of the U.N. Finally, if I were reading this for the first time I would want it to end with some idea of what to do to prepare for whata€™s coming. If Ia€™m right, and dona€™t think for a moment that Ia€™m alone in my thoughts, everything will come down to basic survival capability.
Preppera€™s as they are called refer to it as whether or not they should bug in or bug out. Now, if you are in a somewhat safer more suburban area with quite a distance between you and the riots my personal recommendation would be to bug in.
At this point I will recommend the things that should receive the highest priority assuming you already have shelter.
Medications are a must for some so thata€™s why it earned the second spot in the priorities. People always want to know how much ammo is enough and no one can give you the answer to that question because it is an unfamiliar event that you havena€™t yet experienced so just get all you can afford. Sixth, knowledge and skills will be of greater importance than many of the survival supplies people are storing.
I would thoroughly love to be entirely wrong in my vision of the near future but I dona€™t think so.
Keep Calm Craft On {crafting on} Fit to Survive Projects galore Bank Bail-Ins Have Begun, Martial Law and World War III Are Right Around the Corner Bug-out (Evacuation) Plan a€“ Ideas For Your Bug-out Task List Bix Weir-Implosion and Restart of Financial System Coming Relationship advice du jour 100 Skills Every Man Should Know – How To Build a Roaring Campfire Earthquakes. What if the only reason you saw all those military vehicles being transported on trains etc was that they were simply being sent for regular maintenance, updating, cleaning and detailing schedules. In a world of financial uncertainty, extreme natural disasters, disease outbreaks, and terrorist threats you need to protect yourself and your family. What we do know, is that with each passing day the likelihood of one of these threats affecting you increases. Our goal with this site is to inform, educate, and provide resources to those looking to protect their families. We hope you use and come back to this website often for all sorts of useful ideas and strategies. We’d also like to encourage you to sign up for our free email newsletter using the sign up box at the top of the screen. Latest ArticlesHow Much Do You Really Need to Eat?Unless you're counting calories for diet purposes, you probably aren't concerned with how much you need to eat in order to survive. I will now break down each survival modification and detail why it was included in the final build. I went one step further and replaced the pump hand grip with a picatinny version mounted on a picatinny compatible vertical grip. I carefully wrapped most of the items inside of the trash bag for water proofing and then stored everything in the stock storage area.  All of the kit items only weigh a few ounces.
In fact, this entire undertaking is pure conjecture based upon the reading of hundreds of articles, official papers, and opinions of others.

For the economy to collapse, one would assume that either the people pulling the financial strings in America and elsewhere are either very stupid of very cunning.
To produce just one requires 1.2 pounds of grain to feed the cattle, and 100 gallons of water a€” part of the hidden cost consumers never see.
Those who are the really big proponents and supporters of the United Nations, and bear in mind that with everyone under the thumb of the U.N.
The vast majority of people will be wiped out but I can guarantee you that it will benefit the 1%. I recall reading a short time ago a legitimate news article that reported the fact that the Treasury Department has ordered over $200,000 worth of Survival Kits for as many as 3,814 employees who oversee the federal banking system. Ia€™m not sure what their purpose is exactly but the site lists armaments, weapons, and aircraft purchased buy many nations.
I cana€™t say for sure, but one would think after reviewing the site, that one would have to have some fairly high military connections to possess the information presented on the site. Personally, I think that things will deteriorate over time in more of a controlled fashion but the end result will be devastating. Census Bureau data released last October.a€? Herea€™s my point, imagine for a moment what will happen when half the population who are receiving entitlements are suddenly cut off. In the next collapse there will be no money to pay employees as we are also in a currency bubble that will burst before long. Take a moment to think about what food and hygiene provisions you currently have at home and suppose you go to the store during those first three days and buy what you can, how long do you think your family could get by on what you would have? Then, there are the millions of Americans that work hard to earn a decent living and the situation many of them will be in when they lose their jobs. Their will be specific designated areas for all types and everyone will be coded as one type or another. Take the Second Amendment as an example, presently you have the right to purchase or acquire guns for sport, for hunting, and for self defense. The real reason they want to take our guns away is we would be 100% susceptible to being taken over by a tyrannical government. The point is, all across America people need to stand up to the tyranny being thrust upon us. One of the biggest dilemmas among people preparing for such an event as I foresee is whether to stay in their urban or suburban home or to go to a place of safety theya€™ve established in the rural areas.
The logic behind this is based on the premise that rioting and looting will be rampant so bug out. You may have to get a little creative to stockpile your meds but my recommendations are to do what you must. In the collapse I fully expect rampant lawlessness so you should be able to defend yourself and family.
Again, I will refrain from telling you what to get in the way of nutrition but I would personally feel better knowing that good people could last six months or more with their food supplies. Being raised in the south and having worked on farms and having been an avid hunter and fisherman among other things I carry quite a bit of knowledge. Look at it all like this; we never know when some natural or man made disaster will strike the area we live in and in that event we will have already been prepared both for ourselves and our loved ones.
If you do not take the time to prepare and educate yourself now, tomorrow could be too late. These include a variety of topics like: food storage, gardening, self -defense, alternative power, weapons, and other preparedness ideas.
If the zombies still eat your brains when you’re carrying this thing, it’s your own dang fault.
My goal in writing this article is to make the best use of, for lack of a better term, common sense.
Military is tactically placing the equipment needed to quell a possible uprising or revolt of the people of the United States or protests and riots on a national scale. As witnessed in Ferguson, Missouri during the riots, the police are basically ready for war. If they are stupid they are extremely so for common sense tells us that one cannot owe more than he can earn and be able to pay his debts and that the end result is economic collapse. Ita€™s really quite simple, you bring the others countries up as high as you can by providing manufacturing and money infusions while at the same time you bring down those countries that are the envy of the rest of the world.
We are now a nation ruled by a small group of elitist who control the money, the corporations, the military and basically everything. Now, I ask you why bank employees should be getting bug out bags containing survival gear and food rations unless they know something we dona€™t and are making preparations? They will tell you that the recovery never happened and that the Fed simply postponed the inevitable major economic crash even making whata€™s coming exponentially worse. An article in Forbes by Merrill Matthews states, a€?Obamacare has pushed us over the entitlements tipping point. If you think the riots in Ferguson, MO and Baltimore, MD were bad you havena€™t seen anything yet.
I foresee there being few jobs and few people willing to leave their homes choosing instead to protect their families. The camps have been built for the sick and needy but more importantly the dissenters and rebels.
Your personal possessions will be searched and you will be tagged in one of the various categories.
The government is in a constant state of attack on the second amendment in the hope of taking peoplea€™s guns away from them. We couldna€™t fight back at the injustice if they possessed guns and we the people didna€™t. Without water people die in about three days so water should be the first of the priorities.
If you are not on any dire important medications then the priority would descend down the list a bit.
It is likely there will be no power to your home and besides chances are you will have no way to pay for it.

I have studied a wide variety of subjects in my life such as battle tactics, hand to hand combat, martial arts etc and Ia€™ve been a student of people, psychology, history, survivalist knowledge and practice, first aid, and more. We won’t be able to tell you exactly how, when, or if one of these eminent threats will affect you. With a Bug Out Bag you are often packing for an evacuation; some sort of disaster that causes you to leave your primary residence. There are other tell tale signs that have led me to the same conclusion and they are the stockpiling of ammunition by the Department of Homeland Security. The government has been furnishing the police departments with surplus military vehicles and equipment. Thus, what we are witnessing in the economies around the globe and more specifically the wealthiest nations is the cunning of those who are the main supporters of the U.N.
Leta€™s take a look at what their goals will accomplish; The likelihood of either a one world currency or at least a reduced and controlled bucket of currencies. It is a tyrannical form of government that over many years crept in unawares to the vast majority of people. Besides, would you even take a chance on leaving your family alone while national riots are taking place?
All you need do is read the documents FEMA has released to understand what Ia€™m telling you. If you are in an area thata€™s highly unstable or easily prone to a riotous situation then by all means get out of there to a safer locale.
If a group were to attack you it would be beneficial for you to have your own group to defend yourselves. While we concentrated on earning a living and playing with our many electronic devices our government was completely overthrown.
In a collapse situation traveling from your old location to your new location may be hazardous. Personally Ia€™ve stored a small library of documents on how to do things and I would suggest you do the same.
As I said, there is strength in numbers so get your self a group together of likeminded people with a variety of skills to benefit the group as a whole. Whether you work at an office, spend your time at school, or spend your time running around doing errands for your family, when disaster hits you need to be able to respond immediately.Having emergency supplies with you can help you do just that.Things to consider when building your Get Home BagWhat threats will you face when trying to make your way home during a disaster? Some speculate it will even be a digital currency doing away with cash in order to control every facet of individual budgeting and expenditures.
There stated goals are to move populations in to key cities and bring back the natural state of the environment elsewhere vastly expanding government owned public lands. We placed too much trust in our elected officials who for the most part have been either bought off or had their families threatened to the point that they no longer represented us but instead the Oligarchy. In the history of civilization every country that used fiat money, not based upon something tangible such as gold, has sooner or later collapsed.
Each camp will have some people working that are experts in psychological operations (psy ops). A lot of great Americans that are normal everyday working class people are willing to give their lives in defense of our rights. Also, I tend to believe that people out in rural areas being cutoff from others and law enforcement as well as witnesses will be prone to criminal elements out to take your supplies at all costs.
When it comes to knowledge it is highly important you learn all you can about the priorities Ia€™m listing. Will you be walking or traveling through dangerous neighborhoods?People may become one of your top threat considerations when trying to move from point A to point B. But, what will be the catalyst that activates the need for such extreme and visible preparations? There was a time in this country where politicians were both for or against the United Nations written agenda or parts therein. I could go on about how the Oligarchy control the major banks and how the Federal Reserve Bank is in no way a federal entity but merely a privately owned corporation and I could try and explain the evils of the Federal Reserve Bank and big bankers but all one need do is go back and read the writings and quotes of our founding fathers who repeatedly warned of the evils of the bankers. There are no exceptions and since the removal of the gold standard we have issued and used fiat money.
Are you willing to die for your beliefs or are you content to be cattle or even worse, sheep in the minds of those who have asserted their authority and overtaken our country.
As an example, my second recommendation of guns and ammo, you should be taking classes and reading everything you can get your hands on as well as practicing how to use your guns and have a general understanding of ammunition. Do you have a plan to deal with those looking to target innocent victims?How far do you normally travel from home on a daily basis? What could possibly get the American people off their couches and away from their electronic pacifiers?
All one need do is pay attention to the politics in this nation to realize that there is no regard for the Constitution or the Bill of Rights any longer. As an example; From CNN Correspondent Garrick Utley, a€?As scientists note the arrival of the six billionth human being on the planet, they also are warning that 16 percent of the worlda€™s population is consuming some 80 percent of its natural resources.
Part of their goals is to bring about the equalization of the countries around the world economically.
The trade agreements and laws passed in the last 30 years have caused most of the manufacturing to leave our great country and go overseas. Disaster after disaster shows us how vitally important it is to be prepared to face these dangers. While you need a Ham license to legally transmit on them, they ARE legal to own and listen to. If an app requires cell service or wifi You won’t be able to call anyone but you can still run apps including mapping stuff. I carry the Sawyer Mini it’s a 1 micron filter and the cool part is you can screw it on to the top of about 80% of the plastic bottles out there for example a 2 liter Coke bottle so you just fill that up in the ditch screw this filter on the top and drink.

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