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With the granddaddy of all awards show a few weeks away, it seems that everyone is seeing gold. Well, we’re seeing gold here at Suddenly Slimmer Day Spa, too, with our decadent spa treatmenr, 24-Karat Gold Facial.
PHOENIX—According to some history books, Cleopatra slept with a gold mask to counteract aging and keep her skin flawless and radiant. Aside from its antioxidant and anti-microbial capabilities, gold is said to repair UV damage and even out skin tone, keeping skin clear and luminous. Advances in beauty science can now incorporate minute gold particles into creams and beauty treatments. Suddenly Slimmer Day Spa in Phoenix offers a 24-Karat Gold Facial Treatment that does exactly that—pamper you with the most luxurious beauty products that contain gold particles. Seborrheic dermatitis is a chronic inflammation of skin, occurring due to the activation of opportunistic saprophyte fungus. Seborrheic dermatitis may accompany chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract or can be a side effect of a long intake of hormonal preparations.
Seborrheic dermatitis can be easily confused with other diseases (psoriasis, candidiasis, ringworm or atopic dermatitis).
Different lotions, ointments, or solutions containing zinc, which dries your skin and reduces inflammation. Windburn is commonly known to us as sunburn that is triggered or aggravated by the winda€™s effect in removing the UV-filtering layer lipids of our skin. According to studies, this condition is triggered by the increased or sudden gush of wind on the face while running or from any form of action that aggravates wind on the face. The aim or goal of treatment for windburn is to relieve the discomfort that one is currently experiencing.
If the condition seemed to be out of control such as the skin is beginning to have blisters, one should consult the doctor to provide immediate care.
Women who are in the reproductive cycle, belonging to age group of 20-50 years will have brown spots often. Statistics say that around 6 million women are said to have brown spots in the USA alone and around 47-50 million women around the world suffer from this dark spots.
Though it is difficult to pinpoint the exact cause of brown spots, still there are certain factors that induce the formation of Melasma.
Studies reveal that prolonged exposure to sunlight is sure to increase Melasma on your face.
Increased estrogen production also cause brown spots and this happens commonly during pregnancy. Using over the counter medicines that contain hydroquinone will help in getting rid of brown spots. Prescription medicines like Glyquin, obagi clear and Triluma are effective in treating brown spots. Doctors suggest it is better to use creams that contain more than 2% of hydroquinone for treating melasma. Though all types of melasma can be controlled, it is difficult to treat epidermal brown spots since it takes long time to respond to the treatment. Prescription creams for treating brown spots should include Azelaic acid, retinoic acid, corticosteroids and glycolic acid to be effective. Product ReviewsAverage Rating (17 Reviews) Sunday 08 May, 2016 By Stefania Calice An amazing creme ! Please Share TweetLaser treatment helps people suffering from facial veins in pain free and simple ways! Usually three, or more treatments are needed to get rid of your thread veins, but sometimes they disappear after only one treatment. These warts are similar to our skin tone but can also be pink, light brown or yellow in color. Medications that are readily made available to the public are silver nitrate, salicylic acid and topical creams. With Hollywood A-listers parading on the red carpet, starting with the Golden Globes and more recently the SAG Awards, we common-folk cannot help but be envious of their shimmering outfits and flawless make-up on glowing skin. Yes, you heard that right, we use products infused with tiny particles of gold so clients can take advantage of gold’s natural anti-bacterial and antioxidant qualities. It is also believed that gold can keep the skin’s elasticity by increasing collagen production and moisture into the skin.
The particles are so small that it can actually penetrate the skin and do its job of releasing antioxidants and stimulate the production of collagen. Marcelino explains that Suddenly Slimmer Day Spa’s 24-Karat Gold Facial Treatment is often sought after during the awards season.
New and existing clients quickly want to achieve the kind of glow or radiance emanating from celebrities during awards ceremonies.
This fungus lives permanently on almost everyone’s skin, but does not manifest itself fully.
Due to these reasons the fungus begins to multiply rapidly and releases a lot of toxic waste products that are harmful to the skin on the face.
Along the above mentioned seborrheic dermatitis on face symptoms patients have excessively oily skin, because sebaceous glands begin to produce a lot of sebum. You should immediately consult a dermatologist after the occurrence of the first disturbing signs. Apart from treating facial seborrheic dermatitis symptoms, doctors have to identify and remove the main cause of dermatitis.
From time to time you need to take preventive measures in order to avoid recurrence of the disease in the future.

However, natural treatment for seborrheic dermatitis on face can help to restore your skin after the disease and to alleviate the unpleasant symptoms of dermatitis (peeling, itching, burning). Grate a middle-sized cucumber on a coarse grater, apply the resulting mixture on your face for 20 minutes and then rinse off with warm water. Dilute lemon juice in warm water in the ratio of 1: 1 and wipe your face with this solution. This can cause for irritation thus causing for less protection from the sun or the UV rays. Those commonly affected are the frequent runners or those who engage in activities that may involve low temperature wind blowing on the face. As the skin is exposed to it, the barrier, may be it oil of the skin, will eventually diminish causing susceptibility to UV light. In a situation where there is low temperature outside, a person becomes susceptible to wind burn as he continues his or her daily run routine.
This can be done by applying a moisturizer that can relieve the dryness and the skina€™s sensitivity from touch because of the sun burnt. One should avoid scratching the affected area for this can only worsen the state of the skin and decrease the process of healing. Overexposure to UV rays from sunlight can increase one chance of acquiring skin cancer and also premature aging.
When a cold weather is suspected and you plan to have your daily run one should stay out of the cold or use the tools that shall avoid the occurrence of windburn.
The main cause for getting these patches is exposure to sun, though sometimes it is triggered when using contraceptive pills. Women using birth control pills, pregnancy and those who undergo hormone treatment are prone to get brown spots.
Again there are factors to prove that brown spots appear dark and visible during summer months and less in number during winter, when sunlight is not very intense. It is described as “mask of pregnancy” when pregnant women have large number of brown spots.
For some women, the brown spots will disappear on its own after she discontinues using birth control pills or taking hormone replacement therapy. For women with severe brown spots, the concentration of hydroquinone should be higher than normal course.
But you can manage the number of brown spots, by using sunscreen lotion and staying away from direct sunlight. Today there are effective ways of curing them that leaves the patient pain free and vein free. Facial veins are thread veins, or what’s also known as broken veins, telangiectasias, or spider veins. The lasers that work on facial veins do so by producing light energy that is absorbed by hemoglobin in the blood cells which generates heat and closes off the vessels.
In some cases the veins don’t run parallel with the skin and then you can’t get rid of all of them, as it’s impossible to reach with laser if they go deeper, but you will get rid of about 90% on average, which is a very high number!
Your facial veins will disappear, so if you want to remove them now is good time to contact your dermatologist  to see what type of help is available to correct the facial vein disease.  All in all – laser is what you want if you want to remove your facial veins and eliminate the bothersome redness!
The warts are surrounded by dead skin cells, and the root cause can be pointed to specific strains of the human papilloma virus.
These therapies are helpful in burning the dead skin around the wart thus resulting for them to fall off. Our skin experts actually use a gold leaf mask all over the face, which will help revitalize and…get this…actually give you a golden glow. With modern technology and innovation in beauty treatments, you certainly can experience the luxury and benefits of gold.
This is when the beauty benefits of gold come into play through the spa’s 24-Karat Gold Facial Treatment. Seborrheic dermatitis on face develops when this fungus starts multiplying when favorable conditions for its reproduction happen. Among the risk groups are teenagers, people with a genetic predisposition, HIV-positive and those who suffer from seborrhea.
If the problem is not identified in time and appropriate treatment is not started, you may develop even erythroderma. The doctor will diagnose and prescribe an adequate seborrheic dermatitis on face treatment. But they also may aggravate the situation, as they have severe side effects: acne rosacea, skin thinning and perioral dermatitis.
But still you should use tea tree oil with great caution, as there is a risk to get even more severe irritation or even to burn your skin on face. This is because of the easy drying of the skin after running, making the skin unprotected from the UV light which is penetrable even without the visibility of the sun.
As this is expected, we need to protect onea€™s skin by applying a broad-spectrum sun block that can protect the skin from the damage which the ultraviolet ray can provide. This should be sprayed on the face when the skin feels irritated after being exposed to sudden wind.
Women who have family history of having brown spots and who are undertaking medicines for epilepsy and those who are overly exposed to UV light have more chance to get brown spots than others.
Some doctors also advice to use Lac-Hydrin that contains lactic acid 12% and citrix cream with glycolic acid 10-20%.
This is due to the effect of how the skin responds once the bee venom is absorbed into the layers of the epidermis.
Furthermore it’s a pain free method mostly related to the size of the vessels, but let’s have a look at the procedure from start to end.

With the different strains of HPV, the kind that causes genital warts and the common warts are HPV types 3, 10, 28 and 49.
Gold has also been known to reduce skin inflammation, which reduces age spots that appear as we grow older. This gradually leads to a proliferation of different pathogenic fungi and mites, which exacerbates the situation. These symptoms you can find on an infant face, because children are more prone to this type of seborrheic dermatitis. It is also necessary to consult a gynecologist (for women), a neurologist, an endocrinologist and a gastroenterologist. Doctors prescribe sparing agents at first, and if they do not help more potent agents are used. It is best to apply this oil in a mixture with base oils: sea buckthorn, laurel oil or shea butter. One should also include the lips for it is also a sensitive area and most likely also affected by windburn.
It is important to take note that we choose a proper sunscreen such as those which can also moisturize it so dryness can be avoided when running in cold temperatures.
However creams that contain hydroquinone should not be used for long due to possible side effect of Ochronosis.
Collagen and blood flow is dramatically increased, there is a noticeable tightening and lifting of the skin, facial lines are significantly reduced. This cream can also be used as a wonderful rejuvenating treatment on the back of the hands for a more youthful appearance. A pulsed dye laser or KTP laser is usually best for thin red veins which are close to the skin’s surface. If you want to know what causes seborrheic dermatitis on the face and how to treat seborrheic dermatitis on face read this article up to the end. The strong gust of cold wind which comes to extend in a long period of time causes the removal of the protective oil layers of the skin.
This is only recommended when a person is running in a cold weather, tendency is when you run in warm weather with the face mask; overheating and dehydration may be the end result.
Blended into this formula is the magical ingredient of Tamanu oil, this oil works on so many different levels, working very deeply on skin cell regeneration.
The reasons why we get thread veins are unknown – it seems to be part of aging and sometimes due to hormonal changes like pregnancy and menopause. Deeper blue or purple veins need a laser with a longer wavelength such as a long pulsed ND:YAG to reach them. Lubricate the affected areas of your skin with this mixture 2 times a day, in the morning and in the evening.
If the weather places you at risk for windburn, we need to avoid that possibility by instead running in an indoor track which there is less wind and low temperature. In both cases you should feel minimal  pain, but the bigger the vessels, the more heat is generated and there can be some minor discomfort. The flat warts are said to occur in clusters especially on fragile skin, making it so delicate for treatment.
Thread veins aren’t actually dangerous, but they tend to get larger and multiply with time. Each laser pulse lasts for about one thousandth of a second and attacks only the vein, leaving the surrounding skin untouched. The sensation has been likened to being hit by a rubber band and if you are very sensitive you can get an anesthetic cream to feel as little as possible.
But take note, this is not a dangerous condition; the main problem that this state supposes is physical alteration. On occasion teenagers can develop facial veins as well and usually one or both parents might have them and pass along the trait.
Because it’s easier to treat them earlier on you could save both time and embarrassment by doing so. Not to mention the face oil is the ultimate insomnia remedy!? Wednesday 30 March, 2016 By Nana Olivas Absolutely one of the BEST face creams I have ever used! When You put it on your face, it feels revitalized, and skin is smooth and soft." Wednesday 16 September, 2015 By Emily Mauro I am not the type to buy products that are at this price point, but I believe this cream is worth every penny.
Since I've been using it, my skin seriously glows, feels amazing, and I have people thinking I'm 5 years younger! I really glow from this one and used in conjunction with a daily moisturiser from Lacreme (the Man Cream) really has made a big difference to the way my skin looks and feels. I recently visited a new facialist who asked me what I've been using since my skin was so hydrated!! A BIG thank-you Lacreme Beaute Thursday 09 May, 2013 By Miss Christina Baker It gives my skin a very flattering glow, a rosy and healthy glow, my pores are non-existent, my complexion even toned, plumped and moisturized.
Yes it is very expensive to maintain but you need a little for your whole face so it will last you for many months.I scoop a small amount then put it on my palm then rub both my hands together to soften it and spread and massage it all over my face. As with everything from La Creme Beaute, I have the highest regard for the ingredients and manufacturing processes used in creating the Venom cream. My skin looks amazing and smooth, and when I have had little break outs applying this, has cleared them up in no time.
After applying a small amount to the area I think needed the most TLC, (my forehead), I was thrilled to see a very noticeable smoothing out of those dreaded frown creases after only a couple of weeks.

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