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Sore, swollen feet and legs aren’t unusual after taking long hikes or after standing all day.
Pregnancy: Swollen feet and legs are common during pregnancy due to the additional fluids the pregnant body retains. Injury: Injuries, particularly to the foot or ankle, often cause inflammation and swelling. Poor blood flow: You may develop venous insufficiency, a condition where the veins and valves that regulate blood flow become damaged, causing blood to leak back down to the lower extremities. Blood Clot: Deep Venous Thrombosis (DVT) can cause lower extremity swelling, but this almost always affects only one leg and may be associated with tenderness and warmth. Drug side effects: If your swelling has accompanied a change in your drug regimen, check with your doctor to determine whether this could be the cause of your swelling. Barring any of these more serious symptoms, there are several effective ways to ease swollen foot and leg pain.
Don’t forget diet: it’s particularly important to keep you salt intake low, and to drink plenty of liquids.
I find people do not understand why I have this swelling and they get very worried about me and always ask me if I am seeing a specialist.
Swollen legs and ankles affect both women and men, but men often have access to less information about how to deal with them. One of the early symptoms of these circulatory disorders can be varicose veins, which affect more women than men, although they affect a sizable percentage of men as well. If you have experienced chronic swelling in your legs and ankles, isn’t it worth a few minutes of your time to get a screening, and thus find out what the cause of the swelling really is? At Novant Health Vein Specialists, we offer customized, state-of-the-art care for vein disorders including spider veins, varicose veins, and venous reflux, along with other types of venous insufficiency. As with many other areas in medicine swollen legs can be treated medically, with devices or with intervention.
Treating the clot or the infection – In anyone in whom there is acute leg swelling an acute cause should be looked for.
Compression pumps – Compression pumps are great for treatment of swollen legs that are caused by lymphedema.
Venous ablation – Swollen legs can sometimes result from chronic venous insufficiency. Normally swollen feet should not be a concern for many of us whose job involves standing or walking for long time. Lymphedema: There will be accumulation of lymphatic fluid when there is some problem in the lymph nodes or lymph vessels.
Insufficiency of veins: This is a condition in which blood randomly moves in the veins in the region from legs to feet and up to the heart.
Presence of blood clots in the veins of feet may reduce the blood-flow from the legs to the heart. Prolonged use of contraceptives, repeated hormone therapy like estrogen can cause swollen feet. Some doctors prescribe calcium blockers like cardizem, dilacor tiazac and plendil for certain types of hypertension, may cause inflammation.
Do exercise regularly, drink plenty of water, stop using laxatives, cut down salt intake, and avoid standing in the same position for long time. The swelling is more apparent in the lower extremities (legs, ankles, and feet) due to gravity. See your doctor right away if your swelling is accompanied by shortness of breath, if you have a fever, if your swollen area is warm or painful to the touch, or if you have a history of heart, kidney, or liver disease.
Support socks can comfort tired, swollen legs and feet by providing padding and gentle compression.

Also, thank you for pointing out about Stasis Dermatitis and the natural solution cream that you found helpful.
FootSmart has the water-friendly shoes and sandals you need, expertly selected with your comfort and style in mind. FootSmart has 100s of styles in hard-to-find sizes and widths, from navy Mary Janes to bright blue sandals, to go with every Spring and Summer outfit. These casual slip-on clogs are made with removable Elon insoles to cushion your steps and absorb shock. This can put them at risk, because the underlying cause of their leg and ankle swelling can be vein disease. But still, approximately 25% of men between the ages of 30 and 40 and 50% of men over 70 have some form of vein disease.
If CVI or other problems are detected, they can be treated in the comfort of our offices, again in as little as an hour.
All it takes is a call to 336-245-4890 to make an appointment with the best vein doctors in Winston-Salem.
Our highly trained team of vein specialists will take the time to thoroughly evaluate and diagnose your condition before offering an individualized vein disease treatment plan, based on your preferences, schedule and lifestyle. In vascular clinics it is very common to see patients who have been given the wrong diagnosis for their swollen legs. In some patients lymphedema and swollen legs are actually a result of longstanding vein occlusion.
There will be continuous movement of lymphatic fluid in the bloodstream and due to any reason, if it gets blocked, it may give rise to lymphedema. Here the veins flow the blood moving in one way direction thus keeping the blood flow insufficient.
They would get nerve problem called diabetic neuropathy causing foot infection leading to formation of sores and blisters causing nerve damage. There is every chance for fluid accumulation in the feet when kidneys are not functioning properly or when there is leakage in liver or when there is sudden heart failure. Using antidepressant drugs like norpramin, aventyl, amitriptyline, endep and nardil can cause swelling of feet. If you’re sitting most of the day, either at home or in a vehicle, take a break every hour or two to walk around to get your blood flowing.
We’ve got you covered this Summer with travel-ready shoes that are comfortable and stylish, including cute flats and top-rated walking shoes to help keep you feeling good on your feet. These diseases include chronic venous insufficiency (CVI), in which the veins become damaged and incapable of pumping blood efficiently back to the heart, but can also include deep vein thrombosis (DVT), which can lead to dangerous and potentially fatal blood clots.
In fact, your symptoms can quickly escalate to include the development of varicose veins and skin ulcers. No hospitals, no time missed from work – you just walk in, have the problem corrected using the most advanced technologies available, and then walk out and head back to work or play.
If problems are found, we have the resources to treat them quickly and easily, and literally get you back on your feet.
We only offer the latest and safest in treatments, including conservative therapies, sclerotherapy, saphenous vein ablation, endovenous laser treatment (EVLT), radiofrequency ablation and venous stenting. It is typical of people who sit at a desk all day or older people who just do not move much.
In these particular patients opening the occluded veins with venoplasty can resolve the swelling. In case of abdominal pain, nausea or vomiting symptoms, then you should consult your doctor immediately.
Sometimes, the ligaments may not sit properly when stretched beyond its limit for some reasons.

Due to this process, the valves get damaged and in turn blood drains down the veins causing accumulation of fluid in lower legs, causing swollen feet. They would not feel any sensation in their feet and hence swollen feet during diabetes is truly a matter of concern. You need to consult your doctor when you have symptoms of fatigue, loss of breath, sudden weight gain and loss of appetite along with swollen feet. Often edema starts at feet (ankle area) but may occur in the sacral area or face (eyelids).
Remember to keep your feet elevated above your heart when possible as this also can help reduce swelling. But if the swollen limbs become chronic, and persist, it is often an early symptom of a deeper circulatory problem that should be diagnosed and treated. Because some male occupations involve standing all day or for long periods of time – which can cause or aggravate CVI – the swelling in their extremities is even more likely to be CVI-related.
Our treatments are proven effective and will improve your health and circulation, as well as restore the beauty of your legs.
The ablation takes care of the major veins that are responsible for the venous insufficiency. Sometimes, this condition can become fatal if there is no absolute blood flow from the heart to the feet area.
Water retention has different causes and characteristics, starting from diseases with general impairment. A venous health screening from expert vascular doctors in Winston-Salem takes about an hour. But for patients with lymphedema who are willing to use them, compression pumps are often a huge success. If this was indeed the central cause for swollen legs, then it is a rather definitive treatment. You can also apply ice packs or keep the leg in elevated position for reducing inflammation. The staff at Novant Health Vein Specialists use state-of-the-art diagnostic tools like Doppler ultrasound to look beneath the surface of the skin to determine the exact state of your vein health. Not every patient benefits from diuretics and not all patients can wear compression stockings. Ray Workman, MD, FACS, RVT, a top vascular doctor with extensive experience with complex venous disease. For example, patients who have venous insufficiency and swollen legs by the end of the day often have thin legs when they just wake up. We also employ Registered Vascular Technologists to ensure the finest diagnostic expert evaluations, backed by our state-of-the-art facility equipped with the latest technologies, for the utmost in vein disease treatment.
These patients should wear compression stockings when they wake up to prevent the swelling from accumulating by evening.
However, there are some reports of liposuction that have worked for patients with severe lipedema. Also, from a practical standpoint the major problem is to find a physician willing to perform this procedure. Required fields are marked *Name * Email * Website Comment Notify me of follow-up comments by email.
BendoMD assumes no responsibility for the consequences of not presenting yourself to the doctor has on your health.

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