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As a precautionary measure, remember not to keep the ice pack on the swollen ankle for more than twenty minutes.
The doctor may advise to use crutches or walker, so that all the body weight does not fall on your swollen ankle.
The doctor might prescribe certain pain relievers to get rid of the pain caused due to ankle swelling. After a few days, it is suggested to carry out a few rehab exercises, to bring the ankle back to movement. Most of the ankle swelling conditions can be effectively treated with the help of the aforementioned tips. Here Are Essential Oil Treatments For Swollen Ankles, Legs and Feet: Chamomile Oil Treatment Chamomile oil contains azulene which has anti-inflammatory properties. You just need to apply one or two drops of chamomile essential oil on the affected area and massage it so that the oil is completely absorbed by the skin. Juniper Oil Treatment You can use juniper oil for subsiding body swelling caused due to premenstrual symptom or water retention in the body. Just add half teaspoon of the oil in a bucket of water and dip your feet into the water for 15 to 20 minutes.You will instantly notice the swelling going away within a few minutes. Tea Tree Oil Treatment Tea tree oil is extensively used to prepared anti-acne or antidandruff products. Due to swollen feet, doctors can sometimes make the decision to treat a patient with diuretics, drugs that eliminate water from the body.
Edema can be treated only by stimulating the evacuation of fluids in the urine by the kidneys. Applications with vinegar – alternation, one hot, another cold is an alternative treatment for leg swelling. Often when a person is experiencing swollen ankles, especially because of the pain, may avoid exercise.
Please send me your treatment for swollen legs and feet,is hot and cold water good for this?
This is one of the reason why you really need to take care of your health so you won’t come to a point that you will experience all this.
Puffy ankles are common during pregnancy and though it causes discomfort to you it is a sign that your pregnancy is going just the way it should be. Though it will go after you deliver, at the same time, it becomes a real thing of concern because you are not able to walk properly and then there is this constant pain which would just not go away. The main reason for swelling of ankles in pregnancy is that the hormones flush fluid into the tissues and your body retains more water. If you have swelling in your ankle accompanied by a constant banging headache and blurriness of eyesight then it might be Preeclampsia (due to high blood pressure). Ankle swelling due to kidney failure is another thing you should keep in mind because it happens quite a lot. Sometimes you might even fail to understand the pain in your ankles and just ignore it to be just another side effect of pregnancy. Avoid long periods of standing or sitting: Don’t stand for too long and try not to sit with your legs crossed. Try Dandelion tea: Dandelion tea is a herbal remedy that may help you to prevent fluid retention. Though a little bit frustrating, swelling in ankles during pregnancy cannot be completely prevented. The best way to deal with edema is to stay relaxed, do regular foot exercises and keep your doctor updated.

A proper diagnosis by a medical doctor is often needed to treat ankle pain, such as that from ankle effusion.
Effusion can occur inside the ankle joint as a result of trauma, inflammation, or infection.
When viewed in medical imaging studies, the condition is characterized by a distinctive “teardrop sign,” a reference to the shape the fluid in the ankle takes.
The first step in treating ankle effusion is trying to bring the swelling down so that the patient will be more comfortable.
My sister runs track and was complaining about her ankle paining so my parents took her to the hospital. I had an ankle effusion two years ago but mine was because of rheumatoid arthritis. The doctor confirmed the effusion after looking at my radiograph.
It is suggested to apply ice pack on the swollen ankle several times during the day, for around fifteen minutes every time to reduce ankle swelling.
Leaving the ice on the affected area for a longer time might worsen the condition of the ankle. The ankle should be properly wrapped with the ace bandage, so as to provide protection to the swollen ankle. This would prevent further aggravation of the condition and would help in treating ankle swelling at a faster pace. This practice of using crutches or walker while walking would not allow strain to fall on the swollen ankle, consequently speeding up the recovery process. You might get relief from the pain, but these medicines do not help in treating the problem from the roots.
Therefore, it is advised to follow the aforementioned tips of making use of ace wrap, taking proper rest, elevation and using ice pack as effective swollen ankle treatment options, rather than taking the support of pain relievers.
However, in case of severe tear of ligaments, which might occur as a result of ankle sprain, surgery might be recommended. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional. Swollen body parts occur either due to pregnancy, poor blood circulation or as a result of other medical conditions.
Azulene also acts as a disinfectant that enhances it properties to act against swelling followed by discharge in case of insect bites. It has antiseptic and antibacterial properties which make it highly effective against dandruff and acne.
Almost 3 in every 4 pregnant women experience edema, and it starts somewhere around weeks 22 and 27 of pregnancy.
The return of blood from your legs and ankles is also slowed down as a result of the pressure that your growing uterus exerts on the veins.
Effusion causes pain and swelling in the ankle, and it can lead to complications because it may put pressure on tissues in the surrounding area and damage them.
Sports are a common cause of trauma to the ankle which results in effusion, although swelling inside the joint can also occur as the result of a fall which twisted the ankle or a sharp blow to the ankle. A doctor will order such studies to determine the extent of the swelling and to check for injuries which may not be apparent on physical examination. Anti-inflammatory drugs can be prescribed, including injections of steroids into the ankle to bring down heavy swelling. Fluid can build up inside the synovial space inside the ankle again, potentially causing a repeat of the ankle effusion and leading to complications.
I just recently had an ankle injury and am being referred to an orthopedic doctor because they believe it to be effusion.

They took a film of her ankle but couldn't find anything wrong. We went home, but it didn't get better.
He wasn't sure of the cause at first, it took several different tests to figure our what the problem was. I didn't have an ankle fracture so that was ruled out from the beginning. It is important to treat ankle swelling as soon as it occurs, so that the recovery process is speeded up and any other major problem in the ankle is avoided.
It is strongly recommended to have rest and restrict the movement of ankle, until pain subsides.
You prepare massage oil by mixing 15 drops of fennel oil, 15 drops cypress oil and 30 ml of evening primrose oil.
It is recommended that the patient begins in the first stage to walk on foot for short distances, and then extend the walks time. The puffiness increases by the time a day comes to an end, and is usually more pronounced in summers. Usually there is nothing to worry about edema but there are certain symptoms you should definitely look out for which may indicate a serious problem. Inflammation and infection may be caused by any number of factors ranging from autoimmune inflammation caused by an overactive immune system to infection as a result of contact with an infectious organism. For example, there could be a hairline fracture of one of the bones in the ankle which leads to inflammation and swelling. Patients may also be advised to ice and elevate the ankle to promote a reduction in swelling. There may be steps which can be taken to reduce swelling in the future, such as bracing the ankle at work, gentle stretching to strengthen the joint, or taking a break from sports to allow the body to fully recover.
She went to the hospital again and they took another film, but used something called sonography this time. Though there is no proper treatment of swelling in medical science, you can take the help of holistic treatment to cure swelling.
You can apply tea tree oil directly on the skin without diluting unlike other essential oils which needs to be diluted with any carrier oil before application. A unilateral swelling of a leg, caused by phlebitis, is reduced by anticoagulant treatment. This mainly happens during the trimester and that is why puffy and painful ankles is a common problem.
Patients often see an orthopedic doctor or a foot and ankle specialist for treatment of ankle injuries, as these physicians have special training and experience and are skilled at managing such injuries. If the joint is extremely swollen, it may be aspirated with a needle to remove the excess fluid.
They found the ankle effusion that time around. The doctor said that they couldn't see the effusion from the first film because it was too small. Swelling might not at all be there when you wake you in the morning because at this time your feet and ankle are well rested. A bilateral lower limb edema, attributable to heart failure, is treated by administering anti-diuretic drugs, and vasodilators. The swelling gradually increases towards the evening as you sit and lie down from time to time, walk here and there, and stand for a while may be. Swelling also depends on the weather; if it is very hot, swelling will me more and vice versa.

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