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Lichen nitidus is a rare and chronic inflammatory condition of the skin characterized by the formation of multiple tiny papules referred as lichenoid eruptions. The lichenoid eruptions in Lichen nitidus often occurs on the surface of the skin in the areas of the flexor of the forearms, back of the hands, chest, abdomen and the genitalia.
Lichen nitidus is a rare skin condition that the frequency of its incidence internationally remains vague. Lichen nitidus is not a life-threatening disease that resolves on its own without the need for treatment. Lichen nitidus is hallmarked by the development of the tiny glistering papules that is skin-toned or may be hypopigmented in the individuals with dark skin.
Lichen nitidus may also develop in the mouth and the papules are described as tiny and flat papules in gray-white color appearing inside the buccal mucosa.
Lichen nitidus is more common among children and young adults, affecting both boys and girls. The exact cause of lichen nitidus remains unclear, although there are several diseases are being associated with the incidence of lichen nitidus.
Lichen planus is an inflammatory skin condition characterized by the development of reddish or purplish patches and is crossed by fine white lines. Atopic dermatitis is the most common form of dermatitis that often affects children although may also affect adults.
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We’re excited to announce the very first results of our ongoing study of Vulvar Vestibulitis (pain and burning in a particular area of the vulva, which I lived with for a decade).
By far the most effective treatment as rated by patients is physical therapy (see the top of the green part of the chart).

Please tweet, blog, or pass this along to anyone who can benefit or is interested in Vulvar Vestibulitis.
Around 40 percent of cases of vulvar cancer are believed to be connected to HPV, the same virus that is responsible for the vast majorit of cervical cancer.
There are other factors that are believed to your increase your chances of vulvar cancer, including having a weakened immune system, genital herpes, smoking and certain chronic skin conditions. Silverback Capital Group is an investment company and business advisory firm that manages direct investments on behalf of its shareholders and accords select clients broad financial opportunity, ranging from local and regional relationships to multinational alliances. The tiny lesions, however, may also occur in the other areas of the body and may involve the face. No mortality or morbidity is being associated as lichen nitidus is generally a benign condition and causes no complications.
The incidence is not potential for skin cancer and seldom causes discomfort while it leaves without long-term or lifelong effect on the skin. It develops on the tongue as white and hard plaques and resembles the appearance of lichen planus.
The disease is the result of an unusual inflammatory activity where the T-lymphocytes are involved. This inflammatory skin condition is believed to be caused by viral infection and often develops in the mucus membrane of the mouth. Skin problems are among the extraintestinal clinical features of the disease which may include lichen nitidus.
At CureTogether, 480 women who experience Vulvar Vestibulitis came together to rate 30 treatments.
This is the result of a 3-year CureTogether study on Vulvar Vestibulitis. To thank everyone for participating, we’re publishing this study openly and freely.

Of course, with each of these findings, there is a potential bias in patient self-selection and recall. The skin condition is known to affect both boys and girls although it has found to have a slight prevalence among girls.
Lichen nitidus was once associated with lichen planus believed to be a variant but is now deemed a separate disease. The lesion of lichen nitidus may also involve the palm of the hand and sole of the foot which may develop in unilateral or bilateral or may occur as localized or in combination with other usual site of lichen nitidus. The incidence of lichen nitidus is also being linked with lichen planus although there has been no clear indication of the relationship between the two. Lichen nitidus is a benign and a chronic inflammatory skin condition that is generally harmless and resolve without treatment and leaves the skin without long-term effect. We present these findings as just what they are – patient-reported data – to stimulate discussion and generate new insights for further research. It would be interesting to see how many woman had experienced periods of remission, how long this remission lasted, and what they attribute their remission to. The treatment may be necessary if symptom of itchiness occurs and persists and if there is a generalized rash that involves the cosmetic areas of the body. The disease is prevalent among pre-school and school aged children including young adults but can also occur in older adults.
There seems to be a correlation between increases in stress and a daily hormonal fluctuation with increases in burning in my case.

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