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The Foundation for Oral-facial RehabilitionDeveloping and disseminating new and more effective methods of oral-facial rehabilitation.
Complete DenturesThe fabrication of complete dentures for edentulous patients explored in depth. Fixed ProsthodonticsThe basic principles of fixed prosthodontics including preparation design, treatment, impression making and esthetics.
Removable Partial DenturesThe basic principles of removable partial denture design and fabrication.
Implant DentistryFabrication of implant retained prostheses for edentulous and partially edentulous patients. Maxillofacial ProstheticsPrinciples of maxillofacial prosthetics including dental management of the irradiated patient, restoration of hard palate defects and restoration of facial defects.
It is our goal at FFOFR to offer the best dental educational programs available in Complete Dentures, Fixed Prosthodontics, Removable Partial Dentures, Implant Dentistry and Maxillofacial Prosthetics.
Disease, treatment of head and neck cancers and congenital malformations predispose to significant oral functional impairment and facial disfigurement. It will accomplish these goals by supporting research, sponsoring scientific meetings, conducting outreach educational programs for professionals in under developed countries and providing continuing dental education programs on its website for international practitioners providing care. A removable partial denture (RPD) is for a partially edentulous dental patient who desires to have replacement teeth for functional or aesthetic reasons, and who cannot have a bridge (a fixed partial denture) for any number of reasons, such as a lack of required teeth to serve as support for a bridge (i.e.
The reason why this type of prosthesis is referred to as a removable partial denture is because patients can remove and reinsert them when required without professional help. Replacement with a conventional removable partial denture (RPD) is indicated for patients who can accept having a restoration that is NOT permanently fastened.

It's important to regularly remove plaque from your dentures, as unclean dentures can also lead to problems such as bad breath, gum disease, tooth decay and oral thrush. When you first start wearing dentures you should eat soft foods cut into small pieces, and chew slowly using both sides of your mouth. The major advantages of an RPD are minimal preparations of the adjacent teeth (significantly less than a bridge), replacement of missing teeth, cosmetic replacement of the lost volume of gum and bone, reduced expense and easier access for oral hygiene. This course offers the opportunity to the participant dentist or auxiliary to experience the use of one of the most commonly used overdenture attachments. Note: Payments made by check must be received in the TCDS office prior to the date cost increases in order to take advantage of the lower price. You may need to adjust the event times in your calendar application for variations in daylight saving time (DST) or summer time. The mission of the foundation is to develop and disseminate new and more effective methods of restoring the oral functions of speech, mastication and swallowing and facial esthetics. This restoration should be removed on a daily basis by the patient for oral hygiene access to the remaining natural teeth and the prosthesis. You should brush your remaining teeth, gums and tongue every morning and evening with fluoride toothpaste to prevent tooth decay, gum disease and other dental problems. With an appropriate design, an RPD may be modified to add any teeth that may require removal in the future.
There will be no refunds issued after that time due to catering commitments and seating limitations.
Using edentulous models, the participants will practice the placement of implant attachments and they will incorporate the housing into the denture base.

Rossopoulos received his dental degree from the Aristotelion University of Thessaloniki (his hometown), Greece, in 1980. Some patients may not like the appearance of the clasps (metal arms) that engage the remaining teeth to retain the prosthesis, the display of portions of the metal framework, the denture teeth and acrylic.
Replacement of worn denture teeth, as well as relining the prosthesis to maintain proper adaptation to the gums, is usually necessary over time. At the end of this course, the participant should easily be able to place and process locator attachments in their practices. Since he had a great interest in the then "new" procedure, he became involved very early in the restoration of dental implants and has since placed numerous implant restorations for patients of all ages. He lectures dentists and other specialists on diagnosis and treatment planning for dental implants, dental and implant biomechanics, bone evaluation, pre-surgical preparation, implant dentistry in the esthetic zone, problem solving in implant dentistry and surgical procedures.Dr.
He help other dental offices treating their patients that have complex needs, such as bone grafting, highly esthetic dentistry, implant dentistry (fixed dentures, overdentures, sinus augmentation, ridge augmentation, among others), full mouth rehabilitation, removable prosthetics. He also work with all other dental specialist to ensure our patients get the optimum treatment.
He then completed his training in Advanced Education in Prosthodontics at Loma Linda University and extra surgical training at the Implant Center at Loma Linda as well.
Paredes currently works at his private office limited to advanced prosthodontics and implant dentistry in Murrieta, CA.

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