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Lymph nodes are area specific meaning that lymph nodes of the neck get enlarged only if there is throat infection or ear infection.
Some of the common infections that cause enlarged lymph nodes are strep infection, measles, chicken pox, skin infection, tooth infection and ear infection. In rare cases sexually transmitted infections, cat scratch fever, tuberculosis infection and toxoplasmosis infection also enlarges the lymph nodes.
Certain types of cancer like leukemia (blood cancer) and lymphoma can also cause inflammation of lymph nodes. When the lymph nodes become enlarged and swollen it can cause considerable pain in that area and that part become tender. People with respiratory or throat infection are likely to develop moderate fever and night sweats along with enlarged lymph nodes. More potential infections like HIV or lupus can cause enlargement of lymph nodes throughout the body. Sometimes an abscess or tumor can be formed in the affected area with pus collection causing more damage to the organ. Swollen and enlarge lymph nodes can be easily diagnosed by an expert doctor by feeling the specific areas where they are found.
If the doctor suspects cancer he may order for biopsy test by removing the sample and testing it on the lab. If the lymph nodes on the sides of the neck or under the jaw gets swollen it suggests throat infection or respiratory tract infection or tooth infection. Ear infection or eye infection could be the cause for enlargement of lymph nodes on the sides of the ear.

Adolescent people would have swollen lymph nodes in this region suggesting growth of reproductive organs. When particular part of the body gets infected, the lymph nodes get enlarged suggesting that it is abnormal. Systemic lupus and rheumatoid arthritis and other immune related disorder can also affect the lymph nodes. Cancer that moves to other organs from the originating place can also affect the lymph nodes. A person with strep infection in his throat would develop enlargement of lymph nodes in his neck.
It has become a practice for many of us to use OTC drugs and pain-killers to subside the symptoms of fever and inflammation. Other tests like complete blood count would be done to detect infections and blood related disorders.
If the real cause is infection the doctor would prescribe antibiotics (for bacterial infection) and antiviral drugs (for viral infection). Your doctor would touch the area of the neck gently and apply pressure to feel the nodes and to check if it is tender or hard.
However in adults or older people it can be due to sexual diseases, cancer on private parts like vaginal cancer or scrotal cancer etc. Lymphocytes are elements present in the lymph nodes that produces antibodies to fight many microorganisms.
For instance, woman with breast cancer would have swelling of lymph nodes in her underarms.

In most of the cases your doctor gets cue from other symptoms like fever, throat pain, persistent cough and fatigue suggesting that something is wrong in your throat. Enlargement of lymph node is not a disease but is a strong sign that something is wrong with your body. Bacteremia is a potentially serious blood infection leading to sepsis which can cause organ failure also. Based on other signs of the patient, the doctor may request for other tests like X-rays, CT or MRI scan. Suitable medications and therapy are recommended for immune related disorders like arthritis or systemic lupus. Often patients undergoing treatment for breast cancer are examined frequently for swollen lymphatic system under-arms.
For some people potential leg infections can cause swelling of lymph nodes on the groin area. Lymph nodes can be felt as palpable by your physician only when they become enlarged or inflamed. If biopsy test reveals presence of tumor inside suitable cancer therapy like chemo or radiotherapy would be started.

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